Scrumptious Sparks fly between love em and leave em pastry chef and poker sharp Marlene Bennet and traveling chef for hire Joe Rafferty when the two culinary perfectionists are forced to share a kitchen But sever

  • Title: Scrumptious
  • Author: Amanda Usen
  • ISBN: 9781402259821
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sparks fly between love em and leave em pastry chef and poker sharp Marlene Bennet and traveling chef for hire Joe Rafferty when the two culinary perfectionists are forced to share a kitchen But several suspicious accidents at the restaurant convince Marlene and Joe to work together to uncover the saboteur Maybe a little intrigue and high stakes poker will be the perfeSparks fly between love em and leave em pastry chef and poker sharp Marlene Bennet and traveling chef for hire Joe Rafferty when the two culinary perfectionists are forced to share a kitchen But several suspicious accidents at the restaurant convince Marlene and Joe to work together to uncover the saboteur Maybe a little intrigue and high stakes poker will be the perfect ingredients for these commitment phobic foodies to whip up a happily ever after.

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    • Amanda Usen

      Amanda Usen knows two things for certain chocolate cheesecake is good for breakfast, and a hot chef can steal your heart Her husband stole hers the first day of class at the Culinary Institute of America They live in Western New York with their three children, one gerbil, four fish, a tortoise, and a beagle Amanda spends her days teaching pastry arts classes and her nights writing sexy contemporary romance If she isn t baking or writing, she can usually be found reading a book and trying to get out of cooking dinner.

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    • Rhys' review posted on Guilty PleasuresMarly is a woman that knows what she wants, and tonight she wants Joe Rafferty. While Marly has lusted after Joe for years, since Olivia’s wedding and culinary school graduation, he has been off limits to her until tonight. Being back in town, Joe won’t know what hit hm. When accidents start to happen at Chameleon just when Joe walks in the door, can Marly trust that he is a good guy or will he just be another notch in her bedpost?Joe Rafferty is tired. [...]

    • Review At: I Read, I Think, I ShareReview Date: 20 Dec 2011Review URL: littlemermybooks/2011/12/scrumptious-by-amanda-usenmlSummary:This is light-hearted and easy read, and fun too. And reading the yummy food that they make really made me mouth watering. Due to their background and history, they thought the other one is not the right person for them despite the chemistry between them. They are definitely good cooking partner for the restaurant. I like to see both of them "in action" on handling [...]

    • This book has a slow start with two characters I wasn't sure if I was going to like. It was refreshing to have the heroine be as much of a player as the hero was. Both the H/h had some serious parent issues and lack of commitment issues. I also enjoyed the look into the hard work and lifestyle of a chef. There was also an interesting mystery story that played into the plot as well. I didn't like that the H thought of the h as a slut for at least the first half of the book and even referred to he [...]

    • 3.5 - would have been 4 but the last few chapters were a little silly. So let me tell you this book is hot and yummy- no seriously hunger inducing because the descriptions of food made my mouth water. Marly is a pastry chef at her friend Olivia's restaurant. When Olivia has to call in culinary school buddy Joe to help out chemistry is zinging back and forth between him and Marlene. The sex scenes are frequent and blush worthy but the story and characters was kicker for me - I really enjoyed this [...]

    • You can find the complete review atForever Book Lover.This book combines two of my favorite things: cooking and romance. My mouth was watering reading about all the delicious dishes that were being cooked, I would have loved to see The author built a strong "sister and best friend" bond between Marly and Olivia, they have been best friends forever. With that bond so strong, the one thing that bugged me…There were parts of this book I truly enjoyed, and others that I didn't. I plan on reading [...]

    • I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Although it was a bit steamier than my normal fare, it had a fun story that I enjoyed. Both Marley and Joe are players and chefs. When Joe sticks around for a couple weeks to help out his friend Olivia (who owns Marley's restaurant) they try and keep it light, but with outside forces trying to destroy the restaurant, both Marley and Joe seem like they might finally get over their parent issues and grow up some. I find the glimpses into being a chef really [...]

    • A sexy little romp between H/H who both professed love'em and leave'em status. Quick and fun debut book centered around chefs and restaurant environment.

    • C- bad, even though it took place in Buffalo, too much description of cooking and not enough description of characters

    • This book was very funny and very well written. I had a lot of fun reading this book. This book is good for anyone who loves humor, backing and romance.

    • Scrumptious had the potential to be a fun, sexy romance. I don't normally read romance novels where food is a big part of the plot, but I decided to give Scrumptious a chance because of the blurb and the cover. I really wanted to like this book but I had serious issues with two of the main characters and these issues ruined the book for me.Marlene has been working at Chameleon since she was teen alongside her best friend, Olivia. Olivia's family owns the restaurant and took Marlene under their w [...]

    • I’m one of those people who likes upscale food in fancy-schmancy restaurants. Being a hillbilly at heart, I also like down-home food where the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Amanda Usen gives me all that and more in this fun and light-hearted read.I don’t usually read books dealing with food. I’ve not found one that’s been written by a classically trained chef who make culinary delights believable and enjoyable. Until now. Ms. Usen is a chef in her own right, and she does a terrific job [...]

    • Originally posted on Wit and Sin: witandsin/2011/12Chef Joe Rafferty made one promise to his dying mother – there will be “no more sluts.” He’s determined to keep that promise and settle down with a nice woman. But when he comes to the aid of his culinary school friend Olivia, Joe meets Olivia’s best friend Marlene. Marly is the exact opposite of the kind of girl Joe knows he should fall for, but what harm is there in taking a slight detour before he gets back on the path to finding Ms [...]

    • Scrumptious caught my eye because it sounded like it would be a light, fun yet hot read. It was all of the above, but Marlene's love interest Joe and her best friend Olivia drove me to distraction. Marlene was such a great character. I loved that she liked Joe, but didn't want anything too serious with him because she had issues from her moms multiple marriages and the fact that her dad left when she was in high school.I wish that that there were more contemporary romance heroines like Marlene. [...]

    • This and other reviews available at Viviana, Enchantress of BooksYes, the cover (original, shown here) grabbed my attention. The synopsis held it.I have been “eyeing” this book ever since it came out. Like I said, the cover is awesome. Yummy… cupcakes!! Jeez people (heheheh)!! However, the story – one that involves a chef and the culinary world peak my interest. I instantly grabbed it from the “Goodie Room” table at the RT Convention back in April where it’s been sitting on my book [...]

    • Fans of Louisa Edwards Rising Star Chef and Recipe For Love series will absolutely LOVE this book. The cooking and sex are downright steamy and things boil over fast between Marly and Joe. Malene (Marly) Bennett loves everything about restaurant Chameleon, except for the fact that--she will never be its Chef. Her parents failed marriage leave an emotional scar and major commitment issues for this heroine-the main theme being that men do not stick around. Because of this, Marly decides to do the [...]

    • Marly Bennett is a bakery chef working in Olivia's (her BFF) restaurant, Chameleon. Marly has worked at Chameleon for years - she grew up with Olivia's family and worked while Olivia went to culinary school. Things are not going well for Olivia - her rat of a husband has cheated on her for the last time and is trying to take the restaurant down with him. Marly knows they can keep Chameleon afloat but knows it's going to take some hard work.Joe Rafferty is an old friend of Olivia's, passing throu [...]

    • In the hot, steamy kitchen of the Chameleon restaurant, Marlene “Marly” Bennett is doing what she loves the most. Currently acting as pastry chef, she helps her best friend, Olivia run the family restaurant and can cook better than any other chef around. When Olivia’s husband and chef, Keith, is caught with his pants down literally, Marlene steps in to help Olivia run the line so Olivia doesn’t have a nervous breakdown. Olivia then decides that Chameleon needs a new chef and hires the in [...]

    • Great food, a sexy chef, romance, a touch of suspenseis book had the potential to be amazing. But, in my option, there's too much casualness around, and it makes the story hard to believe and yucky in places. There's casualness in the way the restaurant is run (trash shoved under the kitchen mats while food is being cooked) and in the relationships between the characters: Olivia, the owner, knows her husband is cheating on her, and slacking on his job because of if, but she only manages to admon [...]

    • My Review:There were aspects of this book that I really loved. I loved the restaurant setting with the craziness that happens in the kitchen. I loved that BOTH Marly & Joe are players when it comes to sex. Usually in romance novels, it's just the guy be who can have blase sex. I liked the honesty of both Marly and Joe's attitudes. But there were other aspects that just didn't quite work for me. At about the 3/4 mark, I felt like the conflict between the H/h (the fact that they just want sex [...]

    • This is your general romance novel with a heavy dose of drool worthy food descriptions. Marly is a pastry chef at her friends restaurant Chameleon and when her friends sleazy cheating husband finally gets the boot, Olivia begs her friend Joe to come and fill in until she can find a replacement chef. Marly and Joe are instantly attracted to each other but Joe is looking for a serious relationship and Marly is just looking for some fun.I liked the story but there was really nothing special to set [...]

    • Marlene Bennett is the pastry chef at Chameleon, a restaurant owned by her childhood friend, Olivia. When Olivia’s husband Keith is caught in the cold room with his pants down and fired, Marlene thinks this is her chance to take over the line operation. Instead, Olivia brings in hunky chef Joe Rafferty. Marlene and Joe strike sparks from the beginning but they both have issues with trust and it takes some time for them to connect. Marlene resents his being at the restaurant and Joe judges her [...]

    • Scrumptious is a funny, sexy and food for the soul book. These two characters have flaws and baggage like real people. I thoroughly enjoyed their dance around each other rather it was in the kitchen or between the sheets. You could just feel like you knew them and wanted them to work things out to get their happy ending. I am glad I spotted this book and picked it up to read.Marlene Bennet isn’t a trained chef but she knows her way around a kitchen like no one else. Marly has invested herself [...]

    • Marleen "Marly" is a love and leave them kind of gal. She doesn't have the time nor does she want any kind of lasting relationship. All she's after is a good one night stand and then she moves onto the next guy. She's seen her mom go through several divorces and her dad left when she was 14. So she doesn't think that she's fit for a lasting relationship. Joe is a love em and leave kind of guy. He will go about two dates and then that's it. He saw his dad cheat on his mom and doesn't want to make [...]

    • My Thoughts:Loved this book, everything is sweet about it, from the cover, to love story and the setting. From the first time I read the summary I feel in love for this story. Both characters had family problems and the way they live is a very expression on how that truly marked them.Marlene is working on Charmeleon restaurant since her teenage years and is home for her, even if she struggles now to work with the chef. Her best friend owns the place is in the family for generations, but now situ [...]

    • reviewed at atastyreadScrumptious was a cute, light-hearted, sometimes comical Contemporary Romance centered around Food and Sex.d yesere was A LOT of both!The story overall was good, I enjoyed Marly and Joe as the hero and heroine, who both were commitment phobes always looking for the next piece if ass, until they found each other. I appreciated that we were finally given a heroine who was just as, shall we say promiscuous, as the hero, but we could understand why she never wanted to settle do [...]

    • Amanda Usen, a chef, and now a romantic author, is extremely familiar with the goings on behind those kitchen doors at a restaurant. While we sit placidly at our tables salivating for the first course to arrive, Amanda contrives an amazing story of sizzling love in the back room. Poor Olivia, the owner of the restaurant has an unfaithful husband and is her main chef. After catching him in the supply room with the hostess being naughty, she boots him out the restaurants door. In walks her reliabl [...]

    • I admit that I’m a fickle woman. When I saw the cover I didn't hesitate to present it to Cathrina. Hot guy and cupcakes, can anyone blame me?Scrumptious was an entertaining and dare I say it, delicious read. The sparks definitely flew between Joe and Marly from the onset of their encounter. The emotional baggage both of them were carrying made a sincere romance between them absolutely perfect. Ms. Usen made me chuckle but also made me so angry at the putz, Kieth that I was rooting for Marly to [...]

    • Marly and Joe deserve each other. They're both workaholic chefs who prefer one-night-stands to serious relationships. They expect to enjoy sleeping together, but what they don't anticipate is falling in love. As they do, we learn why they're each so damaged. Along the way they help their friend Olivia figure out whose sabotaging her restaurant and they cook up a lot of delicious food. I enjoyed the book mostly because of all the great behind-the-scenes action in the kitchen. The author used to w [...]

    • My first book from Amanda Usen and I have to admit, it was quite an enjoyable read. It features Marly, a more than adequate chef that works for her best friend Olivia at her restaurant Chameleon and Joe, a friend of Olivia's when they went to Culinary school together. The majority of the story is based within Chameleon and while I'm no cooking expert, I found quite a bit of the sections involving their culinary talents easy to read and made me wish I knew how to do it.I did find the character Ol [...]

    • As her website notes, this is along the foodie-romance vein and it was spectacular! Definitely an author I will check out again and one that I will recommend. The story is a fun one involving a small restaurant, an owner husband/wife duo with issues, a pastry chef, and a scrumptious substitute chef during the couples’ disputes. Similar in style to Louisa Edwards, this story was fun, light-hearted, but also had some great characters. It’s clear that Usen is writing from experience in the kitc [...]

    • "Foodie romances" have become a new addition to the world of contemporary romances. And while I can appreciate taking the heat from the kitchen to the bedroom (or other places), a certain amount of chemistry has to be present between the hero and heroine for me to want to see them be successful together. While I loved the food aspect of this romance -- both were passionate about food -- the chemistry between Marlene (Marly) and Joe fell flat.Their behavior seemed a little too immature, their con [...]

    • I loved the cooking descriptions, and I loved the spark between the main characters, but the book was too preachy/sappy at the end that it didn't ring true. Usenet had set up a very imperfect scene that all ended with a lot of morals and everyone seeing there faults, and it really let me down. The first 250 pages are great though,

    • It was okay.I didn't really like Marly or whatever her name was (it's been a while since I read it).Joe was meh.The plot was so so.I mean I didn't hate it, but it was meh.

    • Bought at Dollar General for three dollars 2014. Best part was the life of a chef. Blue collar Restaurant higher-ups are multitaskers! Set in western New York.

    • I LOVE to cook. Love to watch cooking shows. Love reality TV that has to do with cooking. I am a food junkie. And a book junkie. So what better than when my two favorite things get paired together in a mouthwatering tale that just rocks my world :) NOTHING!!!Amazing, funny, captivating and brilliant. There just really isn't anything else I can say about this bookdid I say amazing? Well, it was. Hot from the first page, the fire never sputtered, never flickered and kept me drawn in. I was in awe [...]

    • I very much enjoyed this novel and look forward to what else the author comes out with.What worked for me:- the restaurante setting was very well done- the food descriptions made me hungry- the heroine was a sexual being and didn't apologize for itWhat I didn't like:- the hero's double standard; hes a man-whore but keeps thining of the heroine as a slut way too long.- the best friend and her relationship with the heroine just didn't work for meOverall I would recommend this book for anybody who [...]

    • I enjoyed reading this book. I love foodie romance stories Marlene is Olivia's best friend since childhood. She decides to move from the line to the bakery because of Kevin, Olivia's husband. Joe, Olivia's friend from Culinary school, comes to visit on the way to visit his father before he heads to California. What happens when Marlene and Olivia bust Kevin having sex with another woman in the store room? What happens when the heat in the kitchen turns up between Marlene and Joe? I think that yo [...]

    • I loved her writing. This is a romance story with a bit of erotic writing, but not raunchy. Just a taste of frenzy, lusty words during sex. Full of passion, romance, and complicated, tender love. The plot was simple, the main characters are dynamic and the settings was described beautifully. She gave me wonderful recipe ideas as well, so thank you! I only gave a 4 rating, but really is a 4.5. I rarely give a 5 rating. I only give a 5 rating if the book lingers with me and pulls an emotional, sog [...]

    • Lots of sex - very well-written and steamy sex that I would happily read again and again - but also lots of plot and character development.

    • Scrumptious is a sizzling debut. Joe Rafferty is one tasty morsel, and his cooking style sizzles up the pages of this book. Marly has given her life to Chameleon and refuses to simply hand over the restaurant to some cocky superstar chef. If there’s one thing Joe and Marly know how to do is create lots spice and steam. Can these two get it together before they combust? On the heels of author Louisa Edwards, Amanda Usen proves that there’s more to heating up a kitchen than just cooking.

    • This book starts out kinda slow (and frankly slutty), but it does start an uphill climb into a pretty decent book! There is a minor mystery plot along with it, but what I really enjoyed seeing was how the hero and heroine grew beyond their childish pursuits into a mature, loving and sensual relationship. This is actually my second time around for reading it, and I enjoyed it about the same this time as I did last time. I'm interested in seeing what happens in the next book!

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