When Summer Ends

When Summer Ends Chloe Henderson has never been one to break the rules or push the boundaries but during her summer break she and her friends use fake IDs to sneak into a club It s there that she meets handsome and a

  • Title: When Summer Ends
  • Author: Isabelle Rae
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chloe Henderson has never been one to break the rules or push the boundaries but during her summer break, she and her friends use fake IDs to sneak into a club It s there that she meets handsome and alluring bartender, Will Morris The pair hit it off immediately, growing closer with every passing day But as with every summer, it has to end sometime Chloe s senior yearChloe Henderson has never been one to break the rules or push the boundaries but during her summer break, she and her friends use fake IDs to sneak into a club It s there that she meets handsome and alluring bartender, Will Morris The pair hit it off immediately, growing closer with every passing day But as with every summer, it has to end sometime Chloe s senior year approaches and there s a shock in store when she returns to do her final year at school Will is there too, but he s not one of her fellow students A tale of forbidden love, broken hearts, friendship, and rivalry.

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    • Hi. My name is Stacia. I'll be your cruise director for this trip on the spoiler seas. Ah, what the heck. I probably could find a way to complain without spoilers like I normally do, but I figured I'd just warn you this time and you can choose whether or not to read this review, Cutie. So here we go - spoilers ahead. You've been warned. Yeah, that's right. I said it. I called you a cutie. Doesn't that make you uncomfortable? Because I sure know that every single time Will called Chloe a Cutie, I [...]

    • *First thought as soon as the book got over*I SERIOUSLY HOPE THAT NICK & SAM GET A BOOK!!Witty, Full of humor, TOTALLY adorable and So effing cute!!LOVED THE BOOKAll the twist and turns! Super amazing the book is written so nicely its got amazing one linersWill is just AGRH!! <3 I can totally picture his hot ass ;) He is just SWOONSam, FUCK I want him so bad! ;) Mad childNick <3 I wish I have a best friend like him someday! He's abso-freaking-lutely amazing!Especially with all the step [...]

    • *Releases long sigh and shakes head* This is a tough one to review. I'm going to try to cover both the things I enjoyed and the things I disliked, but I'm afraid there are more of the latter. When I read the summary for this last week, my initial reaction was "oh yay, this sounds good!", but there was a nagging thought in the back of my mind. It's about a teenager who sneaks into a bar (obviously fake ID) and starts dating the bartender Will (obviously over 21), only to find out he's her high sc [...]

    • I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE READ SOMETHING SO TERRIBLE. I only got through a few pages before realizing I couldn't go on. I refuse to even skim because it was that bad.Here were my main gag factors.1. Annoying narrator- She talked about his "ass" nonstop. Like a few times on each page. He made her mouth water. She was hornier than a dog in heat and very immature.-"His hard, toned body was pressed against my back; his breath blew across my cheek making me hot and bothered."-"Taio Cruz; Dynamite, star [...]

    • I didn't enjoy this book at all. The characters were not realistic in my option and the pace was too slow and the story had a bit too much detail. I didn't understand why Will liked Chloe in the first place. She was so immature and extremely annoying for her age (she often stuck out her tongue and said stupid things).What really confused me is that Will and Chloe were intimate to the point that they started sleeping together, but Will didn't know how old Chloe was. It is just not possible. Moreo [...]

    • I've read this a while ago on Wattpad and I thought it was really good! I liked it a lot better than Colleen Hoover's Slammed if I'm honest. If you're into student-teacher affair novels, then you should definitely give When Summer Ends a try.

    • De mis gustos culposos. Una novela que he leído múltiples veces y nunca me canso de hacerlo.La gran arrebatadora de suspiros, así decidí nombrarla.

    • Started off GREAT, and I thought, "this is going to be a good one". Unfortunately, I was sadly wrong. Firstly, the author is obviously not American, based on her spelling. I'm assuming from the UK, as words like "realise" and "humour" are the correct spelling over there, not in the US. It was distracting to keep reading words that were obviously misspelled for an American reader. (The book is based in the US).Additionally, the book is very drawn out and just soooo boring and slow at times. I've [...]

    • “If something's worth having, it's worth working for.”4 STARS READ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Genres: Young Adult/Romance368 pages Published September 27th 2012 by CreateSpaceIt was fun reading this book. I love that forbidden teacher/student relationship. I also loved that this book is not like most teacher/student relationship that we read about and see in TV shows. In When Summer Ends the two main characters actually got to know each other and dated for almost two months before they discovered that h [...]

    • I just love a good student/teacher book! I’ve seen it done tastefully and not so much. There are so many factors that can “make” or “break” a book written about a taboo topic. It’s all up to the reader on how they perceive the story. Before I started this book I read some reviews- positive and negative. I knew I would either love it or hate it…I am happy to say that I loved this book!!Chloe is a strong and multi dimensional character. Smart, funny, quirky, beautiful and feisty. I r [...]

    • Going through this YA/NA phase at the moment so I've come across a lot of shit books but this one is up there with the worst of them. I couldn't even finish it. I mean how can you date a guy for 2-3 weeks, spend every day with him but never broach the subject of school and work. So she says "I go to school" and he assumes she means college. Ok, believable. But are you telling me he never bothered to ask her what she was studying at college? And he lands a brand new job as a teacher but it doesn' [...]

    • "He's sick, this whole situation is sick and illegal." EXACTLY!Whew! Finally, I am so done with this novel. I am torn between hating it and loving it - but I guess, it's more of the former. Almost 2/3 of the novel had me:I didn't like Chloe. I absolutely hated her as the story progresses. I guess she tried to shift her feelings and see other people - but she still failed and opted to follow her feelings even though its not right. I'm not saying that love should be logical all the time - but geez [...]

    • When you suddenly discover that the guy you're falling in love with, is actually your teacher, what would you do? I give this book 4.5 stars. I really liked the story. Who isn't attracted to forbidden love? With a hot hot hot intelligent twenty year old none the less! LOVE WILL! Who doesn't? He's the most romantic guy ever! Chloe was sometimes a hand full. I mean, yeah, we got the guy is sweet, you don't have to say it ALL THE TIME, daydreaming all day with him. Can be a little suffocating. I me [...]

    • I loved this book. But I spent at least 38 out of 41 chapters extremely stressed out about Chloe and Will's taboo relationship. The stress of whether or not they would get caught was killing me. I certainly was rooting for them. Chloe and Will made the perfect couple. They just really complimented each other. Will is a total romantic. All men should take note from him. ;) In the end, Will and Chloe got their happily ever after. And I couldn't be happier about how their story ended.

    • Chloe HendersonWill MorrisYep!And that's how they met.But when she finds out who he really is"Name?"-"Chloe Henderson. And um, I don't have a question.""Okay, well I have one for you, Miss Henderson. Do you like to lie?"U-oh! Detention!Meaning I really loved this! Like really, really. It reminded me of Gabriel's Inferno (which is one of my favorites). Sooo, 4 stars from me!

    • This was such a good read.17-year-old girl sneaks into a club, meets a hot guy. They spend the summer togetheren she returns for her final year of high school and discovers she has a new maths teacher. Oops.This story had everything I love in a book -The illicit thrill of the affair, but not in a creepy, tawdry way, amazing chemistry and sweet, belly tingling romantic scenes. There's some angst and drama, but it's balanced nicely with humorous banter and some memorable characters.Yes so you have [...]

    • I might say that this is the first book that I patiently read because i normally read books that has only hundred pages but this has a thousand pages(in iPhone) and has 41 chapters plus the epilogue. It keeps every chapter more and more interesting and makes the readers eager to know the next happenings. But there are things that I didn't much like about the story because it became a teacher-student relationship which we know is very wrong and illegal. And there are happenings between Chloe and [...]

    • Spoilers (Chiquitos)LLLLLLindo. Levanten las manos las fanáticas de las historias de amor. \o/El libro tiene relleno, pero no es nada extremo.Te lo pintan como 'Amor Prohibido' pero lo primero que pienso cuando escucho eso es en Forbidden y este libro no se le parece. Porque deja de ser prohibido en el momento en que ella termina la escuela.Éste es de esos libros que querés que tengan una secuela que sea sobre los personajes secundarios. Por ejemplo Sam, el hermano de Will, sería muy lindo u [...]

    • Definitely a must read.Really loved the writing style, the story.People compare it to 'Slammed' by Colleen Hoover, but i must say, althought the situation is the same, this story is so good on it's own, i don't want to compare.I loved Will, so romantic, pfff, if i could have a dream guy, it would be him .-)Read it,you'll be engrossed.

    • I can't believe that i really liked this, despite all the drama and the sort of insta-love part but honestly i was so hooked up with it

    • 3.5 Stars[Summary]It’s the summer before Chloe’s last year in High School. Chloe sneaks into a 21 years old and up bar and meets Will, the bartender. They hit it off immediately and form a relationship. However, everything comes crashing to a stop on Chloe’s first day at school, when she sees Will and he’s not a student.[Review]I wish I didn’t know Will was a teacher, but I wouldn’t have picked up When Summer Ends if I didn’t, so I’ll rephrase, I wish we found out Will was a teac [...]

    • I actually really enjoyed this! Ever since reading Slammed, I have enjoyed reading teacher-student affair novels (not that any book will ever top Slammed!). Although there were some disturbing similarities between When Summer Ends and Slammed, I still loved the story line in When Summer Ends. Apart from the similarities, it was an alright book. The writing definitely needed some work but, it was a pretty reasonable novel. When Summer Ends was actually a pretty big eBook. Glad I read this!When Ch [...]

    • 2.5 Stars I love teacher/student books. I don't know why I love the whole forbidden love thing, but I do. With that said, I've read quite a few of them, one being Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Now, I HATE comparing books, and I never have before but there were too many similarities to Slammed in When Summer Ends. I am not saying that the situations were the same, I am saying certain details were the same. Same "have to stay away from each other and basically ignoring each other", same possessivenes [...]

    • No me dejó un buen sabor.El libro empieza bastante bien y con la siempre incógnita de (view spoiler)[como él durmió con ella todo el verano y ni por enterado que era menor de edad (Claro, tenían tiempo para darse al lote pero no para tener una charla adecuada sobre sus vidas) (hide spoiler)] Pero en alguna parte el libro se vuelve tedioso y cursi, en alguna parte eso de "Preciosa" se vuelve molesto. Chloe es bastante una chica de su edad y no es virgen(¿se lo creen? una prota que no es vir [...]

    • ok, first of all i fucking love this book. i say fuck all the mix reviews and buy this book. honestly one of the good books i have read this year. i could hardly put it down. i read it in less then two days, could have been one but i had to work which sucked because this book is god damn addicting. for some reason i been on a kick to read student/teacher affairs and this book was amazing through out everything. this book made me want to read more. and god. will morris, can i just have a teacher [...]

    • Originalmente lo leí hace como año y medio, y tenia ganas de leerlo y ver si me seguía gustando tanto como antes.Hay libros para todo momento: para una lectura profunda, sufrir y llorar; para reír y pasar un buen rato sobre todo después de una resaca literaria; para algo más subido de tono y adulto; y este tipo de libros: dulces, tiernos, simples. When summer ends no es la historia perfecta, pero es un libro perfecto cuando quieres leer una linda historia de amor, es no muy cursi ni empala [...]

    • After getting over the initial annoyance of Chloe's immature way of speaking, I fell in love with this book! It was just so adorable and cute and funny! 23/01/15One of my friends just finished this book and we were discussing it and I realised this really wasn't that great of a book. Chloe was really annoying and immature. It was really irritating. Will was alright, but got annoying as well. I don't think they handled the whole teacher-student relationship very well

    • So this bookWell, I like doing this weird kind of reviews where nobody reads but here I’ll go again trying to throw some shade to some YA Contemporary book so prepare yourself (or not). Let me spoil you something: this book is full of clichés so I advice you to not read it if you can’t stand it. Just saying (: Okay, the thing with the book is that the things happen way too quickly –ie: she already knows him in page 2 because she was staring at his butt…-. It also doesn’t stop too much [...]

    • This book was written in a way I can only describe as 'Fifty Shades of Grey-esque' with less sex.I imagine a book that fans of the Fifty Shades series would enjoy, myself not being one of them. The whole point of this story for me is not believable in the slightest and in fact wrong. None of the story adds up or is in the least bit believable. This will probably be a spoiler. The way Chloe and Will's relationship progresses is confusing and unrealistic. In reality, they both have been dating for [...]

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