Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

Lilly s Purple Plastic Purse Lilly loves everything about school especially her cool teacher Mr Slinger But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse and its treasures to school and can t wait until sharing time Mr Slinger co

  • Title: Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
  • Author: Kevin Henkes
  • ISBN: 9780688128982
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lilly loves everything about school, especially her cool teacher, Mr Slinger But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse and its treasures to school and can t wait until sharing time, Mr Slinger confiscates her prized possessions Lilly s fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and she sets out to make amends.

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      Kevin Henkes became an author illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.Today he s the author of many award winning picture books and novels.

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    • I have been reading Kevin Henkes’ books ever since I was small, so it was a great day for me in discovering an old favorite of mine when I was small. “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” is a children’s book by Kevin Henkes that details the relationship that Lilly has with her teacher Mr. Slinger and how one event almost causes a huge rift between them. “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” is a truly beautiful book about having a great relationship with your teachers that everyone will love [...]

    • A few tons of thanks to friend Kathryn who recommended this book to me because I doubt I’d have read it if not for her recommendation. I’d seen this book, but its title did not seem at all appealing to me; I didn’t know what it was about but what my imagination conjured up was so far off the mark.This is a wonderful story about Lilly (I haven’t yet read the earlier two books in which she’s featured) who loves her teacher so much she wants to be a teacher too, until she has a very diff [...]

    • This is a wonderful story about awareness for other's feelings. Lilly loves her teacher--he is funny and stylish and kind. Lilly wants to be a lot of things when she grows up, like a diva and a doctor, but right now she really, really wants to be a teacher because she is so inspired by her own. But one day, when she brings a purple plastic purse to school and just cannot wait until show-and-tell to show it off to everyone (even after her teacher asks her to please be patient and not disrupt the [...]

    • I thought this was a great book; it covers great teachers who provide creative outlets for the kids and inspire them to want to teach. It discusses the exuberance of a young girl (mouse) who gets a new toy and wants so desperately to share it with her classmates, but ends up being a disruption to the class. And finally, best of all, it covers the sensitive topics of frustration, anger, regret and remorse in an easy to understand way. Our girls enjoyed this story, but I loved it for the moralisti [...]

    • Darling book my grand daughter adored it too. : ) Lilly LOVES her new purple plastic purse, and takes it to school for everyone to see. She soon learns that there is a time and place for everything, and not being able to wait as requested by teacher, she loses it. Oh my does she get mad! Now her once super cool teacher is the dirtiest rotten rat on earth! She feels remorse though when he gives it back later with treats inside and she learns forgiveness too.

    • One of the best parts about reading books to kids is that I'm reading it as the person I've become, but looking at my kids, I remember the person I was. Really, it's as if two mes are reading.Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse is about a little girl mouse who wants to grow up to be a teacher. She has an incredible and inspiring mouse teacher - Mr. Slinger.She plays school at home, pretending to be him. She writes books in his honor, and all her works of art feature him.Then one day she brings a purple [...]

    • A lesson in forgiveness.Well, we read this again two years later and my son really got into the pictures, pointing things out. He loved it.

    • I read a lot of books to my children when they were young and this remains one of my and my daughter's favorites.

    • Julia and I listened to this on audio last night and we both really enjoyed it. I haven't listened to many audio books for myself but Julia and I have listened to a handful together and besides John Lithgow in Micawber the narrator here is awesome.Her voice inflections are perfect, the voices of other characters in the book are perfect. (I think Julia's really starting to love audio books because I suck at voices.)I love the way she incorporated Lilly's (and the others) thoughts and even if you [...]

    • This book has so much going for it - a feisty little protagonist, Lilly, a wise and compassionate teacher, Mr. Slinger, and parents who know what to do when their little girl comes home from school with a tale of woe. Lilly the white mouse loves everything about school, especially her teacher, Mr. Slinger who is so cool. One day Lilly comes to school with her new purple plastic purse that plays a jaunty tune and holds her movie-star sunglasses and three shiny new quarters. Lilly can't wait for s [...]

    • This book is about a little mouse who can't wait to show off her new purple plastic purse that plays a song when it is opened. She takes it out before sharing time and disturbs the class. Her teacher takes away her purse and she is devastated without it. This book has great pictures that are creative in creating mice the main characters and showing the series of expressions. I would use this book to go into a personal narrative that the students could create to tell a story on one of their favor [...]

    • Lilly is so true to life: charming, exuberant, flawed. This is exactly the type of drama kids experience at school and Henkes captures their feelings perfectly. There is a moment when Lilly realizes the error of her ways, and the illustration shows her getting smaller and smaller.every class I've read it to has so much to say about that feeling, and many other moments in the book. Perfect for teaching text to self connectionsd lots of fun to boot.

    • I really liked this because it accurately depicts how a kid could get in trouble, and shows kids how to deal with difficult emotions like anger, first by showing them what NOT to do. I'd love to use this in my story time, but it is a group of 4's, and it would really be ideal for a slightly older group (k-2).

    • I remember reading this when it first came out, and I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to childrens' books at that point. Henkes' books are great fun for both adults and children, and the most fun as a one-on-one read-aloud.

    • We all learn at some point the life lesson of forgiveness and this book does a great job of making it understandable to kids. Shows that at some point people we care about will disappoint us and it is how we handle the disappointment that really makes us a better person.

    • My favorite part is the note the teacher gives her: "Today was hard. Tomorrow will be better." Some days I really need a note like that.

    • I adore Lilly and almost everything she does. (Unless she was a student in my classroom. Then I'd have to alternate between finding her incredibly charming and witty, and wanting to smack her.)

    • Such a fun read. We read this tonight to put my son to be and discussed that we knew a couple of little girls just like Lilly.

    • Ages: 4-8 yearsU.S. Grades: Kindergarten-Third GradeLexile® Measure: 540LJuvenile, Fiction, School, Mice, Teacher, Students, Conflict ResolutionLily (mouse) is an outgoing student who loves school and adores her teacher Mr. Slinger. She is so enthusiastic about school and her teacher that she plays school at home. One day, Lily brings her new purple plastic purse that plays music when it opens, and wears her sunglasses to school.During several lessons, Lily cannot resist the urge to open her pu [...]

    • Parents need to know that Lilly draws an unkind picture of her teacher, but she learns her lesson in this tale.Positive messagesLilly misbehaves during class and retaliates when she is disciplined, but she redeems herself.This is from commonsensemediaBooklist starred (Vol. 92, No. 22 (August 1996))Ages 3-5. Oh, Lilly. You sure are lookin' good--and don't you know it. Lilly, the delightful mouse-girl featured in Julius, the Baby of the World (1990), has started school, and she loves everything ab [...]

    • This story is about a little girl (a mouse) named Lilly, who LOVES school and LOVES her teacher. She aspires to be just like him one day. She's full of life and very carefree. Unfortunately, she is also quite sensitive. When her grandmother takes her shopping one afternoon she acquires a fantastic pair of movie star sunglasses, some shiny quarters, and a divine purple plastic purse that plays music. Lilly is ecstatic to show off her new gear at school. However, there isn't an appropriate time to [...]

    • This is a blast from the past, and a childhood favorite.  My first- and second-grade teacher absolutely LOVED this book, and it certainly rubbed off on me.  I love Henkes' drawings, I love the narrative, I love the hecking nostalgia.  In fact, I once too had a purple plastic purse thanks to this book.  It's such a classic, and it deserves to be one.  It's just so adorable and has one of the best emotional arcs I've seen in a book that takes place largely at school.  I can't wait to pass th [...]

    • This book is contemporary fiction. It is about a mouse who is in elementary school but the reader can relate to the emotions she goes through. These include getting new toys and showing them to the class, or even having a teacher crush. This book made me laugh because I remember when I was in elementary school and felt similar things.

    • This book is about Lilly who lives school. At school she gets her purple plastic purse, glasses, and quarters taken for being disruptive. Lilly then beings to not like her teacher but he gives them back at the end of the day. She forgives her teacher and her teacher forgives her for being mad at him. This book is a great book for children to read. It was written for grades k-2. This book was simple for students to read on their own or listen to the teacher read. It had a good flow and in some pa [...]

    • This book is about a young girl, Lilly, who is incredibly infatuated with her teacher, Mr. Slinger. After a weekend of shopping, Lilly came to class wanting to show off her new things (including her purple plastic purse) while Mr. Slinger was teaching. Since Lilly was being disrespectful, Mr. Slinger took her things up for the day. Although angry Lilly drew a very mean picture of Mr. Slinger, he wrote her a sweet note that he left in her purse when he gave it back to her at the end of the day. W [...]

    • Lilly is a little mouse who loves school and her teacher. One day, she gets a new purple plastic purse and some fun sunglasses and wants to wear them to school to show everyone. However, her new toys are distracted and her teacher takes them away, making Lilly very mad. She decides that she doesn't like school and her teacher anymore, but then feels bad about getting mad at her teacher and apologizes.The main theme of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse is that even if you have a bad day, tomorrow is a [...]

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