Siege of Titan

Siege of Titan Siege of Titan is the first book in the epic Uprising series part of the growing Star Crusades universe that chronicles humanity s first interstellar confederation that is torn apart by religious str

  • Title: Siege of Titan
  • Author: Michael G. Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Siege of Titan is the first book in the epic Uprising series, part of the growing Star Crusades universe that chronicles humanity s first interstellar confederation that is torn apart by religious strife and extremism.In the first book of the Star Crusades Uprising series, the bloody struggle is told through the eyes of an illegal pit fighter named Spartan, who is force Siege of Titan is the first book in the epic Uprising series, part of the growing Star Crusades universe that chronicles humanity s first interstellar confederation that is torn apart by religious strife and extremism.In the first book of the Star Crusades Uprising series, the bloody struggle is told through the eyes of an illegal pit fighter named Spartan, who is forced to choose between incarceration or military service Choosing the Confederate Marine Corps over servitude he begins his thirty long weeks of training Together with his group of marines, they are honed into a force ready to be thrown into the meat grinder on the newest and greatest planet in the Confederacy, Proxima Prime His term of service will soon become one of violence and carnage, as the entire sector is ripped apart by a brutal and virulent religious movement and its shocking plans.What starts as a series of suicide bombings and hijackings through the Confederacy quickly turns into a full scale revolution on Prime that threatens the entire planet and quickly spreads to its orbital Naval Station and beyond As every warship and military transport in the area is rushed to its defence, the fate of the planet and the entire sector lie in the hands of a small number of rookie marines.The 12 book Star Crusades series includes STAR CRUSADES UPRISINGSiege of Titan Star Crusades Uprising, Book 1 Tears of Kerberos Star Crusades Uprising, Book 2 Fires of Prometheus Star Crusades Uprising, Book 3 Battle for Proxima Star Crusades Uprising, Book 4 Fall of Terra Nova Star Crusades Uprising, Book 5 Slaves of Hyperion Star Crusades Uprising, Book 6 STAR CRUSADES NEXUSLegions of Orion Star Crusades Nexus, Book 1 Machine Gods Star Crusades Nexus, Book 2 Heroes of Helios Star Crusades Nexus, Book 3 The Great Betrayal Star Crusades Nexus, Book 4 Prophecy of Fire Star Crusades Nexus, Book 5 Call to Arms Star Crusades Nexus, Book 6 These titles are also available as combined trilogies including STAR CRUSADES UPRISING THE FIRST TRILOGYSTAR CRUSADES UPRISING THE SECOND TRILOGYSTAR CRUSADES NEXUS THE FIRST TRILOGYSTAR CRUSADES NEXUS THE SECOND TRILOGYFor information visit the official Star Crusades website Keyword Starcrusader.

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      Michael G Thomas, is a writer, martial artist and military historian He has written books on European martial arts and military history as well as Zombie Survival books and fiction He is the co founder of the prestigious Academy of Historical Fencing that teaches traditional armed and unarmed European martial arts His specialist subject areas are teaching the use of the medieval two handed longsword and the German long knife in both the UK and other parts of Europe.His academic background is as varied as his writing with degrees in Computing, Classical Studies and Machine Learning In recent years he has undertaken substantial research in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as Ancient Greek and Byzantine military history.Michael is currently completing his Champions of the Apocalypse Series and Star Crusades science fiction series.

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    • Let me just say, Sci-Fi is not my usual genre so I downloaded the sample chapters with trepidation after I noticed the book pop up on my recommendations page. It's not that I don't like the genre but more the fact that most sci-fi books I try border a bit too much on the unrealistic. But not this one. The first few pages of a Siege of Titan sucked me right in and I was hooked so I bought the whole thing. What makes this book stand out from the crowd is the author's amazing imagination that doesn [...]

    • Failed the hundred page test.Straight forward space opera, but neither the story nor the storytelling engage the reader.Illogical situation and military response makes no sense. That irregular forces can do these things to regulars isnot to be denied, but there are other responses.Not for me.

    • At a time when Humanity has spread out into the galaxy, the Centauran planets are united in an Alliance which is threatened by The Zealots, a fundamentalist group of suicidal maniacs.Spartan, as his name may suggest, is a wrestler/fighter in a deadly and illegal fight ring. When the games are raided, Spartan, attempting to escape, accidentally kills a policeman and is sentenced to either ten years in prison or ten years in the army, training as a marine to fight the zealots.It's competently writ [...]

    • I thought this a pretty good book. Fast, easy reading, well formatted and pretty action packed.I would have liked more depth during the "basic" part of the story, but all in all, a pretty good "good guy in a bad situation, forced to choose between prison or the military (think space marines), survives, thrives, and kills lots of bad guys against the odds" story.I also liked that there wasn't just the single point of view, that we got views from other characters, some connected to the main protag [...]

    • I liked this book. I don't know if it has been re-edited from when most of the other reviews were written but I didn't find the large numbers of typos that I was expecting. There were a few, to be sure, but not all that many.Over all, I thought the story was well written. The pacing was good. My one major complaint was the way the characters interacted. The Officer/Enlisted interaction was WAY too informal, especially for the Corps. Maybe it's because I'm a veteran and have a certain familiarity [...]

    • Siege of Titan is the kind of story that I tend to enjoy reading. The idea that we could get out there and colonize other worlds without having to invent `warp drive' or FTL is one that appeals to me. The story is supported by current technology, right down to the weapon systems. The most advanced weapons in the story are the ship mounted rail guns and they already exist here on Earth. There has been talk of typos and I noticed a few. Though I have seen the same sort of thing in eBooks from the [...]

    • The plot is fine and the characters are interesting. The biggest problem with this book and the entire series is that there is clearly no editor or beta readers. The repetitive use of words or the use of a word no longer in modern use is highly jarring as a reader. It breaks the flow and takes the focus off of the story. Anyways, interesting book but could use a thorough editing.

    • Fun read. Starts with gladiator combat of the future in bloodsport matches, and then moves quickly to the main character being enrolled in the Marines. Got to love that.Quick pace, and just a fun read if you like military sci fi. Lots of setup for the next book as well. Looks to be a fun series.

    • Slightly cliché but none the less very entertaining story that’s really let down by what I can only assume is a lack of proofreading. There are absolutely terrible sentences and turns of phrase littered throughout that I am convinced would have been re-written had anyone proofed it.

    • Fairly entertaining military sci-fi. Plenty of action and enough 'real' science to keep me interested.Let down by proofreading errors, but compelling enough to make me want to continue the series.

    • Michael G. Thomas' Seige of Titan is a novel that meets ALL of the criteria for a great, fun military-SF novel in my opinion.It deserves the 5 stars I gave it.This book went beyond my expectations for a military SF novel.In short, I loved it.Here's a basic overview (no spoilers):The story takes place in a future where a Confederacy controls the nearby star systems around Sol. In this interstellar society there is a war between the ordered government of the Confederacy and the mysterious religiou [...]

    • I can understand why people would not like this book. I gave it for stars for several reasons. The first is the bad editing. There are typos and messed up sentences through out this book. They cause a reader to loose the flow. Character development was lacking. Characters are kinda flat.Having said that, the story is exciting and like others who have reviewed this book the end has a great twist. Its a little predictable but exciting just the same. The military lingo is kept to a minimum and the [...]

    • I am not sure that I am going to ever trust blind recommendations from again. I was looking for a new series to take with me while traveling and the description looked promising. I was disappointed, especially for a series that has three books already. It is not a bad book, but its not a very good one either. The author is skilled at keeping the action moving but lacks high end writing skill. This small press book is poorly edited, especially in the last third of the book and some author coachi [...]

    • Let me just say that this wasn't inherently a terrible book. Though the plot was predictable, and the characters pretty un-developed, it has the basic structure of a fun, easy sci-fi book, and even manages to develop some good tension in the final sections. Unfortunately, this book just doesn't appear to have been edited. At all. The number of typos, errors, and straight-up un-readable sentences is absolutely amazing, and I really just don't think this thing should have ever been published in it [...]

    • This book and the other books in this series are great fun to read. Strong heroes, good plot and great continuity. The version I got are on ebook and I have to say that whoever did the editing was way short of compitent. Typo's galore and words inserted wher they make no sence. My rating would probably have been 5 stars save for the sloppy editing

    • This was awful, just awful. Typos abounded, the characters were barely one dimensional, and it was all simply wretched.There's good military science fiction, and then there's this.Keep away. Far, far away.

    • I only made it 50% through this one, Life is too short to finish reading poorly written books. The dialogue feels wooden and none of characters have any depth. I love military science fiction, but didn't enjoy anything about this book.

    • This was a quick, fun read. It was free on amazon for some reason(?) Good enough to read the next one in the series. Good action but not very good characters. It's harder to remember the characters in this book compared to "The Empires Cops" even though I finished Siege of Titan more recently.

    • I enjoyed this story. Pacing, structure, grammar and usage, things like that were flawed. Repetitious as well, and could use some copy editing. But regardless of all that, it was still an awesome story with lots of action. I liked it.

    • The beginning developed the characters quite nicely then, "Bam," we are in the action and lots of it. It was fun and somewhat terrifying. I hope the author continues to build the characters some more in the next one because I fully intend to read it.

    • Excellent storyAction packed , second time reading it already has me hooked and .looking forward to the next book again!

    • Quick fun readLikeable main character. Lots of options going forward. Will definitely read the next one in the series. Action start to finish

    • Self-published sci-fi of the military space genre. Worth reading if you like this stuff (I do and got all six books in the series). E-book version is cheap if you by the bundle.

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