A Home in the West

A Home in the West Journey back to Berlin Ohio in this free short story e romance prequel from The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith For year old Jonas Switzer the promise of a p

  • Title: A Home in the West
  • Author: Lori Copeland Virginia Smith
  • ISBN: 9780736959179
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Journey back to 1858 Berlin, Ohio, in this free short story e romance prequel from The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith For 19 year old Jonas Switzer, the promise of a productive life as an Amish farmer is only as real as a dream on the western horizon Living on the charity of the Bylers, and with no claim to a family farm, Jonas s future dJourney back to 1858 Berlin, Ohio, in this free short story e romance prequel from The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith For 19 year old Jonas Switzer, the promise of a productive life as an Amish farmer is only as real as a dream on the western horizon Living on the charity of the Bylers, and with no claim to a family farm, Jonas s future depends on a bold plan and an ambitious move He also longs to catch the eye of Caroline Hersberger, the most beautiful young woman in the village, and share his dream with her Will Matthew Kennel woo her first Will she reject Jonas outright Only God knows, and only He can provide Jonas with a godly wife and a home in the West.

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    • Lori Copeland Virginia Smith

      Lori Copeland was born on 12 June 1941 She had a relatively late start in writing, breaking into publishing in 1982 when she was already forty years old Over the next dozen years, her romance novels achieved much success, as was evidenced by her winning the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Award, The Holt Medallion, and Walden Books Best Seller award She has been inducted into the Missouri Writers Hall of Fame.Despite her success in mainstream romantic fiction, in 1995, she decided to switch focus Her subsequent books have been in the relatively new subgenre of Christian romance She has also collaborated with authors Angela Elwell Hunt or Virginia Smith on a series of Christian romance novels.Lori and her husband of over forty years, Lance, live in Springfield, Missouri, surrounded by the beautiful Ozarks They have three grown sons, three daughter in laws, and six wonderful grandchildren, and two great granddaughters She and her husband are very involved in their church, and active in supporting mission work in Mali, West Africa.

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    • What was the point of this story? I mean it was just a few pagesI never understand why authors even bother writing stories this short? It was an okay read but there was really nothing happening. What did the characters even look like? Jonas goes to a dance, drives his dream girl home and ends up proposing. Okay, and? Nothing. I wasn't a fan of the fact the author used foreign terms like "narrisch" and "dawdi haus," leaving me,the reader, no real clues as to what they meant. I wish this story wou [...]

    • A Home In The WestWhat a sweet short love story. Another great creation by Lori Copeland.This young boy Jonas with an English background has nothing in the World to build his future on but dreams and plans. But despite the lack of resources Jonas borrows his employers buggy and takes a leap of faith and makes his first step into realizing his dreams by taking Caroline on buggy ride. The surprise that waited on him around the corner could have been only from God Himself.Do you have dreams and pla [...]

    • You're kidding, right?I thought I was getting a book not a half chapter. It is a big disappoint.I have never read about the Amish before and was excited about this book. So much for that thought.

    • Childhood friends Amish styleI don’t read Amish fiction because most of it annoys me. But I found this short story to be a sweet, quick read.

    • I enjoy Lori Copeland's books but there just wasn't enough to this story for me to like it. I liked Jonas but at only 15 pages I didn't become attached or really care what happened to him which is a shame because as I said, I enjoy Lori's stories and feel she could have did a lot with the character.

    • Too shortToo shortStory content was fine but I was waiting on the story to continue "into the west" & instead I got the final page! I was surprised the 'book' didn't contain a few more chapters. Disappointing for sure.

    • Good clean story.good to read, but it was very short. Not a lot to build on. Wish there was more.RebeccaRebecca

    • It was a quick read; though charming I wish the authors would have turned this into a full book. There is not enough Amish Historical out there.

    • Too short. I know there are many cultural differences between the Amish and myself but this was a little too different for me. However, I might read more by this author.

    • I don't understand what this was meant to be, it's like half a chapter not a book, everything is condensed down tied up in a nice little bow before you realise your at the end of it

    • Really enjoyed this quick glimpse into Jonas Switzer's past! Such a sweet and poignant story delivered in just a few pages. My only complainto short! ;)

    • This story is the result of the consorted efforts of two refreshingly talented writers and belongs to The Amish of Apple Grove series. The story takes place in Berlin, Ohio in April of 1858. Jonas Switzer and his mother and sister were taken in by the Byler family when his father suddenly died. The fact that his family came from outside of the Amish community played no role in the spontaneous hospitality afforded them. When Jonas realized that he would eventually have to make his own way and eve [...]

    • Rated 3.5 Stars. Updated to include link at TBR MOUNTAIN RANGE, where I've posted some pictures of modern day Amish country, where this story takes place historically.I really love this cover so it drew me right in to grab this freebie introduction.This is a very short, sweet, historical story that takes place in Berlin, Ohio, which is why I chose to read it. Berlin, Ohio, is one of my favorite places to go to "regroup" in the rolling hills of Amish country. The story was too short for me to rea [...]

    • A Home In The West was a good short story. I thought it was very interesting how the book is Amish and historical - I haven't read many books like that! The story was very short, but I expected that since it is a "short story". The ending makes me interested in reading the first book in the Amish of Apple Grove series. If you enjoy Amish stories, I think you might like A Home In The West. *I did not get this book for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

    • It was a little shorter than most short stories I read. It was well written and had a nice story and a nice ending. Reading this story cheered me up as I read through the pages and followed along with the story line.

    • I loved this book about jonah and Caroline, a young amish couple who have a big dream of moving out west to start a life of farming as a family. Being so young they have second thoughts and if they should do it. I like Lori Copelands writing, will read other of her books too.

    • Amish booksAmish books I really enjoyed this short story. It was cute. I hope the author wrote another one to tell you what happens to the young couple. I will have to check that out.

    • I really enjoy books about the Amish and especially books by this author. This story was very short and the characters and story line just didn't seem well-developed. The ending seemed a bit rushed because of this. I liked the story but think with more length it could have been so much better.

    • A very good introduction to this Amish series. Jonas is tired of living on the charity of others. He has plans to make them happen and the singing seems to be just the occasion. 16 pages.

    • Quick and easy reading.Quick and easy reading. A short story with a lovely theme. Makes me want to read the next chapter right away.

    • A short story set in an Amish community in Ohio during 1858 that explores a quick courtship between Jonas & Caroline. This is chaste romance that gives one a sample of Amish life on the farm.

    • SweetA sweet little story of Amish life and love. Chose to read it because of the name but it wasn't long enough.

    • Very good. This was a VERY short story, bu the plot was good and I would love to read ' the rest of the story' in a full-length novel.

    • Was this a joke meant for the reader? I really loved the start of this book and I knew it was a short story. What I didn't know was that it was only half a chapter! I'm glad I didn't buy the book.

    • I always find stories of Amish life fun, entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes life-challenging. This delightful short focuses on young Jonas Switzer and his love for Caroline Herberger in 1858 Berlin, Ohio. Not to be lost in the story is Jonas' desire to provide and protect his family, their lifestyle and their future. A young man in a child's body with a the weight of the world riding on his shoulders, A Home In The West is filled with hope and determination.

    • A good story, about a young Amish man with big plans for his life. This is a feel good story with a happy ending. I really do enjoy Amish stories, and this was no exception. A nice change of pace for my usual books, it really blows the cobwebs out of one’s brains and fills you with hope. Thank you for this enjoyable read.

    • Apple groveI understand this was a short story to get you interested in the series, but it was a little to short and sweet for me. I like both the authors though, and have better expectations for the series.

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