The Resistance

The Resistance The year is Having escaped the horrors of Grange Hall Peter and Anna are living freely on the Outside trying hard to lead normal lives but unable to leave the terror of the Declaration and the

  • Title: The Resistance
  • Author: Gemma Malley
  • ISBN: 9781408836903
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 2140 Having escaped the horrors of Grange Hall, Peter and Anna are living freely on the Outside, trying hard to lead normal lives, but unable to leave the terror of the Declaration and their experiences as surpluses completely behind them Peter is determined to infiltrate Pharma Corporation, which claims to have a new drug in the works Longevity will notThe year is 2140 Having escaped the horrors of Grange Hall, Peter and Anna are living freely on the Outside, trying hard to lead normal lives, but unable to leave the terror of the Declaration and their experiences as surpluses completely behind them Peter is determined to infiltrate Pharma Corporation, which claims to have a new drug in the works Longevity will not just stop the ravages of old age, it is rud to reverse the aging process But what Peter and Anna discover behind the walls of Pharma is so nightmarish it makes the prison of their childhood seem like a sanctuary for in order to supply Pharma with the building blocks for Longevity , scientists will need to harvest it from the young Shocking, controversial, and frighteningly topical, this sequel to Gemma Malley s stellar debut novel, The Declaration, will take the conversation about ethics and science to the next level.

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      Gemma Malley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Resistance book, this is one of the most wanted Gemma Malley author readers around the world.

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    • Ugh. This book was awful.This book is the sequel to The Declaration, and picks up pretty much right after it. Peter and Anna are living together, taking care of Anna's one-year-old brother, Ben. Yes, the 15- and 14-year-old are playing house, including all the grown-up aspects of that. How does Anna even know how to do anything? She said in the last book that she only knew that babies cried. Now she's taking care of a baby and cooking nice meals and acting like a regular ol' Legal?The first 200 [...]

    • THE RESISTANCE is the much anticipated sequel to THE DECLARATION. It picks up where THE DECLARATION leaves off and is told through Peter’s eyes. He and Anna live together with Ben, Anna’s brother, in a run down house trying to keep out of the way. Peter and Anna aren’t comfortable being Legal yet and find the stares and nasty comments coming from the other citizens unsettling. Peter and Anna work for the Underground whenever they can. They both want to see the Declaration a thing of the pa [...]

    • Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat: KindlePages/Length: n/aGenre: Young Adult; DystopiaReason For Reading: Challenge, and story!At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: NoCliff Hanger: NoTriggers: n/aRating: 4.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 9Characters: 8World Building: 8Flow:9Series Congruity: 9Writing: 8Ending: 8Total: 8In DepthBest Part: Jude!Worst Part: None Thoughts Had: So much is going on, i love it!ConclusionContinuing the [...]

    • Ik heb opnieuw enorm genoten van The Resistance. De originele toekomstvisie uit The Declaration wordt verder uitgewerkt en de schrijfstijl is nog altijd even vlot. Door de perspectiefwisselingen en de introductie van nieuwe personages blijft het boek bovendien erg spannend. Hoewel het einde geen echte cliff hanger heeft, ben ik zeker benieuwd naar het laatste boek in deze toffe trilogie.Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst.-- 2015 --I think The Resistance is a great second boo [...]

    • I think, dare I say it, that The Resistance actually has a slight edge on The Declaration, which was a marvellous enough book as it is. Now that Peter and Anna are on the outside, living as young Legals in a world were most of the inhabitants mark their age with three digits, and raising Anna's brother Ben, we get to see them interacting with a markedly different facet of society. Rather than living in a Surplus Hall, where they are brainwashed and trained to serve and be Valuable Assets*, they [...]

    • Look, I really enjoyed this book, probably even more than the first one when I got into it but the author went and did exactly the same thing again created a happy ending.It's annoying me. Both books follow the same format of Problem > Panic > Solution > The End. I finished the first book thinking "hey, that was a really original story" but I only half-heartedly purchased the second one because the first one had ended with both Anna and Peter alive, well and no longer on the run. There [...]

    • I really enjoyed the first book in this series (The Declaration)and think that Gemma Malley's concept is incredibly thought provoking, but I found myself unable to really get into The Resistance. The series tells the story of a future where Longevity drugs have wiped out disease and death, resulting in a population that lives forever. To prevent the population from growing too large, you have to sign a declaration promising not to have children. Any children that do occur are illegal, referred t [...]

    • “Your grandfather is doing his best to become the most fearsome deity that the world has ever known. A deity that feeds on nothing but power and greed. A deity that must be stopped, for all our sakes.”The Resistance follows on from where The Declaration left off: Anna and Peter are living together, officially Legal, The Underground are working hard to bring down Pincent Pharma and Richard Picent is developing an even more terrifying plan to keep people young forever.I spoke a lot about the w [...]

    • I've gotta say the levels of brutality and evil really surprised me. This may sound weak, but this was probably one of the most disturbing books I've ever read, with the levels of hostility and all. I did however enjoy the concept and philosophy of these series. The suspense and shocking revelations made this worthy of the title bestseller. This makes me puzzle over the fact that most people vote for shit such as the Matchedtrilogy and The Maestro when there are works of real art like this. Plus [...]

    • Gemma Malley’s The Resistance is an incredible piece of literature. I think this should be studied in school, it has the potential to be the next Brave New World or 1984. The novel deals with a lot of social issues, and critiques society in a way that will have young people thinking. I have several ideas for essays I could write about this book, and it would not be difficult for a high school English teacher to create lesson plans for it.This is the second book in the series, but I read this o [...]

    • Helen for bigbooklittlebookCopy received from publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThe story continues from not long after the point where we left it in The Declaration (read my review here). Peter and Anna are living legally on the outside, trying to cope with their new life and looking after little Ben, Anna’s brother. Anna is enjoying being a mother to Ben but is struggling with living in the world so different from the Surplus Hall. Both she and Peter feel alien from this society and [...]

    • Depois da aventura mirabolante na qual Peter e Anna conquistaram o seu direito a viver de uma maneira bastante dolorosa, o jovem casal casal enfrenta agora os olhares de um mundo que está envelhecido e que teme tudo o que é novo.Encarregados de educar e criar o irmão mais novo de Anna, Peter decide enfrentar o seu avó, criador dos produtos de Longevidade e tentar descobrir o que se passa ao certo dentro do programa enquanto ganha dinheiro para os sustentar. Já Anna tem de lidar com uma esco [...]

    • This is the sequel to The Declaration. I don’t think there will be a third… but who knows. I may have to look into it. But The Resistance ends fine, and while not everything is wrapped up, it’s pretty much settled. So really, there’s no need for a third, but it would be interesting.So The Resistance is set in the same world as The Declaration. We’ve got Anna and Peter together, with baby Ben, a few months after The Declaration left off. A new character is thrown in- a young Legal, just [...]

    • This book was better than the first one. It was both intriguing, yet irritating. Characters I thought to trust, ended up being bad. Ones I didn't trust, turned out to be heroes. The whole series is an extremely easy read.

    • The second book of this series I find deals more with Peter than anything else. He begins posing at his grandfathers company where they make Longevity. Peter is trying to find any information to help the Underground. The Underground is a group resistance, they go against everything the Authority and the declaration stand for.Anna, in what little we see in this book, gets herself into some trouble by being forced into a trap, which the people of the Underground with Peter's help; gets her out of. [...]

    • La première moitié du livre est assez lente et j'avais un peu peur de m'ennuyer si l'ambiance ne changeait pas. Heureusement, et sans avoir le temps de comprendre comment, je me suis retrouvé pris par l'histoire. L'action est omniprésente dans la seconde partie du récit. Le coups de théâtre sont énormes et vraiment inattendus ! J'ai ADORÉ avoir le souffle coupé par les révélations qui nous sont faites, être en colère et dégoûté par certains personnages et être autant séduit et [...]

    • All I can say is how much I CANNOT wait for autumn to come so that I can read the last book in this set. I only found "The Declaration" last Friday and am already so engrossed in the lives of these characters that I've forgotten to go to sleep. Oh how I cannot wait to see my predictions pan out or get shot down. So far I've guessed ALMOST everything correct and I LOVE that! I love that I've been so in sync with the authoress that I can see exactly where her mind is moving!TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!! [...]

    • This is a book that Caitlin read - not sure that it is suitable for a 11 year old or if she understood it all. Can people live for ever with a longevity drug? This is part 2 in The Declaration Trilogy. A lesson I'm learning fast - read what your children are reading - don't think they had books like this when I was 11. Anyway adults although simply written it is well worth reading. Looking forward to part 3.

    • I should really start to DNF books.This book was really a drag. I didn’t like the writing style, the characters were shallow and in all honesty the plot sucked!I will most defiantly not be reading the last book of this series…It’s going to be my first ever DNF!

    • the resistance is a sequel to the declaration now basically peter is looking at how longevity is made and he becomes a monster in the process. Longevity is harvested from somewhere top secret. Overall amazing a little slow at first though

    • Imagine a world where people are immortal! If you want to have a child you have to give your life or if you have one in secret and are discovered they take your child. What happens to the children in the orphanage? The first book was amazing written and the second is awesomely brutal. It's impossible to be insensitive reading the obscure secrets that the organization that discovered the immortality does to continue the treatment. I love that we follow the characters of the first book and see how [...]

    • #--##--#The chair was padded, obviously intended to put him at ease, but it wasn’t working. He rarely felt comfortable. Anna said it was because he liked to make things difficult for himself, but he wasn’t sure. He figured that it just wasn’t in his nature to feel too comfortable. Comfort made you lazy. It was the easy option.#--##--#‘All beauty has a dark side. Heaven can’t exist without hell.’

    • Début un peu lent et ennuyant beaucoup de points de vue différents, donc un peu confus parfois. Finalement l'action arrive enfin et c'est un pur régal ! Des révélations, du suspense j'ai dévoré la fin du livre ! J'ai hâte de lire le dernier tome :)

    • this book is horrible!!! the first one is reeeally good but this one stinks. I started reading it but had to put it down because i couldnt stand reading it anymore.

    • Maybe I’m just way too lazy to get back and find out the exact passages that made me feel like I was reading an unfinished draft, like some things were missing and others were better left off the book, or maybe I’m lost in the hunt of a positive reason that would change my view on that. Either way, although I personally loved (and still love) the whole idea behind this Declaration series, I think there’s way too much redundance, repetition of things, etc. And as much as I love dystopian bo [...]

    • Malley, Gemma The Resistance, 320 p. Bloomsbury, September 2008. Peter and Anna have escaped Grange Hall and the life of a Surplus, saving Anna’s little brother along the way. Now they are adjusting to a world with no teens, no children and danger still awaits them. In order to aid the resistance, Peter goes to work for his enemy – his own grandfather – the man who made people virtually immortal and children unnecessary. Just when Peter seems to be losing his opposition to his grandfather [...]

    • Second in the series, still 3 *. An enjoyable enough read but it doesn't keep me gripped and I find I read other books alongside. This just doesn't capture my attention enough to look forward to reading it. I feel committed to finishing the series though so one more to go. I think this series really is younger fiction. My 12 year old will probably enjoy it.The Jude character I found really wet and 1 dimensional. Pip the so-called revolutionary leader has little to. I character development.Anna h [...]

    • Amour, rébellion, résistance, jusqu'à la révélation du sens de la vraie vie! Un livre qui te fait vraiment penser à l'existence et au sens qui se cache derrière ce mot. Ecrit dans une manière plutôt utopique, il relève toutefois des problèmes quasi réels que je n'arrête pas de retrouver chez de nombreux auteurs. La vie éternelle existe-t-elle? Quels sont les risques de la surpopulation? Des problèmes qui semblent plus réels que jamais

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