Godchild, Volume 07

Godchild Volume Shall the son suffer for the continued sins of the father Alexis hatches an evil plan involving a beautiful girl with a sick fascination for his son And could Jizabel s hatred of Cain also stem from t

  • Title: Godchild, Volume 07
  • Author: Kaori Yuki
  • ISBN: 9781421511344
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shall the son suffer for the continued sins of the father Alexis hatches an evil plan involving a beautiful girl with a sick fascination for his son And could Jizabel s hatred of Cain also stem from their father Step into the past as we learn about the tortured early life of Dr Disraeli

    • Ø Godchild, Volume 07 || Ú PDF Read by ↠ Kaori Yuki
      336 Kaori Yuki
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    • Kaori Yuki

      Kaori Yuki see also is a female Japanese manga artist best known for her gothic manga such as Earl Cain, its sequel Godchild, and Angel Sanctuary Yuki debuted in 1987 with Natsufuku no Erii which ran in the manga anthology Bessatsu Hana to Yume published by Hakusensha Her work is typically serialized in one of Hakusensha s two sh jo manga anthologies, Bessatsu Hana to Yume and Hana to Yume In 2010, Kaori Yuki was one of many manga artists whose work would appear in the new sh jo manga anthology Aria by the publisher Kodansha on July 28, 2010.She supposedly lives as a hermit with her cat but very little is actually known about her Her doujinshi ka name is MoonClock As of October 2007, she has a three year old girl and a newborn boy Her blood type is B and her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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    • Well, this one was as melodramatic as ever. Not quite as entertaining as the previous volume though. I DID like what Mary Weather had to say about what love is though. She was pretty much spot on.

    • Hier nun haben wir das Ende von Mikaela, die ich zum Ende doch gemocht habe. Weiterhin erfahren wir endlich die komplette Vergangenheit von dem Doktor, die erneut grausam ist.

    • I think The Cain Saga, and its sequel Godchild, have the most messed up and tragic characters I've seen so far. It's dark, it's gloomy. Don't expect happy endings in these two mangas, dead bodies keep pilling up. All the characters are so complex.The Cain Saga art is not as good as Godchild, one can guess the artist art was not mature yet unlike when she made Godchild much later. Still it's a must to read to fully understand what happens in Godchild. There are a lot of good contents to find ther [...]

    • This was better than the previous volume, but it still wasn’t good if you compare it to how wonderful the beginning of the series was. I feel like my interest in the story has been going downhill for a while now and I’m only continuing so I can be done with it. The story took a weird turn with the Mikaila and Cain situation. The father was pretty much going to (view spoiler)[pimp out Cain in order to harvest whatever child is conceived for his own nefarious purposes (hide spoiler)]. To be ho [...]

    • In the category of "How I take this manga far more seriously than it deserves," I will note that along with the opera trappings, there is a remarkably consistent thematic focus on defining love. Alexis tries to teach his sons, proteges, followers, and human tools that love is hate and fear, because it induces them to depend on him; he may even believe this himself, as he has no conception of any loyalty that is not ensured by psychological dependence and physical need. He has taught his sons to [...]

    • This volume brought upon a mini climax which I felt was unnecessary. To see Cain captured, locked up, threatened, informed, and then let go seemed inadequate for a volume that wasn't final. I also thought Jizabel's back story was awkwardly placed, but then again, this usually happens in manga. It was also rather stupid for Jizabel to proclaim, "I will be the one to kill you! But later!" I was also a little confused with the sudden revelation that Alexis didn't love Augusta. It was pretty clear [...]

    • The first half of this volume was a lot of action; the second half was a lot of talking. For the most part, I actually prefer the second half. I miss Riff's personality (he's just less in the spotlight more now that he's evviiilllll) and I've never liked Mikaila or this subplot of Cain's father. I found Mikaila even more annoying in the second half, when she is competing with Mary and being totally horrible to her. But I REALLY liked hearing Jizabel's backstory, and as a vegetarian it really str [...]

    • За разлика от повечето други читатели, които се интересуваха от първоначалните глави за Каин, свързани с убийства и организацията "Делия" на заден план, за мен именно организацията и замисъла отвъд въпросните убийства будеха интерес. Затова и първите томове получиха по 3 зв [...]

    • Riff! You are still letting me down!!!This volume is shows the extent that Alexis, Cain, Jizabel and Mary's father, has messed with his sons' minds and emotions all through their lives. He is a truly sick and evil character that has no qualms or morals as far as I can make out. I am looking forward to seeing him get his comeuppance!

    • The one with the intestines.I love this series so much! I cannot wait to see how it ends! Also, Yuki Kaori is possibly the only person ever who would try to make a villain sympathetic in the way she does. Wait, except YnM does it too. Only not quite so spectacularly insane!Full review (spoilers): oycetervejournal/657388

    • This one does a great job of connecting the last dots and wrapping up storylines. I only hope Cain can keep his promise to Mary Weather.

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