Notice High school teacher and dragonshifter Adrian Kendall is given notice in his classroom which means someone is out to get him He doesn t know which student left the notice He doesn t know how the attac

  • Title: Notice
  • Author: M. Raiya
  • ISBN: 9781610402873
  • Page: 159
  • Format: ebook
  • High school teacher and dragonshifter Adrian Kendall is given notice in his classroom, which means someone is out to get him He doesn t know which student left the notice He doesn t know how the attack it warns of will come All he knows is that his three very carefully separated lives are about to collide.There s far at stake than Adrian s sanity The clan of dragoHigh school teacher and dragonshifter Adrian Kendall is given notice in his classroom, which means someone is out to get him He doesn t know which student left the notice He doesn t know how the attack it warns of will come All he knows is that his three very carefully separated lives are about to collide.There s far at stake than Adrian s sanity The clan of dragons who depend on him will be left vulnerable The teaching career he treasures will be over And if all his secrets are spilled, then the peaceful world he s built with his flamboyant and passionately gay human lover, Josh, will implode As a thousand years of hatred take aim right at Kendall, all he can do is offer himself as the price of peace.

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      159 M. Raiya
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    • Adrian leads three very distinct and separate lives: one, his new career as a high school history teacher and the love he has of teaching his kids; two, the off and on again relationship with Josh, his college boyfriend and live-in lover; and three, his role as the leader of his family of dragon-shifters. Over a thousand years ago, during the time of the war between knights and their efforts to eradicate the dragons in the Middle Ages, the intelligent beings were forced to learn to shift into hu [...]

    • Interesting story about Adrian Kendall whose carefully structured life is torn apart in one afternoon. Adrian is a dragon shifter, he's also a teacher, and he lives with his lover Josh. He keeps these three parts of his life separate but a terrible attack by one of his students brings them crashing together.This story sounds like a paranormal romance because of the dragon shifters but in fact it's a Fantasy novel. That's because it doesn't concentrate just on the two lovers, there is more of an [...]

    • As someone noted, this is less a romance than an adventure story with gay characters. Although there is a relationship and Adrian FINALLY pulls his head out of his ass about Josh, his live-in lover, but primarily it's the dragon story-line which leads. Adrian is a high school teacher, leader of his dragon clan and gay man. And never the three worlds shall collide. Although he lives with flamboyant nail polish wearing artist Josh, no one at school or in the dragon clan knows he's gay and neither [...]

    • I liked this a lot more than I was expecting to, largely because of the relationship between Varian and Josh. It was refreshing to see an established relationship that was shaky at the start but deepened as Varian learned to stop compartmentalizing his life and keeping Josh at arm's length. It was doubly refreshing to see a character as unapologetically effeminate as Josh. That's pretty rare in M/M fiction, where there's a lot of effemiphobia and in which the characters are almost always varying [...]

    • ★★★☆☆½ ~ 3.5 StarsDragons!Adrian Varian Kendall has three separate lives, teacher, closeted gay guy, and dragon shifter/leader and all his separate lives converge on one extremely challenging day.For hundreds of years, knights have tried to eliminate every dragon and Varian is sworn to protect his group and all the other packs of dragons. Until the day he receives 'Notice' from one of his students. And his life and others around him change. Will he pull his head and finally appreciate [...]

    • 3.5 stars for meI liked the world building and the characters. I thought that the way it was written in 1st POV was a bit limitingke, I wish I had known more about what Josh was going through (who I adored, by the wayhe was just a doll) and Huntington's powers. It took me a while to warm up to Varian, and that may actually be because of the way he acted towards Josh in the very beginning, but half way through I was enjoying Varian too. I haven't read many m/m dragon stories, so I did like this o [...]

    • 4.5 stars rounded up to 5Adrian Kendall has a good job and a fantastic boyfriend, but he lives with many secrets. He knows if any of these secrets are revealed life as he knows it will be gone forever. You see, Adrian is a dragon shifter, and nobody knows it…not even his boyfriend. One day when he receives a note letting him know he is now being hunted, Adrian’s well secreted world starts to crumble around him.For years, Josh has had an on-again-off-again relationship with Adrian. He instinc [...]

    • I really liked this book. I believe the characters were well developed and fleshed out, and the science/magic was thoughtful. I won it in a blog hop but had looked at it before.I admit I started the book 2-3 times and stopped because I got distracted, but then I got past the opening and had to read it in one go. Varian was self-centered to start and gave no real thought to his lover Josh-seriously, really did not know him well at all. Josh, surprisingly still cared for Varian though. I raced thr [...]

    • synopsis:adrian is a dragon shifter, a high school teacher and gay. when he receives notice during a class, he goes into survival mode, as that means that someone has been sent by the knights to try and kill him. when adrian takes to the sky with the perpetrator, his human cover is blown. when adrian tries to figure out the next move, his straight cover is blown, because he wants his lover, josh, protected as well. as the clan tries to figure out the best course of action, they deal with unexpec [...]

    • 3.5 stars, because I love dragons and this had dragon shifters. And they had some really cool dragon super powers. Plus there was Josh, Adrian Varian's very flamboyant human lover. I just adored him. This wasn't really a romance more like an adventure. Varian and Josh were already together when the story started, but they had some issues to work out. While fighting to stay alive and remain together they got closer, and became real "mates". I loved that!The starting scene in the classroom, where [...]

    • I may be a bit cheap just giving this three stars because it was really a good story. I liked the characters and the task that Varian had to deal with, it was complicated and at times a bit confusing, specially with the time changing. I loved Josh, he was just amazing and therefore I'm very disappointed that this story was told in Varian's POV. I felt that I missed out. I wanted Josh's thoughts and feelings as well.

    • This is really actually quite good. It's interesting how Raiya ties this into other things xe's written. Xe seems to have a fascination with dragon-sex, but there wasn't actual dragon-human sex here, so *shrug.It was quite fascinating. Fast-paced, eccentric, but enjoyable.

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