An Angel With Fur

An Angel With Fur An Angel With Fur is the heartwarming true story of Lobo the miracle dog Rescued as a puppy from an animal shelter in Mexico Lobo s saga is a life affirming romp chronicling his growth adventures an

  • Title: An Angel With Fur
  • Author: Russell Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An Angel With Fur is the heartwarming true story of Lobo the miracle dog Rescued as a puppy from an animal shelter in Mexico, Lobo s saga is a life affirming romp chronicling his growth, adventures and challenges Featuring forty photos from throughout his life, An Angel With Fur is a must read for pet owners and animal lovers everywhere, and invites you to celebrate andAn Angel With Fur is the heartwarming true story of Lobo the miracle dog Rescued as a puppy from an animal shelter in Mexico, Lobo s saga is a life affirming romp chronicling his growth, adventures and challenges Featuring forty photos from throughout his life, An Angel With Fur is a must read for pet owners and animal lovers everywhere, and invites you to celebrate and share in the journey of a remarkable spirit who touched everyone he encountered At times hilarious and heartbreaking, it is a unique biography of an incredible dog, unlike anything you ve ever read.

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    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ✓ An Angel With Fur - by Russell Blake î
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      Russell Blake Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the An Angel With Fur book, this is one of the most wanted Russell Blake author readers around the world.

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    • This book is more about a fifty-something man learning to truly love than it is about the dog Lobo. Russell is an expatriot American living in Mexico. In some ways, he appears to be a happy man but he has never made a strong emotional attachment to anyone with the possible exception of his mother. He is living with Kim, who appears to be a kind and caring woman, but their relationship isn't really going anywhere. Almost on a whim, Russell adopts Lobo and thus begins the first truly committed rel [...]

    • An Angel With Fur is the heartwarming true story of Lobo the miracle dog. Rescued as a puppy from an animal shelter in Mexico, Lobo's saga is a life-affirming romp chronicling his growth, adventures and challenges. Featuring forty photos from throughout his life, An Angel With Fur is a must read for pet owners and animal lovers everywhere, and invites you to celebrate and share in the journey of a remarkable spirit who touched everyone he encountered. At times hilarious and heartbreaking, it is [...]

    • An Angel With Fur is no ordinary doggy tale, and it's star ’Lobo’, is no ordinary dog.Russell Blake narrates the story of how he came to own Lobo and some of the adventures that they had together. Starting from when Russell went ’just to have a look around’ the animal shelter. This true story unfolds and shows the development of the relationship between Lobo and Russell and some of their other canine companions. I'm sure that many dog owners will recognise aspects of their relationships [...]

    • $0.0This is the story of Lobo, a dog that changed the author's life. As I started reading it, he reminded me of my Lucky. However as I continued, he was totally opposite. They are all so special, but like Lobo, Lucky did have something special that most everyone reacted to. So I won't go on about my Lucky since he already has his storyI really wanted to check this book out because not only was it free, but this author has written other books I have picked up but haven't read yet. I am a pushover [...]

    • Everyone who has had a special bond with their dog will love this book! I laughed out loud during many parts about Lobo's puppyhood, and the way his mind worked. It really illustrated how certain dogs can exhibit very human-like traits, making it hard to remember that they are animals. After the laughter, I cried a lot, as Lobo's struggles with his health were explored. Yet, he had such a strength of spirit that I came away feeling inspired. It made me hug my dog a little tighter afterwards. Wri [...]

    • Recall the first time you held a pet with their wet nose buried in your armpit for safety. Lobo’s story will grab that soft spot in your throat and nuzzle your neck. Animals come into our lives briefly in the time we walk this earth but they remind us to become more human. I highly recommend this story for adults and teens. The writing is not sentimental it is clean and poetic. Russell Blake demonstrates writing skills across genres that dazzle Bravo! We look forward not just to his next thril [...]

    • This story touched me so deeply you wouldn't believe possible. I laughed so hard and cried so much, it was as if Lobo was my very own dog. It oozes with unconditional love, any animal lover will thoroughly enjoy this story. Even those that don't consider themselves as animal people, I find it hard to believed that they wouldn't be touched by this. Whilst reading it I related to a similar experience I once had with one of my own pets, all of the same emotions shining beneath the writing so bright [...]

    • Wow. This is one of the most captivating true dog stories I've ever read and trust me, I've read a lot of dog stories. It made me smile; it made me laugh; and it moved me to tears. The love of Russell Blake for his dog Lobo goes so far beyond, I am in awe of this man's devotion. Wow. An Angel With Fur is captivating from the very first page, and it doesn't let go of you. This is a 5 star book from every single possible angle, from Russell's amazing talent as a storyteller to his love story with [...]

    • All books about animals tend to be nostalgic, funny, and sad. This one more than most. This is a factual book about the see-saw ride of dog ownership, especially these dogs. It says as much about the owner/writer as about the dogs. For those who have read and enjoyed Russell Blake's fiction, be prepared to be surprised.This is a must read.

    • This was one of the most heart warming stories I've read. A must-read for all dog lovers!

    • This book is well written. But, having had dogs for 33 years, I was heartbroken to read what this poor dog went through. Inhumane.e owner was selfish to keep make him go through so much.

    • After reading the summary, I had no doubt it is going to be a major weepie, so I must be a sadist to dare read this book. Still I did embark on the task and now I resemble a total wreck it would take days and ice packs to recover from red, swollen eyes.First, this book is a true story of a dog named Lobo, very well written by its owner/author Russell Blake. The book was written to immortalize the memory of a dearly loved pet. The relationship of the owner and the dog is one I can truly relate wi [...]

    • The story of a dog, from puppy to grave, hides inside it the story of a man growing into his years, leaving childhood and teenage rebellion behind as his “angel with fur” demands an adult’s care and love.The Angel with Fur in Russell Blake’s book is a dog called Lobo, of unknown parentage and endless intelligence. Love at first sight has Russell Blake visiting lost dogs and finding one to keep, with zero preparation and hilarious consequences, many of them involving items chewed that sho [...]

    • This book was given to me for free by the author in exchange for a review. It's always difficult to write a quality review, but never more so than when a book hits you on a personal level. How do you write an objective review when all your personal feelings are involved? Is it even possible? An Angel With Fur is a heart-warming story that will resonate with dog lovers everywhere. Russell Blake recently undertook the ardent task of chronicling the life and death of his dog, Lobo. Though a warning [...]

    • I have read books on pets before, and whilst I enjoyed them, this one was different. It was not all sentimental, it really gripped me and moved me at the same time. Lobo is a beautiful dog, and having a six year old rescue dog from a pup myself, Blake's recollections of the early days had me laughing hysterically. The part about Lobo hiding under the bed and being lured out by chicken happened with my pup, and Russell tells the tale really well. He obviously adores Lobo, this is apparent through [...]

    • I've read two thrillers and part of a parody by Russell Blake - loved them all. Here, however, he reveals a lovely new side that warms your heart one minute and tears at it the next. Lobo, Blake's first dog, stole his heart and never gave it back. They were together much longed than expected at a terrible cost, but apparently worth it to both man and his dog.When I say the love of his life, I'm only repeating a phrase Blake himself uses to describe Lobo, a particularly charismatic pooch, who was [...]

    • Russell Blake's "An Angel with Fur" tells the story of Lobo who was adopted by him when he was a mere 5 weeks old, from an animal shelter in Mexico. Lobo had amazing spirit and instantly charmed everyone he met. For Russell it was love at first sight and only grew from there. He shares Lobo's journey through life and the remarkable odds he overcame with a spirit and joy that never wavered.The biography demonstrates just want kind of an impact on our lives the unconditional love and faithful comp [...]

    • AN ANGEL WITH FUR or Lobo just broke my heart! I laughed; I cried and then sort of felt sorry for the other dogs Mr. Blake brought into his home because they didn't get as much love as Lobo got! Mr. Blake told a love story that is just incredible and even if you don't love dogs, you can't not get attached to Lobo! Brought back all the heartaches of all the dogs I've owned and cared for and all the love and pure devotion they gave me and all the lessons they taught me! In today's world every dog [...]

    • I am a firm believer in the saying, A Dog is Man's Best Friend. A dog will give you unconditional love and all it ask in return is for you to feed it, pet it once in a while and maybe supply a squeaky toy or two. In this relationship between dog and man, man comes out on the short end of the stick. At the most, a dog can only give you ten to twelve years. Every now and then a special dog comes along that touches your heart more than the rest. Lobo in An Angel With Fur was such a dog. I enjoyed t [...]

    • MovingThis was an amusing but also amusing account of a Dog's life.I am normally quite dubious when people tell you about their amazing pet but this didA good job in conveying just how unique Lobo was.It does get quite sad but in a good and heartfelt way. It is pretty funny in places and it is quite well written.I am glad that I read this poignant and heartwarming account of a much loved and appreciated pet.It even made me appreciate my own pets a bit more!

    • I thought this was an interesting story about a man who finally discovers how wonderful a dog can be. I was fortunate that growing up on a ranch I was raised with lots of animals and have formed strong bonds with a lot of them. It is good Mr. Blake had this experience and now devotes lots of energy to his dog friends.

    • As a Russell Blake fan I'm accustomed to being entertained, either with mind-blowing storytelling or hysterical dark humor. I didn't know he could make me sob uncontrollably too. An Angel With Fur is a really a love story. And it's the best book he's written. If you're an animal lover you should read this.

    • I enjoyed the telling of this tale. It invoked "aw"s, smiles, laughs, "sure"s, nods, and even some minor shudders (with the furniture chewing). Just when I'm thinking, "Yes, I get this dog was special to you and had a great personality" the whammy hits and there are gasps and more "aw"s and, well, it's an emotional roller coaster.I would recommend it to anyone who loves animals.

    • I consider it an honor to get to meet Lobo and learn about his life and courage. I have three dogs, so of course I could relate to many of the events the author shared about his pup. I'm very thankful that my dogs have not been as ill and I would only hope that they would fight as hard as Lobo to stay with me.

    • Excellent book. Weather you are an animal lover or not I highly recommend reading this book. This dog was a fighter to the end. Even though this was a sad book I still recommend it. Felt like. Got to know Lobo through this book. Sounds like he was a great dog.

    • At first I thought this was going to be another story about a man getting his first dog and brags about everything the dog does, which he does; but it is much more. I was drawn into his story and laughed and cried with him. It is hard to lose your pet.

    • Russell tells a story that, although familiar to many, is here told with such brutal honesty and self-expressive pain/pleasure that one feels the same loyalty and sense of obligation to Lobo as the author. Excellent job, Mr. Blake!

    • I enjoyed this book except for the predictable ending. It is funny and moving and at times heart-rending. As an animal- lover myself, it is always difficult to even think of the inevitable loss of our dear, dear animal friends.

    • This one's a Kindle freebie & I give it 2 stars although Blake seems to have cared to some degree for Lobo,a precious little fur ball of a puppy he adopted from a shelter in Mexico (Blake's home). It just seemed to me Blake was too bent on being the Alpha male versus more compassion & patience.

    • Fantastic book - well written and humorous. Loved the battles of will that take place. You can read the review at PetsWeekly

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