Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct Private detective Duncan Andrews has the home team advantage when it comes to solving paranormal crimes His best friend Gina is a centuries old witch His dog is a zombie And his boyfriend Robbie i

  • Title: Animal Instinct
  • Author: Stephen Osborne
  • ISBN: 9781613725245
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Private detective Duncan Andrews has the home team advantage when it comes to solving paranormal crimes His best friend, Gina, is a centuries old witch His dog is a zombie And his boyfriend, Robbie, is a ghost.Duncan certainly has his work cut out for him with this case Someone s been using the skull of a powerful wizard to control animals, and whoever it is, they re nPrivate detective Duncan Andrews has the home team advantage when it comes to solving paranormal crimes His best friend, Gina, is a centuries old witch His dog is a zombie And his boyfriend, Robbie, is a ghost.Duncan certainly has his work cut out for him with this case Someone s been using the skull of a powerful wizard to control animals, and whoever it is, they re not out to set up a petting zoo For Gina, the case hits close to home she knows just how dangerous it is, since the wizard was her father.Just when he thinks they re close to breaking the case, tragedy strikes, leaving Gina in a coma Then, after years as a ghost, Robbie finally decides to move on, leaving Duncan to protect young Ashton Marsh, the victim of several strange animal attacks Suddenly Duncan is working without his supernatural safety net Without his friends, can Duncan defeat the power of Eleazar s skull and keep Ashton alive Or will the struggle for his life end in broken bodies as well as broken hearts

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    • The second book in the Duncan and Robbie saga just gets better.This story had everything the first book had and more. We get to catch up with Daisy and learn a little more about Gina, but mostly we get to go on another case with Duncan and his ghostly sidekick. This time the case holds more mystery and intrigue, but Duncan and Robbie again kept me laughing, apart from the times they had me choking up. I admit to being worried in places, expecting the expected, but I worried needlessly. This book [...]

    • Meet Duncan Andrews - Private Eye. Not your usual P.I. though, he doesn't handle missing person cases, cheating spouses cases, or missing jewelry cases. Nope, Duncan Andrews deals with supernatural cases. You get your daughter being tired and called her dead boyfriend (careful, he might be a vampire!), you call Duncan Andrews. Along with his has-been-dead-for-10-years ghost boyfriend, a witch best friend, and a zombie dog, Duncan will sure help you (you don't need to know about the ghost, witch, [...]

    • In the sequel to Pale as a Ghost, we are back with Private Detective Duncan Andrews and his cast of unusual companions, from his zombie dog, his ghost boyfriend, and his witch best friend. Duncan isn’t just your usual detective, though, because he’s always out solving the random Twilight wannabe vampire running amuck or in this instance, a stolen skull from a powerful wizard being used to harm and even kill others. This case strikes personal for Duncan and his best friend Gina, as it is her [...]

    • Animal InstinctI'm trying to be less nit picky and more helpful in my reviews. But that means I actually have to write them rather than posting my notes. Fortunately, I barely thought of notes as I read this. It was that good. None of the issues I had with the previous book came up. It was a joy to read. There were interesting characters, a good plot, interesting magic experiences, action, drama, romance and live, and some great humor. There was even a happy little surprise at the end. I look fo [...]

    • I think I enjoyed this story even more than the first in the series. It brought back all the characters I loved from the previous book and introduced some more unique individuals. The relationship between Duncan and Robbie becomes even more bittersweet as it swings between funny and sad throughout the course of the book. The mystery part of the story was very engaging and the whole story had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I am looking forward to more books in this series.

    • Very good m/m paranormal romantic suspense in which Duncan has to figure out who's using the power from a dead wizard's skull to control animals and kill people.

    • This series rocks! It's funny, creative, dangerous, sweet, and heartbreaking. This is definitely not a standalone book. I love Duncan, his ghost boyfriend, Robbie, Daisy, the zombie bulldog, and Gina, the witch. In this second book we also see more of Nick, Duncan's almost hook-up from he first book.The dialogue in here is crisp and witty. I love the pop culture references the author throws in; and I love that I get them! There are horrifically funny leather attack by animals. Yes, someone died [...]

    • Just love these stories by Stephen Osborne. The humour in them has me often laughing out loud. I love Daisy the squirrel muncher.In this episode, Duncan is lucky to be alive at the end. Someone is able to enthrall animals to do their bidding. The mystery isn't really a mystery - whodunnit is easy - it's getting the skull back and stopping the evil that's difficult.Thoroughly enjoying this series.5 stars

    • Title: Animal InstinctAuthor: Stephen OsborneSeries: Duncan Andrews Thrillers Book 2Publisher: Dreamspinner PressReviewer: MollienRelease Date: May 27, 2012Genre(s): Gay Male Romance, ParanormalPage Count: 200 pagesHeat Level:2 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:Sequel to Pale as a Ghost A Duncan Andrews Thriller Private detective Duncan Andrews has the home-team advantage when it comes to solving paranormal crimes: His best friend, Gina, is a centuries-old witch. His dog is a zombie. A [...]

    • Originally read: 7-10-12 thru 7-12-12"You're always a little sad leaving the Magic Kingdom, but you're just glad you had the experience."I'm so digging this series, and that quote from the book actually sums it up nicely. I want it to go on but when it ends I'm both satisfied, but can't wait for the next one. Unfortunately, I just read the book that came out like two months ago so. I wish like the Harry Dresdan Series I hadn't discovered this series until there were a ton of books to just devour [...]

    • How can you not like a quirky book where the main characters are a PI who deals in paranormal crimes, his ghost boyfriend and their zombie bulldog. It has so many things to keep your attention, beginning with the fast pace and Duncan's snappy one-liners. Those had me chucklinge author has a humorous way of writing that really moves the plot along and makes the book fun and entertaining.Duncan is dealing with a couple of problems in this book. The first is the mystery--the case he's trying to sol [...]

    • This book was such a good addition to this series! I love how snarky Duncan is in this book. So in this book you get more of the characters from the first book plus meet new characters too. There are animals attacking people in this book plus a very jealous dead wife who likes to cause trouble and tries to Possess people. I have to say I love the humor the author puts in this story and how he mixes the action, plus the serious parts in perfectly so once I start reading it just grabs me so much t [...]

    • I've been meaning to read this book off and on for the last year. I enjoyed the first one and was curious how the whole ghost-boyfriend thing was going to work out. Plus the author seems to be able to mix humor and mytery in a way i find very entertaining. Sequels can be a bit of a gamble though, so i have kinda put it off, hoping to get around to it (or be forced to read it) at some point.So the verdict? Pretty good. It does a great job of continuing the story between Duncan and his merry band [...]

    • 4.5 stars.A worthy sequel and continuation of a promising series. The plotting was tighter and the premise more interesting than the first book.The man/ghost romance which was so poignantly intriguing in Pale as a Ghost enjoys the spotlight in this one. The boys can no longer avoid the question of whether they are holding each other back by continuing to cling to a relationship, and their struggles to deal with it form the focus and heart of the story. Supporting cast members Nick and Gina are m [...]

    • Really interesting case, great characters, sweet romance between Duncan and his ghost boyfriend Robbie. It was nice to see Nick, Lt. Carson, and young Ash becoming permanent members of this circle of friendship. Some tearful moments with conflicted Robbieall I go or shall I stay needed a couple of Kleenex. I'd like to see more world building in the series, but overall it's well written and edited, and very entertaining. On to #3, The Scarlet Tide. Recommended to fans of mystery/paranormal storie [...]

    • Having just reread Pale as a Ghost I felt the need to read this sequel, (and another one that has just been released, a bounty of riches!). This did not disappoint - more tears and laughter. I love the characters, particularly Robbie, oh Robbie, you hurt my heart! Off to read book three!

    • I'm making it short and this counts for all three books of this series: Read them. They have a plot, great and funny characters and funny and good dialogues. They are unique and the writing is good. I've devoured all three in a few days. There isn't much not to like. I'm hoping there will be more Duncan Andrews thriller in our future.

    • Un tome très réussi qui tient en haleine du début à la fin. Retrouver Duncan et Robbie, Daisy, Nick et Gina dans une nouvelle aventure toujours aussi déjantée a été un vrai plaisir. Stephen Osborne sait doser son intrigue et vous tient en haleine jusqu'à la fin. Malgré les événements ( très sanglants) qui surviennent, il y a toujours cet humour qui réussit à faire passer le meurtre le plus horrible et que dire des personnages secondaires. Ils sont totalement loufoques et semblent [...]

    • I think I liked this one more than the first, even though I found the "mystery" part to be less satisfying. I'm getting used to the characters, and beginning to care for them more.

    • I am kind of mad at Gina for sleeping through the whole ordeal. Her father. Her troubles. Yet it's Dunc who ends up in all kinds of trouble.Still, great fun :)

    • 4 StarsFull Review:*I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*This book had all the same good things the first one had—likeable characters, a solid plot, unique relationship struggles, writing that flowed well, snarky humor—but I actually liked it even more than the first.For one thing, I found this one to be funnier because, in addition to Duncan’s snarky/sarcastic thoughts and remarks, there was that specific type of humor in which ridiculo [...]

    • So I don’t know if it’s too early for me to be saying this since this is just book 2 in a 5 book series I believe but I’m going to say it anway…I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!I had such a good time reading this book. It is just such a steady consistently good ride without being boring or predictable (which I have found is very hard to find). Duncan is slowly moving up my scale of favorite characters he is just so dry and sarcastic while genuinely wanting to help and protect the people around him. [...]

    • I think I like this series even more after this book. I enjoyed the first, but this one solidifies it as a must read for me. There is humor, and a little romance. I like Duncan's sense of humor, and the paranormal aspect. I LOVE Daisy. The ending was very nice's about time Duncan got something nice.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Re-read 10/7/17Still loved this the second time around.This series has a great cast. Who can resist Daisy, the zombie bulldog? I just want to love on her.There is a lot of humor i [...]

    • I enjoyed the first book Pale as a Ghost, and this sequel is just as enjoyable.Stephen Osborne makes me laugh; that's a great gift in an author, and I love him for it. The plot sounds, quite frankly, over the top, yet somehow as you're reading it, it all makes sense. It's a roller-coaster ride of improbability brought to life and made believable. At least for the duration of the book.I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to be entertained and leave feeling happy with a big smile on your face.Ju [...]

    • Someone has stolen the skull of a powerful warlock. That warlock just happens to be Gina's father. Someone in the Marsh family has the skull, the power is resulting in a threat to Ashton Marsh's life, the heir apparent to the Marsh fortune. Duncan is called in to help solve the mystery, but he's not prepared for the murder and mayhem that comes with the case.This series is absolute fun. It's got a wonderful romance, between Duncan and Robbie in spite of the fact that Robbie has been dead for 10 [...]

    • Pretty good book that held my interest from start to finish. I will admit I wished it was longer, but the story didn't feel compressed or cut off in any way. But it was a short read even for me.So i will be honest I was half rooting for Robbie to cross over. Why? because I really like Nick. I liked him from the first time we met him in this book in all his drunken glory. Why? something about him and the way he WANTS to help Duncan through anything makes him so just so likeable. Maybe because we [...]

    • I truly love this series. We have an unique situation. Here is a sequel to my favourite team of MC's. A m/m story were, one of the main character Duncan is a PI and the other one, Robbie, is his ghost of a boyfriend. Even if they have only an emotional bond, Duncan always stays fateful to Robbie. I love this kind of deeper love. Sure, we feel sad for both of them, but at least they have an emotional bond, something that others never find or can only wish to have. This, the second part was comica [...]

    • The mystery/plot line involving Gina's dead father's skull was engaging and exciting. I also really like learning more about Gina (hope the next books continue to provide back story for her). Lots of great new supporting characters in this book. There is action and humor as in the first book, but this one also delved more into the serious and emotional topic of Robbie and Duncan's relationship and whether it is "right" or not. Duncan is really put through the ringer. And the ending was wonderful [...]

    • The second book and another paranormal event for Duncan and his ghostly boyfriend Robbie.Enjoyable mystery element but the main focus for me was how the relationship between Dunca, Robbie and Nick panned out. Nick is very patient with the whole situation, more so than Duncan appreciates!Robbie does get some home truths from an unlikely source, leaving him considering moving on. What will they do?Gina was less visible this book but still a key part - she perhaps is my most visual character.Intere [...]

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