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Postcards From Nam Award Winning Finalist in the Fiction Multicultural category of the International Book AwardsMimi the protagonist of Mimi and Her Mirror is a successful young Vietnamese immigrant practicing law

  • Title: Postcards From Nam
  • Author: Uyen Nicole Duong
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Award Winning Finalist in the Fiction Multicultural category of the 2012 International Book AwardsMimi the protagonist of Mimi and Her Mirror is a successful young Vietnamese immigrant practicing law in Washington, D.C when the postcards begin to arrive Postmarked from Thailand, each hand drawn card is beautifully rendered and signed simply Nam Mimi doesn t recogniAward Winning Finalist in the Fiction Multicultural category of the 2012 International Book AwardsMimi the protagonist of Mimi and Her Mirror is a successful young Vietnamese immigrant practicing law in Washington, D.C when the postcards begin to arrive Postmarked from Thailand, each hand drawn card is beautifully rendered and signed simply Nam Mimi doesn t recognize the name, but Nam obviously knows her well, spurring her to launch what will become a decade long quest to find him As her search progresses, long repressed memories begin to bubble to the surface her childhood in 1970s Vietnam in a small alley in pre Communist Saigon Back then, who was her best friend as well as her brother s playmate, and what did art have anything to do with the alleys of her childhood What was the dream of these children then What happened when these children were separated by the end of the Vietnam war, their lives diverged onto different paths one to freedom and opportunity, the other to tragedy and pain Now Mimi must uncover the mystery of the postcards, including what might have happened to the people who where less fortunate those who escaped the ravaged homeland by boat after the fall of Saigon When the mystery is solved, Mimi has to make a resolution what can possibly reunite the children from the alley of her childhood even when the alley exists no

    Postcards From Nam by Uyen Nicole Duong Postcards from Nam, the new novella by Uyen Nicole Duong, is a gem, like the shard of a pearl found in the white sand, a rare find Just prior to the fall of Saigon, Mi Chau, age eleven, flees Vietnam with her parents to America, abandoning her aristocratic grandmother to the Communist regime. Postcards From Nam Kindle edition by Uyen Nicole Duong Nov , Postcards From Nam Kindle edition by Uyen Nicole Duong Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Postcards From Nam. Postcards from Nam Uyen Nov , These Postcards from Nam, which is not only the sender s name but the Vietnamese word for South, evoke those memories, forcing Mimi to dredge up childhood memories as well Full disclosure, as a military veteran of the war in Vietnam, my initial attraction to this little book was in thinking it was truly postcards from Vietnam It is not Postcards from Nam Audible Audio Edition Postcards from Nam is the third book in a trilogy about the end of the Vietnam war and first generation Vietnamese Americans The first book, Daughters of the River Huong, focused on the Simone Tran and her female ancestors. Postcards From Nam by Uyen Nicole Duong, Leslie Bellair The Audiobook MP on CD of the Postcards From Nam by Uyen Nicole Duong, Leslie Bellair at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on . or Holiday Shipping Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores Events Help Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least letters Use up arrow for mozilla firefox browser alt up arrow and down arrow for mozilla firefox browser alt down arrow to Postcards from Nam Audiobook by Uyen Nicole Duong For successful lawyer Mimi, s Washington, DC, is a far cry from the war torn Vietnam of her childhood Time and sheer force of will have allowed Mimi to put those turbulent years behind her that is, until the postcards begin to arrive.

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    • I find myself somewhat disappointed as I write this review. I am old enough to remember the video of South Vietnamese attempting to breech the American embassy to escape the oncoming North Vietnamese army, the lines of people snaking to the embassy roof to climb on to the final helicopters. It was a horrible time for those who remained in the South.In her novella, Uyen Nicole Duong writes of a woman turning 40 who emigrated from Viet Nam after that fall of Saigon in 1975. This woman has a CV rem [...]

    • Postcards from Nam, the new novella by Uyen Nicole Duong, is a gem, like the shard of a pearl found in the white sand, a rare find. Just prior to the fall of Saigon, Mi Chau, age eleven, flees Vietnam with her parents to America, abandoning her aristocratic grandmother to the Communist regime. Once in America, Mi Chau sets about creating her new life, assuming the name Mimi. She leaves behind the horrors of her flight, imposing upon herself a sort of amnesia about her youth. She attends Harvard [...]

    • Postcards from NamI forgot that I was reading a work of fiction until I finished Postcards from Nam. Until that time, I thought I was reading a memoir. The curious thing is that as a memoir, I would have given the book three stars, but as a novel, a novella, really, only two stars. That got me to thinking. Why would I find more merit to a book as a memoir than a novel? Considerable reflection on this question has led me to conclude that the answer lies in the fact that the novelist has a differe [...]

    • This is a very compelling novella that I read in one day. I did not know initially that it was part of a three book series. I liked it so much I just downloaded the other two and I'm looking forward to reading them. I was an adolescent went the Vietnam war was raging. I had/have absolutely no knowledge of the actual culture of Vietnam. I really enjoyed learning about what it was like for the "boat people" through this book. It was a real education into an area that I had so little knowledge of. [...]

    • This was a poignant story and held my interest even though the method of narration was unusual and rather poetic. We become quite involved in Nam's fate, even though he never speaks and we see him only through the eyes of the narrator Mimi and through reports of the horrific experiences he has undergone in getting out of Vietnam in the 70s. This is the last in a series of 3 novels and I wish I had read the other two before this one - but this does stand on its own. Mimi is an upwardly mobile imm [...]

    • An intriguing premise -- a Vietnamese woman living in America gets mysterious postcards from a figure from her troubled past -- that was beautifully written, but ultimately fell short because of an ending that left much to be desired. But, focusing on the positive, here are two quick examples of the writing that illustrate the author's talent:- "It was I who found her on the floor in a pond of blood."- "I held Nam's postcards in my two hands, shaking and crying until I felt dehydrated."

    • This novella is an extremely quick read (afternoon at the pool + bedtime) that packs a powerful story, beautifully written. It did leave me wanting to learn more about MiMi and Nam's story, but as it was presented, it is a deeply personal and raw story of the Vietnamese experience around the war.

    • A woman who was born in Vietnam during the war years. She leaves as a child in 1975 to the USA. this is about the homemade postcards she receives from Nam a childhood friend. one day the postcards stop for years than starts up again. then stops again she now wonders what happened to her friend. she goes to Vietnam as an adult to try and find out what happened to Nam. Pretty good for the most part.

    • "Almond eyes". I grew tired of that descriptor in this short novel by Duong. It's abrupt end was a frustration, in that I wanted to understand how simply telling Nam's story was enough for Mimi. Upon reading the Postscript, though, I learned that this is the third and final installment of a series. Perhaps investing time in the prequels will help me enjoy Postcards From Nam more than I did.

    • This novella is about Mimi, a young vietnamese woman who fled to America from Vietnam with her family right before the fall of Saigon. About 10 years after she has assimilated and become a lawyer, she begins receiving hand drawn postcards signed by someone named Nam. The story unfolds as she discovers who Nam is and the connection to her past life in Vietnam.I'm not sure if I liked this book. I thought it ended a bit abruptly and a little too "artistically" for my taste. I read the afterword and [...]

    • Here we have a fictionalized account of a young Vietnamese woman's intriguing interaction with a childhood friend, a fellow who sends her postcards. The cards seem to arrive in her mailbox at random, despite the fact that `Mimi' has only a vague recollection of who this `Nam' is, or how he knows her address. This very short novel quickly becomes metaphor for American involvement in the War in Vietnam many years ago, and its lingering hold on American consciousness. Ms Duong is a brilliant writer [...]

    • I chose this book from the Vine newsletter, the premise of the story really appealed to me, and I've not read many novels set around Vietnam before - so was interested to learn a little more. This is a novella really at just 100 pages long, but every one of the pages contain words that really touch the heart.Mimi is a succesful lawyer based in America, she is a Vietnamese immigrant who has americanised both her name and her lifestyle. Mimi's family were lucky enough to be able to leave their ho [...]

    • Short but to the point.Although this novella was only 90 pages long, it delivered quite a punch. With a slow start describing Mimi's life as a lawyer in America, the book opens out to describe her past as a child in Saigon before it fell to the Communist North, and the difficulties of escaping from the country.Mimi's escape was traumatic enough and she was devastated to leave a much beloved grandmother. But many were even less fortunate and suffered as the 'boat people' that we heard so much abo [...]

    • The little Vietnamese boy was going to draw postcards one day and send them from all round the world. But why can Mimi not remember him when she starts receiving the illustrated notes at her apartment in Washington DC? “I have a theory about memory,” she says, in Uyen Nicole Duong’s short novel Postcards from Nam. “We never completely forget. We only bandage ourselves.”The touches of memory in this novel are as light as the strokes of a paintbrush sketching in details of Saigon at the [...]

    • This is an unsettling short novel. The beginning is full of description of a Houston hotel by the woman living in it and I can tell the author's mastered her writing craft. It slowly but surely catches the reader, unwinding the story of Mimi, a Vietnam refugee as a child. She was once an up and coming lawyer in DC. Now she's a writer, living in this hotel.Then she receives a postcard from Nam. Not from Vietnam, but from a person called Nam. This isn't the first one. They began to arrive when she [...]

    • This was a Daily Deal book from and the first book I have read on my Kindle. I found reading on the Kindle easy and fine. As usual for me, my fingers don’t seem to tap properly so I would end up opening things instead of just turning a page, but I imagine even my fingers will eventually start behaving correctly. I still like to read paper books and listen to audiobooks; now I have another way to read.I was captivated with the story of the Vietnamese refugee woman who had succeeded beyond expe [...]

    • This is the story of a Vietnamese woman who was evacuated from South Vietnam as a young girl of 9 at the end of the Vietnam War. When she is an adult she begins to receive postcards addressed to her Vietnamese name and doesn't recognize the sender so she puts them away and ignores them. She eventually asks her mother if she remembers anyone by the name of Nam and her mother says yes, the boy across the street was named Nam. MiMi then recalls that the boy used to sit for hours and listen to her p [...]

    • I do lots of work for Vietnam Veterans' groups, and was intrigued by the title of this novella, seen in one of my daily Kindle emails, thinking of Nam as a place. Duong's characters painted me a vivid picture of one man's story of survival--a story of putting others firstof compassion. For certain, it was Quan Yin who carried Nam, just as the Blessed Mother or Jesus Christ might carry an American or European thru horrific ordeals.Many of the pictures saved in my head, from the news reports on t [...]

    • This novella is often beautiful but also disturbing. It tells the story of a young girl surviving in Vietnam before the fall as a story of privilege being exposed to the baser side of life. She is forced to grow up quickly as she witnesses the poverty and pain of Vietnam as it fails but she is protected and revered by a neighbor boy that (at the time) she dismisses as below her status. She escapes Vietnam to America and the boy also leaves later on in much worse circumstances. His story as he pr [...]

    • This novella is about a Vietnamese immigrant who becomes a lawyer in Washington, D.C. She begins receiving postcards from "Nam." Each have beautiful drawings. She doesn't recognize the name but, as they continue to come, begins searching for the sender. This search leads her to having suppressed memories of her time in Vietnam during the 70s to bubble to the surface. And she remembers a boy from her neighborhood. As she searches for Nam her memories of the horrors of war and communism come back. [...]

    • This story seems to be a vehicle for the author to string together short portraits of the hard life of those fleeing Vietnam in the 1970's. While it's a relief to see a work of fiction not written with a film option in mind, the prose doesn't live up to the serious content the author attempts to portray.Too much emotion is expressed in "I felt" and not in making the reader feel it too. The centerpiece story, that of Nam, needs more development of the character of Nam, and less of the melodramati [...]

    • The years of the war in Vietnam were wrenching even for those of us who witnessed it on the eveing news, at a remove. This deceptively slender novella packs more dynamite in its pages than others three times its length. The experiences are brought to the forefront of a young girl, her family, and her memories of their early life in Saigon before it became Ho Chi Minh City. Her early love for and from a young boy who didn't make it out of Vietnam in 1975 are surpressed until she starts receiving [...]

    • This novella was a reduced-price kindle offer, an "reward." I took it, I read it, and I even finished it. Notes at the end seemed to be a professor's study guide, and somewhere I read this author has been or is currently a college professor. If the book had been used for that purpose, I would have rated it much higher. I also read that originally this book was much longer and was shortened to fit the classroom model. Perhaps, if I could have read the longer version, I might raise the rating. As [...]

    • Postcards from Jam by Uyen Nicole DuongThis book is less then a 100 pages, but takes you on a longer visual trip. The author takes us into the world of different cultures, and her writing does the same. You won't be able to say you love these books, but, they are lovely stories. At times confusing yet simply written you find yourself in the back alleys of Saigon, with the rain and smells of that country, only to be jerked back to the stifling heat of Houston Texas, with its southern drawl interr [...]

    • Short book that tells the story of a few young people in Vietnam at the end of the war. I learned about the evacuation, boat people, and the way the Vietnamise were regarded after the war ended. Being a teenager, with family and friends directly involved in the war, my perception seemed to only be about the GI's during the conflict. I found it interesting to learn more about people who were my age and living thru the conflict. Nam was a childhood friend of a young girl who eventually became an A [...]

    • There was a whole lot of story packed into these scant pages! I've got another book by the same author, and now I'm really looking forward to that one.The story focuses on Mimi, a Vietnamese woman who immigrated to the United States after the Vietnam War. She becomes an overworked and high-paid attorney in Washington, DC. And then, she receives her first postcard from Nam.I enjoyed the structure of the story. The author would discuss a few of the postcards then go back in Mimi's past to explain [...]

    • I'm not sure if this is the third in a series or not, but it stands well as a book on its own.It's basically the story of a young woman who finally decides to find out where Nam, a former neighbor of hers from Vietnam, is. She finds out where he is, and it's a heart-breaking story. (view spoiler)[ But they never actually meet, which was a bit of a let-down. I understand why, of course, but I still wish somewhere deep down that Nam and Mimi could have met. (hide spoiler)]I liked it because it's s [...]

    • When Vietnamese Mimi begins receiving hand-drawn postcards from someone named Nam in Thailand she is a successful lawyer in DC and doesn't know the sender. After several months of postcards she finally figures out who they're from. Nam, Mimi's childhood friend and neighbor in Vietnam, did not leave when Mimi's family did during the airlift. His story is told in snatches as Mimi tries to find out what happened to him. Her reminiscence also begins to make her evaluate her life choices. Nam's life [...]

    • Uyen Duong has completed a three part series about the end of the Vietnam War with this book. The books also deal with the resettlement issues that faced children who left Vietnam as the war came to an end. I didn't know about the earlier books when I picked this one, but now I would like to red themis book follows Mimi(Mi Chau) a successful, young lawyer as she tries to find out what happened to a childhood friend after Mimi and her parents left Vietnam. Nam has sent her occassional postcards, [...]

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