The Hunger Trace

The Hunger Trace After the sudden death of David Bryant the charismatic owner of a rambling Derbyshire parkland three people are left to mourn him in very different ways David s young widow Maggie struggles with h

  • Title: The Hunger Trace
  • Author: Edward Hogan
  • ISBN: 9781847371249
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After the sudden death of David Bryant, the charismatic owner of a rambling Derbyshire parkland, three people are left to mourn him in very different ways.David s young widow, Maggie, struggles with her grief and isolation, the prejudices of suspicious locals, and the threats to the park Louisa, who lives in the grounds and has harboured an infatuation not to mention aAfter the sudden death of David Bryant, the charismatic owner of a rambling Derbyshire parkland, three people are left to mourn him in very different ways.David s young widow, Maggie, struggles with her grief and isolation, the prejudices of suspicious locals, and the threats to the park Louisa, who lives in the grounds and has harboured an infatuation not to mention a dark secret with David since her youth, only wants to be left alone with the falcons to whom she has devoted her life, despite Maggie s persistent attempts to forge a friendship Meanwhile, Christopher, David s eccentric teenage son from an earlier marriage, is attempting to balance his own grief with a yearning for life beyond the estate, and a quest to trace his estranged mother.In the aftermath of disaster, the various allegiances of this makeshift family will be stretched to breaking point, and Maggie, Louisa and Christopher must each face the decisions which will define them

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      Edward Hogan s first adult novel, Blackmoor, was short listed for the London Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award and the Dylan Thomas prize Daylight Saving is his first young adult novel He lives in the U.K.

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    • After the death of her husband, David, Maggie struggles to run his wildlife park in Derbyshire with little emotional support. She attempts to befriend Louisa, her neighbour, who was close friends with David but is faced with reluctance. Louisa has seen many women come and go from his life and she still harbours an unrequited love stemming from their teenage years together. David also left behind a son, Christopher, who has problems of his own and resents his stepmother now that his father is gon [...]

    • A wildlife park in the middle of England is the unusual backdrop to this novel which mostly features three characters all dealing with the aftermath of the owner’s death two years before.Maggie, the widow of David, is left to cope with the running of the park, while her only ‘friend’ is the hostile Louisa who has been in love with David since they were teenagers, and who is jealous of and resents Maggie. Louisa lives in a cottage across the field from 'the big house' where Maggie and Chris [...]

    • I'm not sure why I picked up this book, but am glad that I did. I liked the characters, as they worked through the grief they were feeling after the death of a loved one. Each dealing with sadness in their own way, coming together despite wanting to remain apart. Good ending, well written. Pat on my back for a good pick.

    • Some really quirky, well-drawn characters who I enjoyed getting to know. A fairly slow-moving story but I was drawn in to the lives of the characters and found myself interested in their doings and caring about what happened to them.

    • In The Hunger Trace, Edward Hogan’s second novel, we’re led through a landscape that feels simultaneously familiar, intimidating and astonishing. Derbyshire and falconry; a wildlife park and a love triangle that includes a deceased husband; a young man with special needs and a preoccupation with Robin Hood . . . Each of these themes has outward charms to be sure. But take a closer look, the way Hogan does, at these characters’ precarious existence, at their preoccupations and how they pit [...]

    • I really enjoyed this story about three people connected by their relationship to the recently deceased owner of an animal park in Derbyshire England. His surviving spouse, Maggie, seeks friendship with her late husband's childhood friend, Louisa, a falconer, while also trying to provide a stable home for her stepson, Christopher, who has a unique personality and is obsessed with Robin Hood. The characters are vivid and interesting, and the wildlife sanctuary is a metaphor for how they are each [...]

    • In my sunny reading nook, I frequently turn from book to look up to southern skies under Dromedary and often espy raptors, usually a stealthy hawk or something akin. On special occasions, though, it may be sea-eagle majestically cruising down the valley mid-Derwent magicking-up fishy prey. This makes the hairs stand up! Even more awesome are the times I’ve had close encounters with ‘wedgies’. Once one came down low over a sporting oval to have a closer look at me – pure goose bump induce [...]

    • Full Review at: Bright Copy Book ReviewThis month's book from BooklyBox was The Hunger Trace by Edward Hogan. This is not something that I probably would have picked up on my own, but I'm glad that it's been added to my read pile. If there's one thing I love about books, it's great character building and Hogan excelled in this respect. There wasn't too much of a story to be told, but more of relationships and personalities clashing and coming together. Overall, the book was pretty good but I did [...]

    • I've just listened to the audio book of this and it blew me away. I found it hard to believe the author is a twenty-something male - he explores the female psyche so well, and they're not young females either. The character of Christopher - who is somewhere on the autistic spectrum - was brilliantly depicted, and maybe it helped that the narrator brought the writing so vividly to life - a lot can depend on the quality of the narrating with an audio-book. I wouldn't have imagined being so gripped [...]

    • It has been some time since I've read a book with such fully, wonderfully AND terribly human-ness is written out so excellently. I was wrenched by these characters in many ways. Hogan understands humans in all their gorey and gorgeous details and has written a really amazing book about them and their relationships to each other and themselves. I was most touched by the richness of one character especially - Hogan seems to really "get" the feelings some of us have of actually creating our own unh [...]

    • Sometimes I read a book and wonder "where on earth did that story come from?" - and this is one such. Set in Derbyshire, the main characters are both united and distanced by grief - Maggie struggling to run her deceased husband's wildlife park, Christopher her autistic stepson and Louisa the spiky, reclusive neighbour. Louisa's falcons, the landscape and the weather are all part of the story, but it's the people and their frequently dysfunctional relationships that drive the novel. Bleak at time [...]

    • A good story with a lot of thought into psychological after-effects of losing someone and bringing a new person into one's life. The story is about 3 people who are affected due to the death of a significant person in their life. The characters here cope to the changes in their own way and that's the reason I liked this book. At some point it felt just stupid and crazy but at some others it was like watching pain through different coloured glass. Overall, the book is a fairly good read.

    • with the sudden death of david bryant and then the story of the emotional lifes of louisa, maggies , christopher and adam weave along and hidden dark secrets raise their heads from past times but felt was good at the different ways things effect others in the plot of the story and was also an easy read to get into too

    • A sort of kitchen sink in the hills of Derbyshire human drama. Two unhappy women and one unhappy man, plus me. I just did not find it entertaining and I wasn't interested in what happened to the characters. Quite a literary read and if you're into falconry you might lap it up. I didn't.

    • Mmmm, yes, liked it. Hilary Mantel rates him. Would read his other stuff. Don't be put off by the nasty picture on the cover; no one is attacked by hawks but you might learn something about them!

    • A strong, compelling and engrossing with some intriguing characters and an unpredictable plot. It's a vivid and evocative novel from a young writer.

    • A Beautiful and fantastic read, I couldn't put it down. I was truly captivated by this book, beginning to end.

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