Kidnap and Kink

Kidnap and Kink Be Careful What You Wish For Jenna Marks has a secret fantasy to be kidnapped tied up and seduced When she confides her secret to her best friend on a dare she never imagines her wish might come tr

  • Title: Kidnap and Kink
  • Author: Brynn Paulin
  • ISBN: 2940012449269
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Nook
  • Be Careful What You Wish For Jenna Marks has a secret fantasy, to be kidnapped, tied up and seduced When she confides her secret to her best friend on a dare, she never imagines her wish might come true.Rob Colvin, owner of The Dungeon, has had his eye on Jenna for months, but he didn t think Jenna would be into the things that make him hot When he overhears her secret,Be Careful What You Wish For Jenna Marks has a secret fantasy, to be kidnapped, tied up and seduced When she confides her secret to her best friend on a dare, she never imagines her wish might come true.Rob Colvin, owner of The Dungeon, has had his eye on Jenna for months, but he didn t think Jenna would be into the things that make him hot When he overhears her secret, he knows he s going to be the one to deliver her fantasy one weekend of her submission to him, her mysterious and masterful lover.

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      When it comes to books and movies, Brynn Paulin has one rule there must be a happy ending After that one requirement, anything else goes And it just might in any of her books.Brynn lives in Michigan, where she likes to spoil her children and dogs not necessarily in that order She also loves to cook, travel and spend far too much time on social media She enjoys mentoring and meeting new people and is always willing to chat Personally, she finds great pleasure in spending time with her family and dogs, as well as volunteering around her community.First published in June 2007 by Ellora s Cave, Brynn is the author of over 55 books, including the bestselling Daly Way and Taboo Wishes series.According to Brynn, her writing success can be attributed to an eclectic collection of music, her local road construction crews, a trusty notebook, and of course, the people in her life who ve finally accepted that everything is research or will be.Brynn loves to talk to her readers and can be found at brynnpaulin.

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    • A very interesting, sexy, kidnap fantasy story. Rob owns a BDSM club, but he sits in a coffee shop twice a week to catch up his books. He sits with headphones in so nobody bugs him. One of those nights, Jenna and her best friend are often there, and Rob has been intrigued by Jenna for a while. When she confesses her kidnap fantasy, she doesn't think anyone can hear her, but Rob's ears perked up real quick. He kidnaps her, though she becomes a willing victim very quickly. He wears a mask or keeps [...]

    • I picked this book up last year and during a little re-read I was indulging in realized that I'd never reviewed it. I'm going to chalk it up to my youthful embarrassment at reviewing books with decidedly kinkier subject matter- something I obviously have no problem with now, thankyouverymuch. Regardless of why I didn't review it then, I'm going to now. Right now. Watch me.Now first things first, don't let the super skinniness of the cover model turn you aside from reading this one. Although Jenn [...]

    • Well, this one was terrible in so many ways I was going to do a long, snarky review, but ultimately figured I don't want to lose my time with this thing. Not more than I already did while reading it.The problems I had with this one were the unbelievable reactions and actions of the characters. Even though I get the BDSM kink that this story had/was about, the way it was portrayed seemed ridiculous. Hello, if someone I DON'T KNOW shows up and tries to kidnap me, even if he says he won't harm me†[...]

    • Well written short novella, with few big "commence eye rolling" moments. The story starts out with a woman's fantasy of wanting to be kidnapped by a handsome stranger; said fantasy comes true when a mystery BDSM man enters the picture. It was a VERY consensual dub-con and she had a safeword the whole time. When I read little short books like this, though, I do not want a HEA. I mean you just met this scary dude that kidnaps you and you suddenly say "l love you" and "I want your babies," I don't [...]

    • Sex overload!I'm a little on the fence because I could understand with the intensity between them the emotions would go fast, but it was a little too fast for my tastes. Falling in love after two days.And Rob is so stupid! All he had to do was say his name, but no. He chickened out and had them both sad for a few days before they were together again. I was happy though that Rob immediately informed Jenna that he wasn't going to harm her, what his intentions were, and that he was just plain hones [...]

    • There was barely any kink there! And already with the i love you in two days? really? the beginning was alright with him overheard her fantasy and decided to give it to her but after that the story was just forced to be written thus book is highly reviewed for its kink, ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE? Why is it do hard to find an honest review these days!!!!!

    • Jenna adalah gadis biasa2 saja, dengan perawakan super duper 'ceking'(sesuai penggambaran model di cover ibuknya tuh)[image error] yang bekerja sebagai perawat di sebuah klinik.Suatu ketika, dia ngobrol dg teman baiknya, Mira soal "Fantasy Liar Rahasia"nyaTernyata, fantasy liar Jenna adalah "To be Kidnapped" dan "Being Forced" but not "Being raped" , nah loh.ung.ung dah tuh temennya.[image error]Rupanya, fantasy rahasia si Jenna kedengeran Lah sama salah 1 pengunjung cafe yg kebetulan udah lama [...]

    • 4-4.5 starsThis was a really good story. I liked both Jenna and Rob. Their story is BDSM based and very steamy but it had it's sweet aspect too. Rob has made it to my book-boyfriend list. :DJenna is a pediatric nurse and a nice woman. She doesn't have any family and hangs out with her friends when she can. Jenna has a bit of a self-image problems and starves herself because she thinks she's too fat. Jenna has fantasies of BDSM and being kidnapped and a forceful seduction but has no clue how to g [...]

    • Brynn Paulin is a creative author who draws the reader quickly into this wonderfully erotic short story. Your emotions will flow like water cascading down a waterfall. Jenna is an energetic healthcare professional with a fantasy, a dark fantasy of abduction and rape. Her fantasy or dream could become her nightmareor her reality.Rob too has a dream a desire a need and a strong code by which he lives. Mira is she to be trusted? Is she a true friend? Sharing a secret with her is it safe?Mira and Ro [...]

    • Ok, gonna start by saying that Mr. Masters fromhas spoiled me for all other Doms. PERIOD. That being said, I enjoyed this book. Don't let the three stars keep you from reading, I'm just stingy w/my ratingsd again, Mr. Masters has yet to be topped! (Hee Hee!)Jenna has a strong desire to be kidnapped and dominated as a fantasy, and while sharing her secret w/her best friend, she is overheard by Rob, who just happens to own a BDSM club & has been secretly crushing on Jenna. So he decides to bri [...]

    • Kinky fluff. There's a lot of ways something of this nature could go wrong, but Paulin makes it very clear from the off that things are (and must remain) totally consensual.A lot of people hate the cover, because the woman looks emaciated--but that's actually true to the character.Another review I read, here or over at , didn't like that there was no attention paid to safe sex. And by that I mean condom use, because let's face it: very little about this plot would actually be considered safe by [...]

    • Kidnap and Kink is book two in the short taboo erotica series, Taboo Wishes, by Brynn Paulin. So far, this series has been light in the way of BDSM and the writer obviously knows their stuff. In this story, the owner of The Dungeon, a BDSM club, over hears his crush discussing her secret fantasy to be kidnapped and taken. He decides to fulfill this fantasy for her, but makes sure she truly wants what she desires. He grabs her in her unsecured parking lot and tells her he knows of her fantasy and [...]

    • Ohhh God! I loved this book! Not only this is also one of my fantasies, but Rob is the man of every woman's dream! He's hot, sexy, has a beautiful musculed body, he loves curves, loves to please a woman and he has green eyes too!God, what else would you want?The story was interesting and made me smile all the time. It was never boring, and every steamy momet Rob and Jenna shared was sooo arousing!It was a really short story, but I liked it!Visit my blog: THE LEATHERS EXPRESS

    • Buenote viene igual de fuerte que el otrohasta se podrĂ­a decir que se mete mas en todo lo del sadomasoquismo y demás la historia entre ellos es mas fuerte tambiĂ©n. y hay mas romance, mas sentimientos. Me gusto mucho mas que el primero. Escenas muy torridas pero bue el genero.y explorandolo, aunque no creo que dure mucho tiempo mas leyendo. Prefiero las novelas no tan explicitas sino mas profundas y con mayor grado de sentimientos.Pero esta es buena, mas alla de todo

    • I loved the concept--- a sexy guy makes a woman's secret fantasy come true by actually kidnapping her. And that part was handled well-- he made her feel safe enough that he wasn't a psycho out to harm her, but still frightened enough to keep her on edge and add to that excitement. But I actually felt like that fear and apprehension disappeared rather quickly I know it was a very short story, but I would have liked it to be longer, more in depth, have the fear fade slowly, and trust built a littl [...]

    • 3.5-4 RatingThis story has so much great potential, but needs a little tweaking. It starts out with the overheard confession about wanting to be kidnapped and forced. The kidnapping was really a great maneuver and I like both characters, but there was no force. She willfully agrees to everything and he makes sure to ask because he wants more than just this one time with her. It is sweet and even romantic with lots of BDSM play fully enjoyed by both participants.Very good read, just looking for a [...]

    • Rob Colvin has found himself fascinated by the woman he has been watching at the coffee shop he frequents. When he overhears her fantasy of being kidnapped and seduced into submission, his interest peaks to another level. Although Rob is the owner of The Dungeon, he sees something unique about the woman he now knows as Jenna and plans to act out her every fantasy for one weekend, but one taste of the her makes him want more.Fantastic read, I was captivated by the unique twist on Rob as a Dom. I [...]

    • Me habĂ­a esperado algo totalmente diferente, a decir verdad. Creo que el problema es que se trata de una historia corta entonces no hay mucho margen para que los protagonistas te cautiven. Todo fue demasiado precipitado y no les creĂ­ ni por un segundo que se amaban. Los mismo que a Rob le hizo falta un poco de más fuerza en su papel de Dom. Con todo, no es una mala lectura, pero completamente olvidable, sĂ­.

    • I hardly ever write reviews. Only recently I have and only when a book is either really bad, or really good. Or when something bothers me enough about it to warn others. And I have to say, this book was the first of the short stories I've read that I've thoroughly enjoyed. One that had the storyline AND the sex. One wasn't sacrificed for the other as is what usually happens in the short stories I read. Sex was hot, story was heart warming and interesting. Loved it. Definitely would recommend.

    • Through luck or chance, Jenna gets an opportunity to experience her deepest desires - being abducted by a stranger, consensual in a way. A mysterius man gives Jenna the weekend of her life, but can anything come from this? Rob has had his eyes on the beauty who takes her coffee breaks in the same place as him for a while now, and now he got an inn - but can he take the chance?Smutty fluff, consensual kidnap and a Master finding his sub in a great combo.

    • Huh. Well, well, I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I expected. These was something resembling a plot, which I did not see coming. I thought it would be smutty smuttiness (and was not disappointed at all!) but it was much more. There was actual romance and tenderness and angst. How awesome is that? While it did not blow me away the way other surprisingly nice reads did, I did enjoy it quite a bit. Nice characters, plot and hot sex. What more could I want?

    • Yet another fun, quick read from Brynn Paulin. I'm seriously loving her style. I love the whole Dungeon meets real worldness of the stories. At first, I wasn't too keen on the whole kidnapping thing, especially since it wasn't pre-arranged, but it ended up being really well written.And yes, as usual, there was another happy ending.

    • Short, sexy and good. Given this was a novella there wasn't much expectation of an in depth storyline but for it being short we were definitely given more than I've come to expect from a novella. Believable, mostly. The instant connection, totally, the wanting so much more so fast, I'm not so sure, thus why I only gave it 4 stars not 5.

    • yikes!, I agree, the cover was a turn off for me but as I read the story then it made sense since the main character is supposed to look like that.I sort of liked it and I think this book improved a bit compared to the first one in the series.You can't really do much with 50 pages but it was enough for me to know the characters.

    • I´ve really gotten my eyes up for BDSM-erotica. The genre is so HOT. But I got dissepointed by this book.He overhears a sex-fantasy, kidnaps her, and she trusts him more or less by the first minute? Everything happends so fast, that it´s a turnoff for me.Cherise Sinclair´s books are more realistic in my opinion.

    • A novella from the pen of a very talented writer, one that brings BDSM into lots of her stories. Fulfilling one's fantasies is not often a possibility, but for this lady it happens. Be careful what you tell your best friend in the coffee bar. It is fun read and one that made an impression on me as so well written spiced up with that sense of the mysterious.

    • I really liked this book! It had that fantasy element come true, but it also was based in the today, and our heroine was spunky, not sassy, and our hero was knocked on his butt when his bluff is called, but bounces back in true Dom fashion!These two are definitely hot, and definitely entertaining, and most definitely, made for each other!

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