Be My Baby

Be My Baby This book is the third and last installment of the Baby Series trilogy This book follows the continuation of Trey and Tylar Sinclair s poignant story of love and passion It has been a sometimes bumpy

  • Title: Be My Baby
  • Author: AndreaSmith
  • ISBN: 9780989825047
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book is the third and last installment of the Baby Series trilogy This book follows the continuation of Trey and Tylar Sinclair s poignant story of love and passion.It has been a sometimes bumpy road thus far, but they have always found the strength they needed in each other However, they are put to the ultimate test in this book.They discover that there are thoseThis book is the third and last installment of the Baby Series trilogy This book follows the continuation of Trey and Tylar Sinclair s poignant story of love and passion.It has been a sometimes bumpy road thus far, but they have always found the strength they needed in each other However, they are put to the ultimate test in this book.They discover that there are those that would like to destroy the loving relationship they have by death or at the very least, infidelity Trey and Tylar s love and commitment to each other is put to a tragic test in this book Will they be able to survive the unexpected tragedy that befalls them Will the strength of their love, the depth of their commitment to each other and the ability to forgive draw them ever closer

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    • ★★★★★! The Baby Series Lite, book 3 of 3.5. The conclusion of Trey & Ty’s epic family saga filled with danger, suspense, villains, lust and their growing all-consuming love.“His sapphire eyes were bright with his love and his sadness.”Baby Series Lite is a newly edited and revised Anniversary edition of last summer’s Baby Series. The author listened to reviewers’ feedback as well as readers who were holding back on reading due to its length. In Baby Series Lite you will h [...]

    • 01/28/2013: It's out on !!!!01/29/2013: COMPLETED4 and 1/2 That's-life StarsLife isn't fair. It is a beautiful gift and a huge burden. A journey.A bumpy road. A free hug.You live it, the best way you can and sometimes books remind you, that you don't have to live it alone.This is Trey & Tylar's lifeJust like every journey, it isn't always about the destination. It is how you get there that counts.When setting out upon your way to Ithaca,wish always that your course be long,full of adventure, [...]

    • ANDREA, I HAVE ONLY ONE WORD FOR YOU --- VIRTUOSOI freaking this bookEvery emotions was out! Blimey, it was indeed an emotional roller coaster! I broke my heart and at the same I am smiling with love at the end of it! THIS BOOK IS WICKED! Such a brilliant way to end the series. Tylar and Trey's journey continues with a challenge ahead for them. Only their love made me stronger to face all these! Not only that, Trey oooo my, that man doesn't stop to fail me! There were so many favourite scenes es [...]

    • 4.5 Sad to See it End Stars ‘The night we met I knew I needed you so.’ Do you know the song?”“Is the next line something like ‘and if I had the chance, I’d never let you go’?”“Yeah, that’s it,” he said smiling sheepishly.“Be My Baby,” I said softly, shaking my head in recognition.“That’s when I knew I loved you, Tylar. That’s when I knew I wanted you to be my baby forever. I didn’t even know you but I loved you – crazy stuff, huh?”Be My Baby Lite, Trey and T [...]

    • (ARC provided by the author) Lots of picturesI found a lot of quotes and moments that were perfect to describe Tylar and Trey's relationship.Okay, so this was probably the MOST intense book of the series, and that's saying a lot. As far as evoking strong emotions, this book tops the charts. And I'm not talkin' super romantic, squishy hearts and flowers romance. No, I'm talking bipolar emotionshate, fear, heartbreak, love, devotion, betrayal.Here's the book's own blurb, because I can't think of a [...]

    • "You know me, Trey. You know me in some ways better than I know myself. You forced me to deal with my fears and my nightmares. You forced me to face the truth about my past and deal with my demons. I did it Trey; I did it because of you."Let me sum this entire book up for you in one gif:It put me through the wringer with my emotions; I cried, I laughed, I felt like my ovaries would catch on fire, I cried some more. And I loved every single second of it.I read it in one sitting. I couldn't put it [...]

    • I’m kind of sad this is the end of Trey and Tylar’s journey but this series ended with a bang. I think this one has been my favorite of the three books!The very beginning of the book, things are good. Tylar and Trey are happy together, Gina and Tristian’s little bundle of joy has just arrived, it’s all good. They are looking forward to the birth of baby number two. Tylar has had a different kind of pregnancy. She has been more tired, less ‘active’. Unfortunately things are only good [...]

    • This was a beautiful end to Trey's & Tylar's story. I won't lie there was a part that hard for me to read. I was screaming don't do it Tylar.They felt so real with real problems that happen within a marriage after dealing with a loss. Blaming each other even if they don't realize what they are doing by lashing out at each other.I want to give Gina a shout out for BEATCH-slapping Caroline. Thank you, been wanting since the first book for that. I loved that their love for each other was strong [...]

    • 5+++++++ stars!!! I am so sad that I have finally completed reading this series. It was absolutely excellent. I loved every page. This series is a must read.

    • ★★★★★! The Baby series, book 3 of 3.5! Epic family saga with a wonderful Heroine & a larger-than-life, yet “tangible” alpha male Hero.This is a recently released trilogy by Andrea Smith. Plus a stand-alone sequel (book 3.5), told from a side character’s - Gina’s POV to add-on, sum-up and conclude the series. I highly recommend them all!It’s an epic family saga about Trey and Tylar and their extended and growing family. Andrea Smith is a spellbinding storyteller. I am not [...]

    • 4.5 stars!The awesome conclusion to the love story of Trey and Tylar Sinclair. Bravo! Loved it. This last book had a wonderful mixture of happiness, love, angst, loss, anger, resentmentd most importantly, forgiveness. It had it all. The author did a great job tying up all the loose ends to the mystery surrounding Tylar's family. She and Trey went through some really trying times in this book and they worked through them in the end. I loved this story. I'm very sad to see it end. The epilogue was [...]

    • I am completely & utterly drained of all emotions this morning!! I was so excited in getting my hands on this final instalment and all i can say is ANDREA you have won me over!!At the first few pages, it was ahhhhh thank god! Turn a few more pages, my heart started to beat faster, i was scowling at my kindle thinking dont go thereTREY seriously DON'T go THERE TREY!! Turn a few more pages and now I was tempted to put my kindle down as by this time I was screaming NOOOO Tyler,TYLER Don't even [...]

    • Just when I thought the book couldn't get any better it did. This was pretty much me the entire book.There were times in this book I was screaming, smiling, laughing out loud and sighing a happy sigh. This book is long, but pulls you in and keeps you interested throughout the three books. Loved the Epilogues!!!!Great read, with interesting characters- 5 Stars!!!

    • This was good ,I still loved the second book more but I really adored the strength of their love .Realistically things happen in a relationship/marriage and its really hard to pick the pieces to continue .This was portrayed in that way ultimately you just have to decide whether to love that you share and your family is worth it . The underlining depression was very well done . I understood so many of her dumb choices (Even though I wanted to strangle the hell outta her! ) I realized her depressi [...]

    • The second book left me with a load of questions unanswered. How will Trey and Tylar's move on from this? Will they finally unravel all of Tylar's past?I'm sorry, baby. I love you As much as I love Gina, I loved that the focus of the book was back to Trey and Tylar. I admit, sequels scare the life out of me but I think their relationship was too perfect before and they needed this wake up call.The night we met I knew I needed you so; and if I had the chance I'd never let you goThis book had my e [...]

    • 5 emotional and amazing stars!!! OMGWhat a book!! I absolutely loved it! It was amazing and I didn’t want it to end. The story was so emotional, real and beautiful that I couldn’t put it down for a minute. I found it a bit different form the other two books. It had parts that made me cry and other that made me smile like a fool. Trey and Tayler were amazing (again). They were facing many problems but managed to find their perfect HEA :)I definitely recommend these books! Read them!! You won [...]

    • 5★★★★★'s5♥♥♥♥♥'sLet me start is out by saying that I love everything this author writes. Andrea Smith is truly a talented writer. I have read everything she has written and she has never disappointed me. She breathes life into characters with every word she writes, you just feel like you really know the characters she dreams up for us to read about. Just amazing. Well enough about the author let's talk about Be My BabyS!,This is yet another 5★ read for me .I have to say tha [...]

    • liked & enjoyed the 1st book, tolerated the 2nd, didn't like the 3rd. wasted my money & time on the 3rd. never liked cheating & heroine cheated on the 3rd book. granted she saw the hero kissing another woman but what the heroine did, sleeping with another man was a lot worse & she did it with her husband just a few metres away. Even in the 2nd book, it was obvious that the author was just stretching the story. there was way too much sex, unnecessary and at ridiculous moments at t [...]

    • OK for all of you out there who want a great story you should totally read this whole series, the stories are nice and long and have tons of twists! The third book made me want to scream a few times and throw my kindle but who doesn't like drama!Pick all three up now! oh an Andrea is an Amazing author show her some love!

    • Oh wow. I loved this series so much. There were times when I laughed, times when I felt sick, times when I cried. Whew, all the emotions. This whole series was just fantastic for me and I cant say enough great things about the series and the fabulous author! I am definitely a huge fan now. Cant wait for more.I recommend this series to everyone!

    • Wow, this family drama surprised me with shocking twists and turns for this strong couple. Heart breaking moments coupled with a touching need to make everything ok. This series tested the love of the couple in ways you hope life never throws at you. Read how this ends and you will believe in the power of love.P.S. It stayed steamy through all 3 books, :D

    • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤This book was my favorite in the series, the greasy door knob had me on the floor lmao. I love T&T together and I love little sweet Avery, she have such an old soul and very smart for her age. I love the series, great job

    • 4.5 Stars!!! HANDS DOWN - this is the BEST book of the trilogy involving Trey and Tylar! Oh man, where to start? The book starts off with our favorite couple expecting an new addition to the family. Of course, Andrea allows for all possibilities of reality to strike, a bumpy road ensues and both family and a marriage is put through the ultimate test. I absolutely appreciate the reality, the bruising, the raw emotions and real life situations that Andrea always provides for the readers in her boo [...]

    • Another 10 stars!!!OH SWEET JESUS.WHAT am I gonna do now?!?!?!? Andrea Smith.I can't thank you enough. I have spent a wonderful weekend meeting, getting to know, falling in love with, wanting to punch, crying for, worrying about, and now missing Trey, Tylar, Preston, Susan, Clive, Tristin, Gina, Judge Tylar, Avery, Trey Jr and everyone else in this series.I feel like a cousin to them or somethinge story (all 3 books in the series) were written so very well, the flow and direction of the storye t [...]

    • I devoured this book in a day. I also think I have a new book boyfriend.Trey! I am so infatuated with him and so sad that this is the end of this wonderful series. I must say that this book was pretty emotional at times. The further development of the characters were amazing. I was so impressed (but frustrated at times) with Tylar and her growth throughtout the series. I loved her as a devoted mother, wife, daughter and friend. Trey and Tylar had a few bumps in the road in their marriage, along [...]

    • It's very hard to see this series come to an end! What a ride! There was no doubt if Trey and Tylar got through all the heartache that was brought to them they would be together forever. Not a huge fan at all about how the beginning played out but with that said I get it. No marriage is perfect - there are always ups and downs and there is no better example of this than with Trey and Tylar. It was a very difficult journey but with their strength they pulled through. Such a bittersweet ending. Ov [...]

    • major 'wtf' moments. this one draaaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeed forever. i was skimming most of it, the same way i did for the previous books.

    • This was a lovely conclusion to the 3 part series. It seemed a lot shorter than the other two and some parts which created anxiety and mystery were solved with one sentence. voila- that's over and done with so in some areas I was a little perplexed. We really saw Trey and Tylar put to the test and I cringed A LOT I know the stresses of married life and babies and can totally understand that grieving and loss can also mess with your emotions and self esteem it still sucked to read it. I do believ [...]

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