After I'm Gone

After I m Gone The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Most Dangerous Thing I d Know You Anywhere and What the Dead Know returns with an addictive story that explores how one man s disappearance ech

  • Title: After I'm Gone
  • Author: Laura Lippman
  • ISBN: 9780062083395
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Most Dangerous Thing, I d Know You Anywhere, and What the Dead Know returns with an addictive story that explores how one man s disappearance echoes through the lives of the five women he left behind his wife, his daughters, and his mistressDead is dead Missing is gone.When Felix Brewer meets nineteen year old BernadeThe acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Most Dangerous Thing, I d Know You Anywhere, and What the Dead Know returns with an addictive story that explores how one man s disappearance echoes through the lives of the five women he left behind his wife, his daughters, and his mistressDead is dead Missing is gone.When Felix Brewer meets nineteen year old Bernadette Bambi Gottschalk at a Valentine s Day dance in 1959, he charms her with wild promises, some of which he actually keeps Thanks to his lucrative if not all legal businesses, she and their three little girls live in luxury But on the Fourth of July in 1976, Bambi s comfortable world implodes when Felix, facing prison, vanishes.Though Bambi has no idea where her husband or his money might be, she suspects one woman does his devoted young mistress, Julie When Julie disappears ten years to the day after Felix went on the lam, everyone assumes she s left to join her old lover until her remains are discovered in a secluded park.Now, twenty six years later, Roberto Sandy Sanchez, a retired Balti detective working cold cases for some extra cash, is investigating her murder What he discovers is a tangled web of bitterness, jealousy, resentment, greed, and longing stretching over five decades And at its center is the man who, though long gone, has never been forgotten by the five women who loved him the enigmatic Felix Brewer.Felix Brewer left five women behind Now there are four Does at least one of them know the truth

    After I m Gone A Novel Laura Feb , After I m Gone A Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer After I m Gone by Laura Lippman After I m Gone , by Laura Lippman, is a mystery that is also a multi generational saga of a family and its close group of friends It starts off with the disappearance of Felix Brewer, a bookmaker with a thriving gambling operation Faced with jail time, he decides to disappear and leaves his wife, Bambi, and their three daughters in . After I m Gone by Laura Lippman, Paperback Barnes Noble After I m Gone is such a well crafted, well explicated mystery novel It combines an elaborate, arduous tangle of lies, secrets, and even sacrifice, with a sharp, fast paced procession of revelations These continuous shifts, shocking discoveries, and impending truths never stop surprising you until the very end, which I think is a fabulous ploy. After I m Gone After I m Gone is a book written by Laura Lippman and published by William Morrow Publishers an imprint of HarperCollins on February , it won the Anthony Award for Best Novel in External links edit References edit Lippman, Laura March , . The Day After I m Gone Feb , Directed by Nimrod Eldar With Menashe Noy, Zohar Meidan, Alon Neuman, Sarit Vino Elad A middle aged single father copes with his teenage daughter s wish to end her life. The Living Legends After I m Gone YouTube Jul , Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination Listen to official albums .

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    • Laura Lippman

      Laura Lippman was a reporter for twenty years, including twelve years at The Balti Sun She began writing novels while working fulltime and published seven books about accidental PI Tess Monaghan before leaving daily journalism in 2001 Her work has been awarded the Edgar , the Anthony, the Agatha, the Shamus, the Nero Wolfe, Gumshoe and Barry awards She also has been nominated for other prizes in the crime fiction field, including the Hammett and the Macavity She was the first ever recipient of the Mayor s Prize for Literary Excellence and the first genre writer recognized as Author of the Year by the Maryland Library Association Ms Lippman grew up in Balti and attended city schools through ninth grade After graduating from Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, Md Ms Lippman attended Northwestern University s Medill School of Journalism Her other newspaper jobs included the Waco Tribune Herald and the San Antonio Light Ms Lippman returned to Balti in 1989 and has lived there since She is the daughter of Theo Lippman Jr a Sun editorial writer who retired in 1995 but continues to freelance for several newspapers, and Madeline Mabry Lippman, a former Balti City school librarian Her sister, Susan, is a local bookseller.

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    • When small time gangster Felix Brewer fled Baltimore in 1976 to escape jail time, he left his family and his mistress in the lurch. When his mistress went missing ten years later, everyone assumed she'd gone to live with him in hiding until her body was discovered years later. Now Roberto "Sandy" Sanchez, a consulting detective, is on the cold case. Can he find what happened to Felix Brewer and who killed his mistress?I've read a couple of Laura Lippman's Tess Monaghan mysteries and decided to g [...]

    • I've been a fan of Laura Lippman's since her first novel. AFTER I'M GONE, in my opinion, is her best work to date. And that's saying something. Thinking about the books she's written (and I've read every one) I, personally, see a progression from a very good writer to one who keeps raising the bar - for herself and for others - to become one of the most talented writers writing today. This is a masterfully crafted book, skillfully and elegantly woven with an ending brought about with quietly sur [...]

    • ****4.5 Stars**** Excellent mystery! I love these sorts of suspense novels where layers are slowly peeled away to expose old family secrets. The mystery concerns a cold case file starting from 1976 when Felix Brewer, a bookmaker, jumps bail and vanishes rather than face possible prison time. He leaves behind his wife, three daughters and a mistress. The murder occurs 10 years later when the mistress turns up missing and eventually found dead. The story is told in flashbacks over three decades an [...]

    • This story centers around Felix Brewer, a man who chooses to disappear, and the effect that choice has on his family. The unfolding of their lives is told in bits and pieces with sections focusing on different characters and different time periods in order to tell the stories of those Felix left behind. This plot device, so effective in the earlier “I’d Know You Anywhere,” serves here to jumble the story and make it difficult for the reader to find continuity. Unfortunately, I found this b [...]

    • Laura Lippman is one of my "go-to" authors--someone I read when I'm not in the mood to take a risk, but just want to settle in with a good book that I know I'll enjoy. Her standalone novels are always about how a crime can twist otherwise ordinary lives. So I knew when I started AFTER I'M GONE that it wouldn't be a whodunnit or a "snatched by a serial killer" breathless suspense book. Nevertheless, I was still disappointed by the pace of this novel. There is very little sense of urgency in the i [...]

    • Felix Brewer is married to Bambi (I know right?) and has three daughters when he vanishes from his gambling business/debts and becomes a fugitive. 10 years to the day of his disappearance, his mistress's body is found-- oh yea, forgot to mention not only does he run a sketchy business, he also cheats on his wife with a dancer-- Julie. 20 years later, Detective Sandy opens this cold case and decides to solve it. The book moved along, shifting between past and present day narration until finally t [...]

    • I haven’t read any of the Tess Monaghan series by Lippman, but I am a fan of her stand-alones. Her latest is back to form: excellent, character-driven, and providing substantial scenes that build tension without excessive police work or cat-and-mouse scenes. This novel is more of a study of people and families. The police work reminds us that there is a cold case to be solved, but it doesn’t take over the story. There’s as much “why” (maybe more) as “who.”Widow and retired detectiv [...]

    • I've been a big fan of Laura Lippman ever since Stephen King recommended her works in his Entertainment Weekly column a few years ago. And so when I had the opportunity to grab Lippman's latest novel early thanks to 's Vine program, I jumped at the chance and immediately re-ordered my entire to be read list. After being disappointed by her previous novel And When She Was Good, I had high hopes that After I'm Gone would see Lippman returning to form. The good news is that not only does After I'm [...]

    • Felix Brewer, facing prison charges, vanishes in 1976 , leaving behind his wife Bambi , daughters, and mistress Julie, one of the dancers at his strip joint , to wonder about his whereabouts. 10 years later Julie is missing. 10 years later, retired policeman Sandy Sanchez is working to solve this cold case. This was my bookclub's May choice and my first Lippman read. It is not my usual genre. That said, I thought the book skipped around so much it was very hard to follow. It also has lot's of ch [...]

    • Well, I think I have read them all and IMHO this is the best of all the Laura Lippman, including everything in her Tess series. And I'm a fan in general- so that is saying something.4.5 stars - losing just a tiny bit in the few small confusions of the form. Yes, the time shifting time periods worked here wonderfully, you got uniquely framed personality core at each character's exact age. It's unusual for any author to do that switching so often and continually without losing some of the plot ten [...]

    • 4+ starsSimple review. My first experience reading a Lippman and it was a good one! i highly recommend the audiobook version for mystery lovers. The story & secrets are revealed in bits and pieces venturing back and forth through time in the lives of the key characters.

    • This book is hard for me to rate. I didn't think that it was that good but it wasn't terrible either. Maybe a 2.75 tittering on a 3 rating. I really liked the synopsis of this book. It sounded interesting. I didn't really care for any of the characters. I didn't like them but I didn't dislike them either. I just felt kinda Meh about this book. It was good enough to keep reading but not good enough that I would recommend it.

    • Dead is dead. Missing is gone.Inspired by the Salsbury fraud scandal of the 1970s, After I'm Gone explores how the enigmatic Felix Brewer's sudden disappearance echoes through lives of his wife, daughters, and mistress—the five women he loved and left behind. Both a legal thriller and dazzling sashay through a span of decades, Lippman's newest novel is elaborate, emotionally charged, and deeply probing.In present-day Baltimore, as retired cop Sandy Sanchez reviews a cold case involving the mur [...]

    • Bambi meet and fell in love with Felix. They got married and had children. Everything was good except for one small detail. Felix has a mistress. Felix disappears before he can face prison. Bambi thought that he left with his mistress. That is until ten years to the day that Felix disappeared that his mistress is found dead buried in a park. Now, it is up to Detective Sandy to figure out what happened to Felix and his mistress. It has been a little while since I have read a book by this author. [...]

    • I found the story line meandering and unfocused. I felt removed from all of the characters, and I kept losing track of what the original premise of the story was about. And 3/4 of the way through, I stopped reading. I did note all the excellent reviews, which puzzle me, but obviously people are enjoying this book. Not for me.

    • After I'm Gone by Laura Lippman is a February 2014 William Morrow publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Felix Brewer meets his future wife, Bernadette "Bambi" Gottschalk at a Valentine's Day dance that he and his friend crashed back in 1959. Felix had big plans and promised his wife they would be rich. Well, he did become financially comfortable for awhile, but he didn't make his money the old fashioned way by earning it. [...]

    • I'm not sure what novel most of the other folks read to rate this piece in the mid-three's. I'd place it at a 4-and-a-half without hesitation. I'm withholding a five-star rating only because I know there are better books, but damn, really?Are we becoming too jaded in our reading lives? Is there too much really good stuff within reach of our greedy little hands? I cannot remember the last truly bad book I read. I'm beginning to doubt that I know what a crappy title is. I can't find enough time to [...]

    • I've read three mystery/thriller books back to back and although I enjoyed them all, this one had more depth than the others. Despite the numerous characters, they seemed alive, so I never forgot who was who. This book ( my first by this author) was a pleasant surprise.

    • 'After I'm Gone', by Laura Lippman, is a mystery that is also a multi-generational saga of a family and its close group of friends. It starts off with the disappearance of Felix Brewer, a bookmaker with a thriving gambling operation. Faced with jail time, he decides to disappear and leaves his wife, Bambi, and their three daughters in 1976. Though Felix loves Bambi, he has other women on the side. One of them is named Julie Saxony, and she is a more serious relationship than his others though he [...]

    • When criminal Felix Brewer flees abroad to escape prosecution, he leaves behind a wife, three daughters and a mistress. The story revolves around these women, thank goodness. I don't think I could have handled Felix and his huge ego beyond the first chapter. The man actually quotes Fitzgerald to brag about being able to juggle both a wife and a mistress: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to [...]

    • Originally I thought this was a murder mysterya question of who killed Julie Saxony, the ex-stripper mistress of Felix Brewer, a man who skipped town a decade earlier to avoid prison time. And that question does drive the plot forward, but this is more about storytelling. About the havoc that Felix's disappearance wreaked on his family and friend's fates. Lippman slowly unwinds the lives of Felix's loyal wife, his three daughters, his mistress, his attorney and bail bondsmen, over the 30 years s [...]

    • Another good Laura Lippman. This one is based on a true story of a gangster in Baltimore who disappeared leaving a wife and three daughters and a lover. The story alternates back and forth in time and viewpoint, which I found hard to follow. I had to keep looking back and almost wrote down a timeline. One viewpoint (the main one?) is an ex-policeman investigating the death of the girlfriend, 10 years after the disappearance of Felix (the gangster). I wasn't sure of the motives or position of the [...]

    • When I bought this book, I had high hopes, I really love psychological thrillers so when I see a book or rather books at the bookstore I would buy it even though I had never read any book by that author. Through the first half of After I’m Gone I was disappointed, it was somehow slow and couldn’t feel any connection with the main characters, actually I almost hate them especially ‘Bambi’, I found her spoilt and spineless. Then through the second half I was hook, and eventually I started [...]

    • סנדי (רוברטו) סנצ'ס, בלש בגמלאות, יועץ למשטרת בולטימור מועסק במשרה חלקית בפתיחת תיקי רצח מהעבר שלא פוענחו. הוא נתקל בתיק משטרתי מלפני 26 שנה של רציחת ג'ולי סקסוני, פילגשו של פליקס ברואר.פיליקס ברואר, נעלם בשנת 1976 לאחר שהרשויות הפדרליות האשימו אותו בהעלמות מס והם דרשו שישב 10 שנים [...]

    • Originally published at Reading RealityI haven’t read any of Laura Lippman’s previous books, because I didn’t want to start a series seven books in. But lots of people have recommended her Tess Monaghan series, and if it’s anywhere near as good as After I’m Gone, now I know why.After I’m Gone is both a mystery and a character study. It really starts with a cold case, and then flashes back to the circumstances that set the whole chain of events off, and back to the murder being invest [...]

    • One disappearance and then another ten years later. Could both these disappearances have been planned far apart so no one would know the real reason?Felix Brewer disappeared because he wanted to avoid going to jail for his misdeeds. He left his wife and three daughters, but was his wife really surprised he had left? He never really was with her in the first place. He always had a mistress and was rarely home. His mistress, Julie, was his most steady one. To cause more heartache and questions aft [...]

    • After I’M Gone – top mysteryAfter I’m Gone by Laura Lippman is a beautifully well written murder mystery an old style whodunit that keeps you turning the pages to find out who the culprit is. This is a classic murder mystery story that is brought up to date by a modern day Agatha Christie where the disappearance of Felix Brewster echoes throughout the book while giving no hint as to where he is or if he is alive.Felix Brewster is charmer of the old school easily referred to as a lady’s m [...]

    • I'm a long time Laura Lippman fan. My favourites are the Tess Monaghan novels, but Lippman's last few books have been stand alones. The latest is After I'm Gone. Sandy is a retired Baltimore cop, currently on contract with the BPD as a consultant, handling cold cases. When searching his files for the next case to handle, a picture of dancer Juliet Romeo falls out. and the next case is chosen. Juliet was the girlfriend of Felix Brewer in 1976. She was found dead ten years later and her murder was [...]

    • AFTER I'M GONE is a crime mystery intertwined with a deep seeded family drama rotting at its core. Bambi married young; love at first sight. As soon as Felix swept her off her feet there was no way she's was going to stand on solid ground again - how true that turned out to be.Felix, one day, left abruptly, shattering Bambi's happily ever after fairy tale and leaving his young family to fend on a sum of money he'd progressively gathered through criminal enterprise. As hard as it was to loose Fel [...]

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