Hyde Hanna is a victim Of what she doesn t know Waking in the trunk of a moving car in tattered clothes she can only assume the worst Taken to her father s Tudor Mansion she learns of his treachery and of

  • Title: Hyde
  • Author: T.L. Brown
  • ISBN: 9780987941046
  • Page: 169
  • Format: ebook
  • Hanna is a victim Of what she doesn t know Waking in the trunk of a moving car in tattered clothes, she can only assume the worst Taken to her father s Tudor Mansion she learns of his treachery and of the monster he holds captive inside of himself Discovering who her parents really were means finding answers about herself, answers she never imagined possible Hiding inHanna is a victim Of what she doesn t know Waking in the trunk of a moving car in tattered clothes, she can only assume the worst Taken to her father s Tudor Mansion she learns of his treachery and of the monster he holds captive inside of himself Discovering who her parents really were means finding answers about herself, answers she never imagined possible Hiding in the shadows of her father s past, she meets the man who can save her body but the cost is her soul and lives are lost.In a dark and seedy blood bar known for blood drugging humans, Aleksander finds a weak and dying Giselle, who has word of Alise Even his bruised and battered heart is taken by Giselle s sweet and simple nature, as he fights to save her Will he give up his life to save them all The Roses again find themselves in a battle against their own kind.

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      169 T.L. Brown
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      T.L. Brown Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hyde book, this is one of the most wanted T.L. Brown author readers around the world.

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    • Review for the series in total - rather than just this book. What a crazy mess of nonsense/madness/heartbreak/heart wrenching/drama/murder/action/adventure/awesomeness.

    • I'm totally falling for these books. I've read a book a day. The romance isn't overwhelming (even with what could be an expected triangle in each one).

    • I cant get enough of this series the way they are written is different from the other books I have read which makes me love them even more!!

    • In this book we meet Hanna, it took me awhile to fall in love with her while I fell in love with Ari and Aimee immediately in the other books. Marcus though man oh man I fell in love with that cocky lil' shit right off. "he laughed looking at her, "Eternity is a long time love, I have several doctorate." (I bet he does) Oh Marcus you really do make my heart flutter. "You're my favorite monster Hanna. Of all the monsters in all the world you're my favorite. You're feisty and spicy but deep down i [...]

    • OK.Hyde has become my favorite Tara Brown book so far! What an awesome way to add Jekyll and Hyde to the mix. And we cant forget the OG vampire himself.You still get to see Aimee, Shane, Ari, and Aleks. But you are introduced to Hanna, our main chick. She's confused as to what is happening to her and who to trust. Then there's Marcus, the OG vampire who has this vibe he puts out there that makes you go weak in the knees.From the start, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Hanna as she can't rememb [...]

    • Hanna Holland has lived her whole life as a normal girl , that is until she was found covered in her friends blood , her friend dead and no recollection of what had happened. All is odd but then Hanna is taken to a Tudor looking estate which happens to be her fathers and she discovers that she is in fact Hanna Hyde - daughter of the infamous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and that her mother was a Siren. Just as Hanna has more questions of her past and who she is , her father dies leaving Hanna stuck in [...]

    • Oh my! What a book! Hanna's father has just had his soul sucked from him by a death dealer (Aimee) leaving Hanna to uncover secrets from centuries ago. She meets Marcus, a friend of her fathers who is also THE vampire Dracula and may I say mega hot, I would happily stay with him forever ;) Hanna begins to discover who and what she is and in step the Roses to help her. I felt sooo sorry for Aleks in this book, that poor, hot, sexy guy just can't catch a break. Bad luck just seems to follow him ev [...]

    • Excellent third book. Liked it the best so far. Cried my fool head off. Absolutely devastated but at the same time I recall being disappointed in the Twilight Series that no ones dies. It just wasn't realistic. The author has done something new with Paranormal Romance, which I thought was impossible. Dark and Gothic and yet funny.

    • The plot gets more complex and interesting. The commas are better but still a bit much. Please learn the difference between lie and lay; breath and breathe; your and you're. It jolts readers who actually know English.

    • This is the best book in the series, thus far. It broke my heart and had me panting and then laughing. The book is passionate and funny.

    • Book 3 in an awesome series, takes the whole Jekyll and Hyde Hyde thing to new heights and pushes series into even higher drama and action.

    • Loving the new characters. You can't help but love everyone. Still hoping for more answers about Aimee! On to book 4!

    • What the hell kind of ending was that?!?!? I loved Aleksander. I do not like Hanna at all, the whole book was hard to read. This book was not good. I never liked Alise and then we lose Aleksander and Ben trying to save her?!?!? Ugh!!!! Not sure if I can finish this series.

    • I was very impressed with the imagination behind this book. The author is very creative. I read these just to find out what she comes up with next.

    • Hyde (The Devil's Roses #3)by Tara Brown Check out my other reviews atmommyslatenightbookupStefanie's Review:3.5-4 Stars"You're my favorite monster Hanna. Of all the monsters in all world you're my favorite. You're feisty and spicy but deep down in a place you don't let anyone see, you're sweet too."Let me start off with saying how much I loved Hanna. And, I loved all the characters in this story. There was some stuff that I didn't like. But, I'll get to that later.The story begins with 18yr old [...]

    • Excellent story! I highly recommend it. This review was written to express my feelings about what happened in the book for people who read the book. Do not read this review until after you’ve read the book.For most of the book I was very confused as to what was going on, which looking back, was brilliant because Hanna was confused as well; you really felt what the character was going through. In the end, most things are explained. It leaves you wondering about Henry—what is he? He’s going [...]

    • Hyde was hands down my favorite book of the series so far! If I could have given it more than 5 stars I would have! Waking up in a trunk covered in blood, wounds and torn clothing Hanna fears the worst until she learns she did it to herself, which oddly enough makes it even worse than her fears. Her memories come back quickly and remembers the death of her best friend and fear it may have been at her own hands. Distraught over the loss and the struggle of not knowing what happened to her puts he [...]

    • In this book we meet Hanna, we don't know what she is or where she came from. If you remember the ending to "Bane" Aimee went to a house and put an old man out of his misery, in the first few pages of this book, you find out that that gentleman was in fact Hanna's father.In the beginning of this book, she wakes one day to be locked inside the boot of a car, once she speaks to Roland (Her fathers Butler, so to say,) she manages to learn what's happened, she appeared with her clothes torn and sign [...]

    • Aaaaand here we go again. In Hyde, the 3rd book in the Devil's Roses series, Tara Brown takes a character that you won't be able to resist and throws her through a story line that twirls and rocks like a hurricane. You'll feel her emotions, but wait, there's more: you still have Aimee and Ari from the first two books, along with their friends (and sometimes enemies) and all of their enviable and terrifying skills and gifts. In this story, an older, classic story is revisited; I don't want to giv [...]

    • Again, I cannot say enough good things about this series. I laughed, I cried, and well, you have to read the book to understand the rest. The third book was on par with the second, but brought with it a little more spice. The story is told from the POV of Aleks and Hanna.Waking up in a trunk, sore, and barely clothed was the least of Hanna’s problems. Memories of a dead girl, the death of her father, then the discovery of treachery by those who raised her, plagued her. She needed answers. Read [...]

    • Ummm… I am glad that this book is over. I didn’t like it as much as the two before it. I actually started reading the fourth book Witch before I read this because I got mixed up with the order. It upset me that I found things out before starting this book. This one was about Hannah the half Siren half werewolf. She learns who she is after the death of her father. She goes to Lydia’s house, as every other supernatural, and learns about what she is exactly. Since she is half Siren, all the g [...]

    • In this book we meet Hanna. Hanna wakes up in a truck dirty and her clothers are torn all over the place. She has no idea what happened to her or how she got inside a trunk of a car. She reads all her dad's journals and everything that happened to her becomes clear. She turns into a monster and has no memory of what happens. She has a couple different guys in her life and she likes them all but she doesn't understand why they all like her. She went from being the girl next door type to some hot [...]

    • Book 3, Hyde, was my favourite of The Devil's Roses series so far. I found Hanna a far more intriguing heroine than either Aimee or Ari and perhaps her emotional vulnerability made her easier to connect with.As the title suggests Hyde is a modern retelling of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with Hanna transforming into the monster. However, this is not the extent of Hanna's supernatural 'powers' and it is necessary for her to become part of the Roses to understand herself. I love the way in which Tara Br [...]

    • In the third book of the Devil's Roses series you are introduced to Hannah first. Hannah lives with her aunt and uncle, leading a seemingly normal life. That is until she wakes up in the trunk of a car one night.Upon emerging from the trunk she learns that she has been taken to her father's house for safe keeping. Something about Hannah has changed and she is now a danger. At this point she also comes in contact with Aimee, but at this point it is not anything pleasant.Hannah like so many others [...]

    • I read this book quite a while ago now, so just excuse me if I make any errors or get confused haha. Lately, I haven't been reading, I've had quite a busy month. I wasn't sure about this book. It was a good book, but I've felt since the first one the rest are slowly becoming not as good. I'll be honest, I haven't liked Ari or Hyde as much as I did, Aimee. And I found the whole 'beast' thing a little bit weird, but definitely different. The thing that annoyed me soooo much Spoiler was that all th [...]

    • Synopsis:Hanna doesn't know what's happening to her.She doesn't know why her father has just sacrificed his life for hers.She doesn't know who Aimee James is, or why she must fear her.She doesn't know what the Roses are or why they're interested in her.She knows there is a dusty stack of journals that drag her into a world she can't comprehend.She knows there is something more to the world she has been forced into.She knows no matter how hard she fights it, her attraction to Marcus is overwhelmi [...]

    • So a siren and Dr. Jekyll have a child and man is she trouble. As everyone starts navigating the land mine of relationships a siren gets into the mix and turns everything upside down. I loved it and it added to the mystery already involved with the existing characters. Sam is the new kid that was rescued from a government facility from the last book now he finds his mate who is already involved with a vampire. Also Aimee is dealing with her best froiend that turned into an evil scientist who has [...]

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