My Fate for Yours

My Fate for Yours Work hard play hard protect what you love at all costsFor Eamon and Rachel friendship has always had to be good enough A safe distance a guarded heart nothing When Eamons brother Tobin takes o

  • Title: My Fate for Yours
  • Author: Steph Campbell Jolene Perry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Work hard, play hard, protect what you love at all costsFor Eamon and Rachel, friendship has always had to be good enough.A safe distance, a guarded heart, nothing .When Eamons brother, Tobin, takes off after a nasty breakup, Eamon needs Rachel to help find him But the time they spend together, the harder it is to keep the lines of friendship from blurring wheWork hard, play hard, protect what you love at all costsFor Eamon and Rachel, friendship has always had to be good enough.A safe distance, a guarded heart, nothing .When Eamons brother, Tobin, takes off after a nasty breakup, Eamon needs Rachel to help find him But the time they spend together, the harder it is to keep the lines of friendship from blurring when they both want something .When Tobin returns, what was supposed to be a celebratory weekend for Eamon and Rachel, somehow turns into much And as scary as it is, neither one of them know how to let it go.Maybe the answer is that they shouldn t Or maybe their destiny was decided long before they even met.

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    • Update 7/28Yep, that hurt. Oh, Eamon. I knew what was coming, but damn. I didn't know how sad I would be for poor Rachel. As if that sweet girl didn't have enough on her shoulders. "After all of his stunts, all of his jumps and dares, the most reckless thing Eamon LeJeune ever did was make me fall in love with him, and then leave me here without him and I'll forever have the love of a ghost echoing in my heart."Oh man, that was rough. :(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maybe we will get a little [...]

    • Loved it! Can't wait for more!!"I think when you give enough of yourself to a person and they do the same, it changes you, it changes them."This book is like watching a train wreck, no pun intended. If you have read My Heart for Yours then you know no good can come to your heart from reading this, but if you are like me and loved it then you can't help but want to learn more about the mysterious Eamon and so you read it and fall in love and break your own heart just for fun, because you have not [...]

    • I liked it a lot until it got to the end. I was so upset and heart broken that I can't even continue reading the series because I don't care to see what happens with anyone else.

    • Full review coming soon. Too emotionally exhausted to write one now! :) FULL REVIEW:This is one of those books I want to hate, but I can't because it's so brilliantly written and so beautiful. (view spoiler)[ I knew what was coming, since I'd read My Heart for Yours, but knowing that through the book kept my gut clenched and my fingers flying through the pages. I hoped against all hope he'd say the words to Rachel before the accident. I wanted it so bad!!!!! if only coins could talk(hide spoiler [...]

    • Steph Campbellis one of my favorite authors, and Jolene Perryis near the top of that list too, so of course I am buying any project of theirs as soon as it is out. As a prequel to the book My Heart for Yourswhich I loved I knew this would be good. What surprised me most about this book is how, even though having read the other book the pivotal event in this book is well known to me, they made is suspenseful and exciting, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Not so easy to do when before readi [...]

    • Ends in a cliffhanger!This is the first book that I read in this series so I didn't know what happened in book 1. (Even though this is book 0.5 in the series, it was written second). I didn't realize that. I love friends to lovers books. This book is about Rachel and Eamon, they have been friends since grade school and Rachel has had a crush on Eamon since she was 13. After her boyfriend breaks up with her, Rachel gets drunk and confesses her love to Eamon. The only problem, Eamon doesn't do com [...]

    • 3.5 SAD STARSIf you've read "My Heart for Yours" then you know how this book ends. If you haven't you might not want to keep reading because there will be SPOILERS.Eamon and Rachel have been friends for their whole lives. Always kind of flirting around each other (first kiss, almost first sexual experience), and now they are adults in their early 20's. Rachel has feelings for Eamon, she has been in love with him for a while. She tells him she's in love with him, it gets awkward, they go back to [...]

    • It's not unusual that books make me cry but this is a whole new level. I'm a crying mess right now over a book. Thanks so much to Jolene Perry and Steph Campbell. My Fate for Yours is just as good as My Heart for Yours but this one broke my heart in so many ways. They created a book about love but it wasn't a fairy tale but it was beautiful. It was realistic, it was the kind of love that's difficult, that has obstacles that sometimes you can't over come, a love where you make so many mistakes ye [...]

    • This was quite a good book. I didn't know what to expect, I needed this book for a challenge, and haven't heard of the series or anything.All I can say is this book is definitely for 18+, most of the book is quite tame, but there are some sex scenes (very minor ones, but enough information is given).The romance was ok. I really really liked Rachel, she was a great girl, trying to keep her head up while drowning in work and other responsibilities. Eamon, ugh, nice guy but a total prick in regards [...]

    • It has admittedly been a very long time since I read My Heart for Yours and I remembered most of the novel and the plot… what I didn't remember was why Delia had come back in the first place. This novel brought me back to the why and it brought me back to the why in a very sad and heartbreaking way. Fate is a funny and fickle thing. Just when you thought you've got life figured out, it slams into you and changes your course of direction. It taunts you with what could have been. And this book i [...]

    • Holy hell! For those that read book 1, you already know what happens in the end of this book, but it didn't make it any easier to read. Tears! And it was so effing bittersweet bc he finally realized something epic and was about to do something grand with it and well, crapThe entire book, you feel happy and sad and especially sad for Rachel bc not only does eamon have her on a yo-yo and u root for them to be together, but you know what is going to happen and you hate that you are rooting for them [...]

    • This book was amazing even though it made me cry. The storyline was just so realistic. It thought me a valuable life lesson. Rachael loves Eamon, she thinks that he is the one for her. However things don't always turn out the way we want to be. Eamon was not the "right" person for Rachael. She will see that once his fate is sealed hence the title. He will always be in her heart. Even though she wanted him she didn't need him. Even if he did live to love her it most likely wouldn't last long. R.I [...]

    • I finally got the courage to read My Fate for Yours. I knew it would be a difficult story to read. It's no big deal. Not like I spent all night tossing and turning thinking about that ending (heavy on the sarcasm). I knew what was coming, but on my gosh was it painful. Ahhh!!! My Fate for Yours was beautiful, heartbreaking, and simply wonderful. I am now dreaming of spending the day eating sweets and snuggling up in bed moping.

    • Even though I knew how this was going to end based on the first book, My Heart for Yours, I couldn't stop myself from hoping for the happy ending that wasn't going to happen. The writing is beautiful and fills you with hope only to knock the wind out of you when it's crushed.I can't even begin to describe how horrible I feel for Rachel and Eamon too. They'll break your heart.

    • **spoiler alert** Oh sweets my feelings! Seriously, my emotions are destroyed. That ending (which we, of course, all knew was coming) was awful! (the situation of it - not the writing!)I just WAH - SHE'LL NEVER KNOW HE LOVED HER! EAMON LOVED RACHEL AND SHE'LL NEVER KNOW!!!Okay, I can't go on. Buy it. Read it. Love it.

    • Why did I not read the reviews before picking this up?! This is the first book in the series I have read and it broke my heart! Jolene Perry and Steph Campbell if you're reading this you better write a book for Rachel that ends well!! Beautifully written with wonderful characters you just have to fall head over heels in love with sigh.

    • Not what I thoughtI'm so used to normal romance books that I didn't see this ending coming at all. Not my cup of tea for sure. The writing was great, and I liked the characters. Just don't like how the book ended.

    • What???!!!! Should have known when someone shelved this under tragedy that the ending is sad. I don't really get Eamonn though. How can someone has such a death wish for himself. Why are the characters in this book (with the exception of Rachel)had nothing to do but drinking?

    • Okay I went into this not knowing was prequel. And not knowing anything about the other book. This story REALLY got me and I very much didn't know what was going to happen. So I am just going to go and crawl into my bed and cry some more.

    • I didn't love the characters in this, but they weren't bad. This was an okay read, but it took me a while to get into it. There were a few times where it started to drag slightly for me too. I might read the next one, but not right away.

    • I went into this not knowing what to expect, and the ending was a complete surprise to me. I did not expect that to happen at all, and I may have cried a tear or hundred over it all.Steph and Jolene, you have broken my heart.

    • I don't know what to say except that I'm glad that I forgot how Eamon's story was in My Heart for Yours b/c otherwise I would not have read this prequel. I loved Eamon & Rachel's story just wish it wasn't so tragic.

    • so my heart was broken just now. I really loved it and hated it at the same time. he never got to tell her and that just isn't fair .

    • I knew this one ended badly before starting it. Despite that, I still wanted to know Eamon's story, and it still made me cry. I felt for bad for Rachel, she waited so long!

    • I really liked Eamon and Rachel's story and Steph Campbell and Jolene Perry did not disappoint with their latest book. I would recommend reading it, especially if you liked My Heart For Yours.

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