By The Numbers

By The Numbers The last thing Nathaniel aka Deuce expects to see when he gets home from work is his street jammed with fire engines and police cars When he realizes that it s his apartment building that s on fire

  • Title: By The Numbers
  • Author: Chris Owen Tory Temple
  • ISBN: 9781610405638
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • The last thing Nathaniel, aka Deuce, expects to see when he gets home from work is his street jammed with fire engines and police cars When he realizes that it s his apartment building that s on fire, Nathaniel can only think of one thing his pregnant dog, trapped inside.When firefighter Trey Donovan delivers Nathaniel s unharmed dog to him, Nathaniel is exceedingly gratThe last thing Nathaniel, aka Deuce, expects to see when he gets home from work is his street jammed with fire engines and police cars When he realizes that it s his apartment building that s on fire, Nathaniel can only think of one thing his pregnant dog, trapped inside.When firefighter Trey Donovan delivers Nathaniel s unharmed dog to him, Nathaniel is exceedingly grateful After all, it isn t every day that he meets muscular, attractive rescue workers Nathaniel manages to find out where Trey s station is with the idea of saying thank you and offering him a puppy, but discovers that he and Trey have something else between them that needs exploring.Trey, however, has responsibilities that could prove to make that exploration difficult He has shift work to contend with His seven year old daughter is a priority, plus he shares custody with his less than friendly ex wife Since Nathaniel is the new owner of one dog and six puppies, and doesn t even have a place to live, he isn t exactly in an ideal situation to explore a new relationship Even if it is with a hot, handsome fireman.Can Trey and Nathaniel find some common ground amid the yapping of puppies and Trey s complicated family life

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    • Chris Owen Tory Temple

      I live and write in eastern Canada I went to a bunch of schools, learned a lot of things, and now make stuff up because not to do so is unthinkable I m fond of fountain pens, Levenger s Circa system, and Steampunk fashions I m inspired by the day to day minutia of life, and find beauty in the way words go together I like texture and richness of experience I m not shy I m happy, I m learning, I m living.

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    • This book is simply adorable!It is pretty overall but very enjoyable. It is a sweet romance that is slowly developed and I liked that. That wasn’t that much sex which I also liked. The book was good and anyone looking for light and sweet. No angst, a little family drama, super cute puppies, eh a kid and two sweet guys should read this…Since it was pointed out to me that my recommendations aren’t always series and sometimes I recommend stuff I’d never read I want to state I did read this [...]

    • I usually really like both these authors, individually and together. By the Numbers looks to be a spinoff of Tory Temple's Firefighters series, which I remember liking. By the Numbers didn't really wow me, though.First the good: I like the new cover, and the dog is precious. Also, the story starts off with Deuce coming home to find his apartment building on fire. Luckily, a hot firefighter, named Trey Donovan, rescued his dog, who was pregnant and, also luckily, the dog and her unborn pups are c [...]

    • Now and then, we are served with the beauty of simplicity. The book's plot is simple. A fireman saves a man's pregnant dog. The dog owner comes to the station to thank the fireman, and offers a puppy. Upon learning that the man basically lost his home, the fireman offers him to stay in his house for a while. As long as the man is willing to deal with the fireman's daughter and ex-wife. The man accepts, and they grow closer each day. The story is about the fireman (Trey), the one who lost home (D [...]

    • The chain store pharmacy in my area has a food section and in that section they sell carrot cake. The cake is nothing fancy. It's not all that sweet, there are no elaborate spices in it and the frosting is nothing to write home about. It's a simple single-serving square of carrot cake. I buy those little carrot cakes all of the time. If offered red velvet cake or the carrot cake, red velvet would win sometimes but mostly I'd pick the carrot cake.By The Numbers is my carrot cake.This book held my [...]

    • This is a nice story.It's about two regular guys, Deuce ( who works in IT) and Trey ( Fireman).They meet when Trey saves Deuce's dog Q from a fire.They meet up and things develop nicely and slowly and actually pretty tame.There are puppies, lots and lots of puppies and a cute but not very annoying or brilliant little girl and an ex who is difficult and bitter, but not over the top horrible , and she is a good mother! ( thank goodness, I've had enough of the books where the Mother only cares abou [...]

    • Not really much to say about this one. It’s a easy simple read about two guys meeting and falling in love. There is no real drama or angst. There’s a slightly bitchy Ex wife, but even she is tame in comparison to most. The kid is a nice realistic kid, not overly sweet or obnoxious, although she doesn’t play a large part in the story. The dogs are cute.A good read for when you’re in the mood for something quiet and calming.Not quite a 3 but certainly more than a two star.

    • 3.5 starsRecommended by B, I think these reviews from my friends capture what I think of the book: Edina, Bubbles (who listed things you will not find in this book, so yay!), Lacey, and ArthurI just want to be lazy and not doing actual review *lol*. LOOK for this book if you're up for rather mundane daily activities between two guys, where chemistry is there, and the relationship progresses nicely, with adorable puppies, and smart daughter, and kisses come after half the book NOT look for this b [...]

    • Warm story about a fireman, Trey, who falls in love with Deuce, the man whose dog he saved. Of course Trey falls in love with the dog too, and her puppies. In return, Deuce falls in love with Lacey, Trey's daughter, and Trey himself. Happy family.There is no angst in this story; no evil woman: the ex-wife is not a witch, though she's not the good fairy either; no evil, stalker ex-boyfriend; no drugs, trauma, violent homophobia, abusive dad etc. The story starts sweet, carries on sweet and ends s [...]

    • 3.5 starsI wonder how many people will buy this b/c of the adorable puppy on the cover? :)ETA - the actual review! :DIt was slow, sweet, and easy with little conflict; it was also really cute. I also thought this was very realistic, unlike a lot m/m. Just a simple story of two guys meeting, becoming friends, getting to know each other - the normal relationship stuff, along with a daughter and three dogs in the mix. This is something minor, but I liked that the authors didn't just sort of "forget [...]

    • 2.5 A bit more than OK for me but not enough to say I liked it.I was expecting and wanted easy, warm, sweet, cute, angst-free and I got that and then some. What I wasn't expecting was this high level of mundane, of everyday ordinary down to stifling a burp. I needed a little more of something else or a little less of everything else to hold my attention.

    • DNF @ 24%1. Bored2. Characters running together3. Very slow movement4. This is not GFYouldn't be on that list.5. Slowoh, did I say that already.6. Some formatting and editing errors.Maybe it's me and I just wasn't in the mood for it, but it never hooked me.

    • Hmmm what to say? This was a cute easy read just like everyone else has said, it’s actually hard to write anything that is different from anyone else. *lol* I liked the characters, hated their names I thought they may grow on me but nope never did, I guess it was supposed to be funny I just thought it was silly. Loved Lacey and the puppies I’m a sucker for pets and kids these seemed so adorable. Hated the ex Holly but that’s not unusual either most of the time ex’s are made out to be the [...]

    • A firefighter and a cute dog are pretty good reasons to read a book, at least for me, but what I found when I started to read ‘By the Numbers’ was even cuter than I remembered from reading it the first time, many years ago. Deuce loses his apartment in a fire, but all he worries about is his pregnant dog. Trey is the firefighter who rescues her, and this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship followed by a slow-burn romance that made me sigh, it was so adorable. It isn’t without its is [...]

    • Very sweet story. The guys are sweet, the puppies are sweet, and the kid is sweet. The ex is a total bitch but that helped counter all the sweetness. There were a few unresolved issues I kept waiting for closure on, but they never really happened, such as Trey's relationship coming to light at work and telling Lacey about them. There were a few others, but overall, this was a very enjoyable read.

    • Reading this book was like eating comfort food. Real homey and sweet feel to it.I think the biggest "drama" was right at the beginning when Nathaniel's apartment burns downs and Trey rescues his pregnant dog Q.After that it's all smooth sailing for Nathaniel "Deuce" and Trey with very little angst, lots of puppies and a cute little girl.

    • Thinking 3.5 stars bumped up to 4 for the adorable puppies and the cutest lil girl ever. Besides a little bit of bitchy ex-wife issues this book was pretty angst free. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or bad thing. IMO, I woulda preferred some angst or at least some good tension between them.All in allsweet, comfortable, good sexin and a hot firefighter! Enjoy :)

    • A feel-good story from beginning to end. It's all about relationships, including an ex-wife and a seven-year-old little girl. Not to mention a bunch of puppies. What's not to like?

    • I really enjoyed this one and just loved reading about how they met and how they got to know each other. Sweet story!

    • I picked this up for a challenge where there had to be children as part of the story, the book also fitted into another challenge for an animal on the cover.Deuce comes home one day to find his apartment on fire and good looking fireman, Trey rushes back into the building to rescue Deuce's pregnant dog.As time goes on, Deuce goes to the fire house to thank Trey and offer him the pick of the litter. Not surprisingly the 2 become friends.This was an enjoyable story. The little girl was cute but no [...]

    • Deuce is coming home from work and find his apartment on fire. His first thought is to Q, his very pregnant dog. Luckily Trey,the hot fireman, has saved her. From that moment,a new friendship and lately more will born between deuce and Trey.By The Numbers by Chris Owens and Tory Temple was a success to me this second time too. I remembered this story, I bought it when it was first published some years ago. I read a lot and if I remind a book, it means it really impressed me in a positive way.Tha [...]

    • 3.5 starsThis was such a cute story! I loved how it started and how Deuce and Trey first meet. I also loved how Deuce and Trey were kind of circling each other at first and the ultimate lead up to where things start to progress around them. The fact that it revolves around a pregnant dog and the puppies that soon come was just adorable and had me smiling nonstop. My only real issue is that there was too much sex for me. Too many scenes and a few that were too long for my tastes as well to the po [...]

    • This was basically a light, happy story. Nathaniel "Deuce" comes home to his apartment on fire. Worried about his pregnant dog, Q, Nathaniel watches a fireman go rushing back into the fire. Thankful for the rescue, Deuce looks up the fireman and tries to give him a puppy. This book was very sweet. There was no complex plot, but the story really didn't need it. It is a basic romance. The relationship that develops between Deuce and Trey is not insta-love which makes me appreciate it even more. Th [...]

    • This story had the perfect blend of "adorability", "hot sexy man-on-man adult time" and "family drama mixed with cute kid" as to make it a wonderful read for me. I'm so glad that I did. The flow of the relationship between Deuce (a.k.a. Nathaniel) and Trey was so perfect and effortless that it made me smile.The only reason I gave this book a four rather than a five star rating is because no matter how much I liked it the Epilogue for me just sort offell. "The Epilogue Whore" got excited to see a [...]

    • Sweet, little-conflict story that is nice for a slow, easy read. I had quite a few problems with the abundant details of mundane events that didn't really matter at all, after maybe a few paragraphs to show how slow their relationship is pacing forward and that the beginning of their relationship is all about the little roommate details, but honestly, this could have been cut way down. Otherwise, a good story. I liked the (what I assume would be) realistic look at a modern family and how tough t [...]

    • I will totally admit that I bought this book because I knew it had puppies in the story. I mean, come on, who can resist a pregnant dog and puppies? Not to mention that she's rescued by a hot firefighter and her owner is just quirky and cute enough to make this a hell of a good read!The story that grows for Trey and Deuce is sweet, hot and very loving. A definite great read!

    • OMG This was the perfect Read for me!! It has every thing i Love to read about and it has cute little puppies whats not to like!!I Loved this book!!!Every one who loves a HEA and a Lovely no angst book this is it!!So what are you waiting for!!!

    • 3.5 Stars ~ Reading the blurb and seeing that Trey and Nathaniel (“Deuce”) meet while Trey saves a pregnant dog had me raising my hand (internally, of course) and saying, “Yes, please.” Because PUPPIES!!! And, let’s be real, Firefighters saving animals is always a plus.I’m a dog lover, and, even more so, have puppies on the brain. Since my husband is currently making me hold out on another dog in the house, I got to live a little through this heartwarming romance of Trey and Deuce’ [...]

    • This was sweet enough, I guess. I kinda wish I hadn't just read Chance and Tucker's story, though, because now, in this one, Chance comes across as hypocritical, considering he and Tuck did the same damn things.

    • Author: Chris Owen and Tory TemplePublisher: Torquere PressPage Length (ePub): 139Published: 2011I was glad to see this finally published, as I enjoyed the first firefighter story – and I hadn’t really connected the dots until the main character referenced his boss Chance, and then it all came back to me. Anyway, this was a very quick read and had potential to be a great story, but it continually fell short. The premise of this story is a fireman rescues a pregnant dog from a burning apartme [...]

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