Memory Acclaimed hard SF author Linda Nagata introduces a new world where the sky is bisected by an arch of light and the mysterious silver rises from the ground each night to completely transform the land

  • Title: Memory
  • Author: Linda Nagata
  • ISBN: 9780765340764
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acclaimed hard SF author Linda Nagata introduces a new world, where the sky is bisected by an arch of light, and the mysterious silver rises from the ground each night to completely transform the landscape and erase from existence anything it touches Young Jubilee is devastated when her brother Jolly is taken by the silver But when a forbidding stranger with the powerAcclaimed hard SF author Linda Nagata introduces a new world, where the sky is bisected by an arch of light, and the mysterious silver rises from the ground each night to completely transform the landscape and erase from existence anything it touches Young Jubilee is devastated when her brother Jolly is taken by the silver But when a forbidding stranger with the power to control the silver comes seeking Jolly and claiming that Jolly knows him Jubilee flees For she has learned an impossible secret Jolly may still be alive Jubilee s flight will lead her to discoveries she could never have imagined, from the secret history of her civilization, to the awesome forgotten memories within her And with these she will forever alter her world s future unless the dark stranger, relentless in his pursuit, achieves his goal of destroying it.

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    • This book had such a complex world that I was not only fascinated but I never really knew what was coming. But if a child should ask, What is the silver?the answer might take many forms:"It is a fog of glowing particles that arises at night to rebuild the world.""It is the memory of the world.""It is the dreaming mind of the wounded goddess and you must never go near her!"The silver in this book is entirely different from what we would call silver. Silver rises at night to varying levels and it [...]

    • Jubilee lives in a strikingly bizarre world, in which silver mist arises from the earth to kill living beings, remake non-living matter, and bring random buildings and even entire empty cities back from the past. Because the “silver” tends to destroy written records, the people are very vague and confused about their history, though they have a high degree of poorly-understood technology. They also have some extremely odd customs regarding sex and love – people can only marry (or, apparent [...]

    • This was the first book I've read by Linda Nagata (purchased in a book bundle) and it's very impressive. It's a real sleeper, a book that deserves far more attention and awareness than it has/gets.Memory is a top notch effort of creative world design. Original and logically consistent, it successfully merges fantastical ideas with just enough science to make the fantasy-like elements seem rooted in the real world--without any technological geek-outs to bore those disinterested in hard science. T [...]

    • I've long thought Linda Nagata a hidden gem in modern sf. Her first novels delighted me, especially the inventive Vast.Memory is a fine example of Nagata's skills. It offers rich and surprising world-building along with empathetic and fiercely challenged characters. It's accessible yet never easy, and ultimately moving and memorable.The plot - well, without spoilers, I can say that it involves a quest to understand a peculiar world. Our heroine is born on a ringworld of sorts, where a terrifying [...]

    • You know I'll probably bump this down to 4-stars after the rush of reading it fades, but until then holy crap was this a great book! Young Jubilee lives in a world where floods of "silver" (malfunctioning nanotech) reshape the world every night. Stability can only be found on hill top settlements. When a silver flood claims her brother, she assumes he is lost forever, but then, seven years later, a stranger arrives searching for him. If you like your SF to take you to strange and weird worlds, t [...]

    • The only thing keeping me from choosing 4 instead of a 3 was the ending--too abrupt, even with a short epilogue. Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the story.The concept of the silver is what intrigued me to pick this up used at a March of Dimes fundraiser and I was happily surprised by how quickly it sucked me in.The world Jubilee lives in is inhabited by human-like "players" who share their ring-shaped world with a strange substance called "silver" which some believe to be the leftover remnants of [...]

    • In the end, the big reveal was perhaps a little less revealing than I would've liked. But again, it worked plot-wise, and it probably would've seemed extremely forced to reveal everything—there's no way the characters would have understood any of it, their paradigm is so much different, and there are a number of things I feel I can safely infer from my standpoint that the main character has no basis for. It's essentially an SF secret to a fantasy world, which I can certainly appreciate. The co [...]

    • Summary: Interesting characters and the plot moves on pretty well I just found the premise a bit too peculiar, it's central to the story but just never quite worked for me.Plotline: Moves a long nicely with some interesting diversionsPremise: A bit weird and not really thought throughWriting: Good, great characterisationsEnding: Oh yesPace: Never a dull moment!

    • Memory is a novel that has a distinctive setting. Set in a human space colony where silver substance rises from the ground almost every night to swallow anyone and everything in its path not protected by small homunculus like creatures living in wells only to rebuild the non-human material by dawn, it has a feel of almost like story from a fantastic land, like a nanotech Arabian Nights.Jolly and Jubilee live their childhoods quite happily in one of the compounds protected by kobolds until one ni [...]

    • Not really my type of book but try a sample for yourselfI had trouble getting into the feel or swing of the book. It started off interesting with the adventure of the children in the well and the taking of the brother then it sort of meandered for me. I just got lost sometimes like the sleeping goddess. I really couldn't believe that world or even the players who were copies of each other. So, I am sure others will enjoy it more but it wasn't really for me.

    • The first Nagata I've read, and don't think it's so great an intro. Very mixed feelings about it. I really enjoyed her prose and the techno-fantasy world she created. But, I was also pretty disappointed by the ending I think it could have been amazing if she had taken the opportunity to explain the SF side of the story more.

    • I read a bunch of Linda Nagata's stuff last year, but this one from 2004 somehow escaped me. A really rather fun tale with a science fictional setting, but told with many of the fantasy tropes. Warring "gods", the traditional fantasy quest, a coming of age, but set on an (obvious to the reader if not the protagonists) nanotech created artificial habitat. Recommended.

    • The author lets the story and the worldbuilding tell itself. No long expositions. The characters are interesting and the world is unique. However there were parts that were confusing and I found I didn't care enough to go back to try to understand.

    • Refreshingly new.As an author myself, I especially enjoy finding a gem like this one. I only wish there was more written in this story universe of Linda's.

    • Tasteful scifi styling in a fantasy novel. Understated worldbuilding, fascinating tech made spicy with issues of destiny and matchmaking.

    • Currently stalled on this. I want to like this more than I do. I'm finding it hard to care much about the characters. Here, life and death just sort-of happen. Characters get reincarnated, or duplicated. most of the action is conceptual, rather than actual. protagonists are "players" not really people, and they don't seem to have much depth. Life long love and marriage are pre-ordained. A long exploration of free will vs destiny. I find the characters likeable enough, butt lacking passion. Most [...]

    • I bought this novel after being completely entranced after reading the first three chapters in an anthology / collection called 'Infinities'. Sadly, the book did not live up to those first three chapters.The story opens with a 10 year old Jubilee (the protagonist), losing her younger brother (Jolly) to the mysterious 'Silver'. As the book says: “ the silver could both dissolve away the structures of our civilization, and build them anew, it acted always as an impersonal force, never seeming aw [...]

    • On Jubilee's world, there is the silver, that rises on some nights over the land, covering everything not specially protected. For structures and tools, the silver sometimes leaves them alone, sometimes wipes them away, and sometimes returns buildings or items from the distant past. For living things, though, being swallowed by the silver is a death sentence. Jubilee's brother Jolly was taken by the silver as a youth, in front of her eyes. Years later, she meets somebody who can survive the silv [...]

    • I very much enjoyed this and there is a real sense of both the characters and the setting developing over the course of the story. The back cover blurb describes it thus:"A quest, a puzzle, and multiple lives: On an artificial world with a forgotten past, floods of "silver" rise in the night like fog, rewriting the landscape and consuming those caught in its cold mists. Seventeen-year-old Jubilee knows that no one ever returns from the silver--but then a forbidding stranger appears, asking after [...]

    • This is the first book I ever read by Linda Nagata years ago. Since then I've read several her her novels. I love her unique look at worlds and the relationships we have in them. Memory is about a world with a finite number of inhabitants. These people live, die and are reborn over and over. They don't remember those past lives, but their talents return.Here's the thing. These people have only one lover. It's genetic and even if they fall in love with another they can't even kiss them. The mingl [...]

    • Jubilee is a rambunctious child in a dangerous world, but her childhood is cut short when her brother, Jolly, is taken by the silver. The silver is by nature unpredictable. Sometimes it creates, sometimes it destroys, but it is always deadly to the players it touches. That's why she's so disturbed when, just before being taken, her brother tells her that he called the silver. Years later, a stranger appears out of the silver looking for Jolly. But no one can survive in the silver, and Jolly was [...]

    • Story:Jubilee and her younger brother Jolly live in a world that is constantly being changed due to a mysterious silver cloud that alters anything that is inanimate and kills anything that is flesh. One night when Jubilee is ten Jolly is lost to the silver in a freak accident or so she thinks. Several years later rumors begin to circulate about a man that can come in and out of the mist without being affected. Disregarding the rumors as hopeful fantasy Jubilee tries to move on with her life unti [...]

    • I came across this SF novel through a free Kindle collection ('Infinities'), and the short extract immediately caught my attention and my imagination.Some science fiction reads like contemporary fiction, with starships. The advanced technology seems to make little difference to the characters or to their culture. Such writing might still be good, but it doesn't make the best use of the genre.'Memory' does not fall into that category. Linda Nagata has created a world and a people that is both ver [...]

    • This splendid tale - a mix of fantasy and science fiction - is the first I've read by Nagata. I will certainly be seeking out more of her work. An alien, yet recognizably human humanity is at play within this story. Whether or not Earth is in the distant past of this society is not mentioned, so it may be a far-future tale, or merely an alien one. It hardly matters. Aside from the drama of emotion, morals, & memory, the technology that is obviously left over from the beginnings of the world [...]

    • OK, the world-building is pretty cool. The setting is a ringworld-orbital where things have gone Terribly Wrong. A long-ago war damaged the habitat, and the construction and maintenance nanoassembler-fogs (the silver), have become a menace to the players, their 'mechanics' (cool hi-tech machines) and their homes. The only safe places to live are temple-complexes around kobold wells -- the temple kobolds, small programmable mechanics, exude a sweet-smelling silver-repellent.It's a pretty neat set [...]

    • I had never heard of Linda Nagata when I received this book as a present, long after it was published. It is one of the few fantasy books that I can reread many times. The exceeding strangeness of this world, with its deadly silver mists destroying and rebuilding the landscape, the strange relations between men and women and the fragile trading economy, caught my imagination. The plot elements hinting at the true nature of the world seem incongruous against the fully realized world and believabl [...]

    • When I was a teenager I'd read whatever sci-fi or fantasy I could find at the library, so long as it wasn't the middle of a series they only had part of, so I've read plenty of books where every other noun is a made-up word or a normal word used to mean something totally different to its real definition, but I just don't have the patience for that kind of bullshit any more. This book isn't the worst example of that, but if I get to the end of the first chapter and don't understand the basics of [...]

    • I really enjoyed reading Memory. The only reason I didn't give the book 5 stars were a few chapters during the characters' journey that were a bit underwhelming compared to the rest of the book. The world of Memory is incredibly well-made. Reading the book, you'll definitely come up with lots of theories regarding the SF (science fiction) base of the world, and I just loved this combination of SF with a fantasy book feel.I also found the characters really interesting. I've heard some complaints [...]

    • A brilliant novel between sci-fi and fantasy, set in a mysterious world whose inhabitants, the "players", have to fight against the menace of ever more spreading "silver", erasing places and people as if on its own will. Each player live their own lives again and again, each time in the attempt to regain important memories and skills from their past and to make wiser choices. The main characters are key to radical, important changes for the whole planet. A novel with original, fascinating world- [...]

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