Sweat When Jake Patrick took a summer internship at his estranged father s corporation he anticipated some much needed extra cash and a couple of free meals from his guilty dad He would never have guessed

  • Title: Sweat
  • Author: Mark Gilleo
  • ISBN: 9781611880519
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Jake Patrick took a summer internship at his estranged father s corporation, he anticipated some much needed extra cash and a couple of free meals from his guilty dad He would never have guessed that he d find himself in the center of an international scandal involving a U.S senator, conspiracy, backroom politics, and murder Or that his own life would hang in the bWhen Jake Patrick took a summer internship at his estranged father s corporation, he anticipated some much needed extra cash and a couple of free meals from his guilty dad He would never have guessed that he d find himself in the center of an international scandal involving a U.S senator, conspiracy, backroom politics, and murder Or that his own life would hang in the balance Or that he d find help and much than that from a collection of memorable characters operating on all sides of the law Jake s summer has turned into the most eventful one of his life Now he just needs to survive it.From the sweatshops of Saipan to the most powerful offices in Washington, SWEAT rockets through a story of crime and consequences with lightning pacing, a twisting plot, an unforgettable cast of characters, and wry humor It is another nonstop thriller from one of the most exciting new voices in suspense fiction.

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      Mark Gilleo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sweat book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Gilleo author readers around the world.

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    • Jake Patrick is a relatively naive young man as he still sees things in black and white, good or bad. After the death of his mother, Jake contacts his estranged father and requests a job for the summer. His plan is to learn a bit more about his father's import/export business, save some money, and go back to graduate school. Unfortunately for Jake, this summer is going to be hot in ways more than just the temperature.Jake's father, Peter Winthrop, is considered the proverbial "middleman" in the [...]

    • This was a good read, easy to follow the plot. It dragged in some spots. This is not what I could a political thriller by any means, but good for the treadmill read :)

    • Review source: The Story Plant, Stamford, CTA political thriller that explores the dirty side of politics and business when it comes to sweatshops.My TakeNice set-up. Pretty long set-up, too. There wasn't a depth of tension or drama in this. Mostly, I read on to discover what would happen next. How would Jake solve this? Who gets caught?Gilleo set up a number of subplots within that kept things interesting with some unexpected twists along the way. On the whole, I liked his characters. Yeah, eve [...]

    • Thanks to Partners in Crime Tours, I've just read this new novel by Mark Gilleo and I'm glad to be able to bring it to your attention. This is a novel with an agenda but it's one that most of us will agree with, and regardless, the plot will have you on the edge of your seat. The characters are so well drawn that they all seem quite real.The main character is Jake Patrick. He'll be on my mind for a long time. His father had left he and his mother years earlier. Now Jake has dropped out of grad s [...]

    • Book Info: Genre: Political ThrillerReading Level: AdultRecommended for: fans of political thrillers, fast-paced storiesTrigger Warnings: sweatshop, essentially human slavery, murder, attempted murderMy Thoughts: This book is a real thrill ride, non-stop action from start to finish. While there is no real mystery to it, following what happens is entertaining and fun. Issues dealt with include political corruption, family issues, sweatshops and international labor relations, and the conditions un [...]

    • With its heady mix of corporate wrongdoings, political scandals, family betrayals, blackmail, and murder, Sweat is a slow-burning thriller that relies largely on the strength of its characters to propel the story along. The plot itself is straightforward and familiar, borrowing from a number of standard scenarios, but the strong thread of morality and justice running through it all keeps the reader engaged beyond the page.Jake is a responsible and upstanding young man, the kind of dutiful son wh [...]

    • predictable political thriller. Lots of deus ex machina. All sorted by the end. Well written tho formulaic. Slimy Senator, of course. Knight in shining armor son of unscrupulous big investor unscrupulous dad, of course. Genuine lovely aspiring doctor daughter of Italian construction dad with unscrupulous methods for protecting daughter, of course. Evil Chinese sweatshop owner with unscrupulous methods for trapping can-be-bot-with-sex slimy Senator, of course. Homeless ex agent of some agency who [...]

    • Sweat by Mark GilleoPublished by: The Story PlantPublication Date: August 28, 2012ISBN-10: 1611880513ISBN-13: 978-1611880519Pages: 366Review Copy from: The Story PlantEdition: ARC KindleMy Rating: 5Synopsis:When Jake Patrick took a summer internship at his estranged father’s corporation, he anticipated some much-needed extra cash and a couple of free meals from his guilty dad. He would have never guessed that he’d find himself in the center of an international scandal involving a U.S. senato [...]

    • From the sweatshops of Saipan to the powerful offices of Washington DC, author Mark Gilleo weaves an intriguing international political thriller of corruption, greed, and the injustice and dismal working conditions in overseas sweatshops.After Jake Patrick lost his mother to cancer, he reluctantly takes an internship at his estranged father's import/export company, Winthrop Enterprises, in order to try to get his life back on track. But his new position in the company is anything but cushy it w [...]

    • Jake Patrick has recently lost his mother to cancer. He takes up an internship at his father’s office expecting some easy cash. But awaits him is an adventure of a life time. A coded message makes its way into Jake’s hand that gets him sucked right smack into the middle of an international scandal that threatens his life. I had the opportunity to read the author’s debut novel ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ while it was touring with PICT sometime back. It turned out to be a gripping thriller that [...]

    • I love a good thriller and Mark Gilleo, an author previously unknown to me, delivered with Sweat. The title may not sound like your typical run of the mill thriller but dig your heels in and dive headfirst into this book, that will have you rapidly turning page after page, and you will understand where the title derived from and why it is ultimately so appropriate. Jake is a very sympathetic hero and I liked him very much. The rawness of his mother's death from cancer, happening just prior to th [...]

    • Sweat by Mark Gilleo is a suspenseful story that takes place in Washington D.C and U.S. Territory Saipan. Jake Patrick is a young man who had to quit school to take care of his mother while she suffered from cancer. She dies and Jake finds himself wondering what to do with his life. It does not take him long to find out. He meets his father after not having him in his life for most of his childhood. Jake is offered an internship for the summer in his father's successful company.In a sweatshop in [...]

    • After taking care of his mother through her cancer battle which she lost Jake Patrick is trying to get his life back on track. He decides to take on a summer internship at his estranged father's company. It will give a chance to earn some cash before he heads back to college and he may get to know the man who gave him life.What he never imagined was finding himself in the center of an international scandal involving a U.S. senator, conspiracy, backroom politics, and murder. Or that his own life [...]

    • The plot of this thriller brings the reader face to face with what life must be like working in a sweat shop and more importantly how life must be like for those that do find themselves gainly employed or should I say gainly imprisoned in a sweat job ? While this book is fictional it does bring to light how greed and politics can corrupt and destroy lives of innocent people and this allowed me to feel a multitude of emotions while turning the pages of this international thriller. The plot moves [...]

    • Senator Day and Peter Winthrop are on a trip to Saipan, meeting Lee Chang, the owner of a factory. They will make a movie about the fine working conditions and fine quality product being produced. Simple story, right? Wrong! That will be the most placid scene the reader will experience because the remainder of the book immediately turns into a frenetic paced race to upend the "bad guys," as it used to be called. For the Senator and Peter have a bit of feminine entertainment after their business [...]

    • I have to say right off that I really enjoyed this book. I would say it's different than the books that I normally read, but that isn't quite the truth anymore! My taste in books is getting much more broad these days and I am enjoying that quite a lot.I hate giving star reviews these days but they require them on most sites so I gave this one a 4 star rating, but really I have to say it's a solid 4.5 stars and I only took that 1/2 off because I was still questioning some things when I reached th [...]

    • This book is copyrighted in 2012. I do believe that this is how Congress thinks and feels today, a quote from the book: "Self before voters before country has long been the unofficial motto of the one hundred elected officials in the Senate and their four hundred thirty-five counterparts in the House. There was no sense in being an elected official if you couldn't give yourself a fighting chance at continuing life as one. And the only way to remain in office was to cater to your constituents. Or [...]

    • Sweat is a multi-plotted tale which covers the globe from Washington DC to Saipan, and contrasts the lives of the rich and privileged to those of the suppressed sweat shop workers. It builds complicated characters, some of whom I found to the very end of the book were difficult to work out and understand. They were believable, and incredibly well described, giving me the reader some very clear images of their motive and personality. They were also not short in number, however each one had a role [...]

    • Jake Patrick spent a long time caring for his terminally ill mother. His father, Peter Winthrop, was never in the picture until Jake’s mother dies. Father and son re-connect. Reluctantly, Jake agrees to spend the summer working at his father’s firm, but it turns out to be the most dangerous decision of his life.Jake is embroiled in a plot filled with scandal, conspiracy and even murder. He finds his own life hanging in the balance as he races to save the life of a young pregnant woman on the [...]

    • This is the second book by Mark Gilleo and the complaints I had about his first book, Love Thy Neighbor, had me leery but I really enjoyed it! It was a fast read, interesting and suspense-filled. Jake Patrick’s mom just died and his globe-trotting dad, Peter Winthrop, pops back into the picture. Jake isn’t above using his slightly guilty dad into giving him a summer job so he can pay off the bills and get ready to head back to grad school after a hiatus to take care of his sickly mom. While [...]

    • I like suspense and this fit the bill. There was always something going on, it all fit together well and I was buying it. A few times it got a bit more detailed about how the Senate works than I needed as a Canadian, I wasn't that interested, to be honest. I just wanted to get back to the story so skimmed over it.I enjoyed the writing style it kept me interested. Occasionally the language got a bit "mature" but I was okay with that. It's an intriguing story. We hear about sweatshops but I've n [...]

    • I really ended up enjoying this book as soon as everything started to click. In the beginning, you’re flipping back and forth between the different locations and people. Once you get enough of the details, it all clicked and took off for me. Definitely a page turner. I did enjoy the main character Jake Patrick. There are a lot of things I want to say about him, but realize it will give the story away. He was an all around good guy for the things dealt him in every situation. My favorite charac [...]

    • 2.5I'm not really sure what to say about Sweat. It really isn't the type of book I would normally read, but during a particularly click-happy netgalley surfing session, I somehow requested this book and got approved. Although once I started reading it, I actually ended up getting fairly sucked in. It's been a couple of weeks since I read this--I actually completely forgot about it--so I can't remember all the details. It's a political thriller that boils down to a girl who is pregnant with a sen [...]

    • An amazing story of corruption, politics, business, and courage. This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Jake Patrick took a summer job with his father after his mother passed away to earn some money to cover the lingering debt from her medical bills. While Jake knew his father was a clever business man, he never expected quite the degree that his father's desire to make money would cost others. Thrown into the mix of political scandal, murder, and corruption, Jake has to make a decision to walk [...]

    • There were a lot of errors in this book (DC has a height-limit, so there aren't any 14-story office buildings; McPherson Square's escalator has about 15 steps); the language was very awkward (few contractions used among characters whose first language is English); and there were far too many characters to have to keep straight. Additionally, the opening scene from the preface isn't discussed again until more than 100 pages later. By that time, two or three other storylines had been introduced, a [...]

    • I'm not rating this yet because honestly I started it twice nowI just can't get into it. I WANT to, but it's not my normal type of book to read and I'm sort of struggling. I have to say that there is nothing wrong with the writing. I can't find one fault that is blaring or that I can't get past. Of course, I'm not too far into the story and I even like Jake. For some reason, I'm just having a big problem getting further along. I will finish it and I will rate it and give a proper review.I feel t [...]

    • Not a particularly appealing title and yet, due to the subject matter, entirely appropriate. Mix sweatshops on American soil, American exporters, Senators (we all know Congress is broken) plus the Mountain of Shanghai, an exporter’s son, a homeless ex-CIA operative plus various and sundry other characters in a close-to-the-headlines story and you’ve got great fun. You feel like you’re racing to the end of the story with the characters. Close to not-able-to-put- it-down territory. Very read [...]

    • Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsA political thriller that takes the reader out of the US into a territory where sweatshops are a normal occurrence and women are a commodity to fill the empty seats in the factories. At the beginning of this book there are some plot lines that are running perpendicular and then all of the sudden they merge to make this full story that was fantastic.

    • Please sweat the small stuff, October 10, 2012This review is from: Sweat (Paperback) A thriller with an inside look of political lobbying gone amuck. This entertaining storyline has its twists and turns, making you feel indignant one moment then cheering the next. Definitely worth the emotional roller coaster to get to the end. Highly recommended, I can foresee this one transitioning to the big screen.

    • Living in suburban Washington DC this thriller kept me on the edge of my seat. Jake Patrick who is estranged from his influential father is involved with a potential political scandal that travels from Saipan to the Senate. This book delves into sweatshop labor and international intrigue and although it is not my normal genre to read I was totally engrossed by the story and the various characters.

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