Ghostgirl: Lovesick

Ghostgirl Lovesick Setelah melalui perjalanan panjang di dunia dan akhirat Charlotte akhirnya bisa beristirahat dengan damai Tetapi kenyataannya tidak sesederhana itu Satu tugas lagi masih menunggunya Bukan tugas bias

  • Title: Ghostgirl: Lovesick
  • Author: Tonya Hurley
  • ISBN: 9789790244559
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Setelah melalui perjalanan panjang di dunia dan akhirat, Charlotte akhirnya bisa beristirahat dengan damai.Tetapi, kenyataannya tidak sesederhana itu Satu tugas lagi masih menunggunya Bukan tugas biasa, karena dia dan teman teman sekelasnya harus kembali ke lokasi kematian tragisnya Hawthorne High.Charlotte berhadapan kembali dengan sosok sosok yang pernah mengisi kehidSetelah melalui perjalanan panjang di dunia dan akhirat, Charlotte akhirnya bisa beristirahat dengan damai.Tetapi, kenyataannya tidak sesederhana itu Satu tugas lagi masih menunggunya Bukan tugas biasa, karena dia dan teman teman sekelasnya harus kembali ke lokasi kematian tragisnya Hawthorne High.Charlotte berhadapan kembali dengan sosok sosok yang pernah mengisi kehidupannya.Dan dunia ternyata tidak seceria yang diingat Charlotte Scarlet, sahabat terbaiknya, kini kehilangan jati diri Damen, mantan pujaan hatinya, kebingungan menentukan arah.Petula, idola sejatinya, terlibat dalam kegiatan misterius setiap tengah malam Dan kehadiran Darcy, seorang siswa baru di SMA mereka, semakin memperkeruh suasana.Sanggupkah Charlotte mengemban tugasnya sebagai malaikat pelindung dan meluruskan masalah teman temannya Dan di tengah kepungan tugasnya, mampukah Charlotte mempertahankan cintanya

    ghostgirl Lovesick Tonya Aug , ghostgirl Lovesick Hardcover July , by Tonya Hurley Author ghostgirl Lovesick the SONG YouTube May , ghostgirl Lovesick is a song with lyrics by bestselling author Tonya Hurley for the character Scarlet to sing in her ghostgirl Lovesick book the third in her ghostgirl series. Lovesick Ghostgirl, by Tonya Hurley Jun , Lovesick is the third and final installment in the Ghostgirl trilogy In it, Charlotte has finally found what seems like true love, but on the last day of her working at the station, they tell her some news that might not be so good. ghostgirl Lovesick by Tonya Hurley, Paperback Barnes New York Times bestselling ghostgirl author, Tonya Hurley, has credits spanning all platforms of teen entertainment including creating, writing and producing two hit TV series, writing and directing several acclaimed independent films, developing a ground breaking collection of video games and board games and creating and providing content for award winning websites. ghostgirl Lovesick Kindle edition by Tonya Hurley Aug , ghostgirl Lovesick Kindle edition by Tonya Hurley Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading ghostgirl Lovesick. Ghostgirl Lovesick lyrics espaol YouTube Apr , ESTA ES UNA ADAPTACION AL ESPAOL NO TRADUCCION Despues de muuucho tiempo aqui les dejo mi segundo video Espero les guste Ghostgirl Lovesick YouTube Jul , this a video my cousin and i made for the ghost girl contest, i really hope you like it as much as i like ghost girl i have to say that i love the song, and i cant wait for the book to come out

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    • Tonya Hurley

      Tonya Hurley is a New York Times and international bestselling author of the ghostgirl series Little, Brown and The Blessed trilogy Simon Schuster Her books are published in nearly 30 countries and in than 20 languages Ms Hurley has a worked in virtually every aspect of teen entertainment creating, writing, and producing two hit TV series writing and directing several acclaimed independent films, music videos and videogames She is a contributor to the Huffington Post, an active member of the Writer s Guild of America, a member of the Horror Writers Association Her first novel, ghostgirl was an instant bestseller and received starred reviews from the literary publications Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, VOYA and School Library Journal The ghostgirl audiobooks are narrated by Parker Posey with original music by Vince Clarke PRECIOUS BLOOD, the first book in her new, gritty young adult THE BLESSED Trilogy was released September 25, 2012 PASSIONARIES, the second book, was released January 7, 2014 The Blessed audiobook is read by Moonrise Kingdom star Kara Hayward Praise for ghostgirl Instant New York Times bestseller.Instant International bestseller Tim Burton and Edgar Allan Poe devotees will die for this fantastic, phantasmal read School Library Journal STARRED review Hurley beats out witty teen speak like a punk band drummer, keeping the narrative fast paced and fun yet thought provokingly heartwarming Goofy, ghastly, intelligent, electrifying Kirkus Reviews STARRED review Readers with a taste for black humor and satire will feast on Hurley s crisp, wise dialogue Anticipate a well deserved cult following VOYA STARRED review Glittering comedy, a prime exemplar of what might be called demento mori, a growing subgenre of satire about teens who will not or cannot die Publishers Weekly STARRED review Harry Potter s epic battles against dark forces of evil are nothing compared to Charlotte Usher s struggles with an even fearsome foe high school Herald Standard Offers the answer to the age old question Who would come to my funeral And gives fantasy fulfillment for anyone who wanted to be someone else for a day San Francisco Chronicle Written with deadpan wit this is a Wonderful Life like tale New York Post A sincere and humorous exploration of how we all feel invisible at one time or another a perfect read CosmoGirlIndie Next List pickNew York Public Library Stuff For The Teenage pickPennsylvania Library School Assocation Award Outstanding Author for 2012

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    • Debo decir que de los 3 libros que componen esta saga, el que más me gustó es "Loca por amor", primero que nada porque vemos a una Charlotte más madura y que no vive ya tan obsesionada por la popularidad o por Damen, al igual que ella los demás personajes del libro maduran también, haciendo que las situaciones tengan un toque más real.Un punto a favor del libro es la cantidad de referencias que hace a la moda vintage y a la música (que para una melómana como yo es simplemente ¡genial!)O [...]

    • This is definitely what I'd like to call a "guilty pleasure" book. It's sweet, campy, cliched, fun and totally adorable. The artwork is gorgeous, and even though the writing style is flippant to the point of hollow, the various quotations and insights scattered between chapters inject a hit of surprising poignancy into the narrative. I love the Gothic-Lite concept; it's Mean Girls meets Edgar Allan Poe, and it's just so cute.But, ngl, I'd have rated this book higher if I didn't loathe Scarlet so [...]

    • Kalian akan kembali ke tempat asal kalian, Hawthorne”Charlotte mendadak tersengat!Untung ia sudah meninggal, jika tidak bisa-bisa ia meninggal karena tekejut.Charlotte memang sudah “Pindah Alam” C.O.D, Cause Of Death, atau penyebab kematian untuk kasus Charlotte Usher adalah tersedak permen kenyal berbentuk beruang. Di “alam sana” Charlotte sudah menjalan kehidupannya dengan lebih bahagia. Ia mempunya dua orang sahabat, Prue dan Pam. Setiap hari mereka berjalan bersama ke kantor dimana [...]

    • Ghostgirl Lovesick Tonya Hurley Fantasy After Charlette’s “so called best friend” Maddy turns out to be an evil ghost who wants to be back in her life of popularity and fame everything must go back to normal. Charlette has to go back to “work” at a phone bank with all her Dead-Ed friends and help human teens with hard situations. Then Mr.Marvek has a project for Charlette’s friends they have to go to Hawthorwne High again to do a very important project. Getting living partners who do [...]

    • Ich bin froh nun diesen dritten und letzten Teil endlich gelesen zu haben. Während ich Teil eins noch 3,5 Sterne gegeben hatte (aufgerundet auf 4), konnte ich dem zweiten nur 2 Sterne verpassen.Die Totenschule und das Callcenter haben die Schüler nun hinter sich gebracht und müssen sich auf ihre letzte 'Reise' begeben, bevor sie endgültig Und ihr letzter Aufenthalt bringt Charlotte zurück zum Anfang. Während ich nun darüber nachdenke, muss ich immer wieder erkennen, dass ich definitiv di [...]

    • ¡Al fin pude leer la tercera parte de mi placer culposo, y estuvo! Bien, supongo.Charlotte vuelve a las andadas, esta vez con la misión de ayudar a Damen, cómo no, con las decisiones importantes que su relación a distancia con Scarlet y la Universidad le obligan a tomar. Pero Charlotte no se tendrá que preocupar sólo por la relación amorosa de su mejor amiga, sino también por la suya propia: Eric, su fantasmal y roquero novio, no parece muy interesado en cumplir bien su papel.Así que mi [...]

    • There are two more books in this series, however, I didn't buy them, and I can confidently say that I won't be reading them.This third installment follows the same cast of characters in the lead up to prom, and like the first two, is full of issues. The characters and story are underdeveloped and over-simplified, with realizations and changes of heart being fully realized within an instant, rather than over a period of time. There are a huge number of issues with the details as well; a high scho [...]

    • This was a really good book. I was skeptical at first though because I bought it for $3.97 at Wal-Mart, but it turned out to be a really good book. It was a little confusing at first, but then it got better. I loved the characters and in a strange way thought I could relate to all of them. Even though I am way past a high school love relationship, I felt as though I could relate to alot of what the characters were going through in my adult relationship. I also loved what the story was about and [...]

    • Vuelve la Charlotte de siempre con más aventuras. Ha terminado su época de aprendizaje y debe dejar paso al nuevo relevo de alumnos que aprobaron Muertología. Pero ahora ella y sus amigos deben volver de nuevo el mundo que habían abandonado para ayudar a los alumnos del instituto Hawthorne. Como en el resto de libros, en este nos encontramos en cada comienzo de capítulo con una frase sacada de una canción y un pequeño párrafo que nos avisa de que va a tratar el capítulo: amor, celos,ant [...]

    • I do not even know where to begin with this book! It completely blew my mind. It was even better then I expected it to be in all honesty. This is the third book in a very recent series by Tonya Hurley called “ghostgirl”. I have read the first and second one and the format for the book has not changed which makes me very ecstatic. The format is a hard cover book with sliver trimmed pages, contains a silhouette of Charlotte Usher on the cover, and in the beginning of every chapter. Another the [...]

    • scholarberry/"We all fall down. They call it falling for someone for a reason. Either way, you will carry the reminder of it forever. Whether it leaves a tiny scar or a permanent injury, only the future can tell."Tonya Hurley had successfully (again) written a philosophical love story that all we non Dead-Ed kids that we can relate with! In Ghostgirl: Lovesick, Charlotte Usher finally gets a boyfriend in her Dead world; Electric Eric (who died when the lightning struck his guitar's amplifier).Th [...]

    • Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooGhostgirl Charlotte is back, this time enjoying her new (after)life with a boyfriend on her arm and a task she has to complete.She must go back to Hawthorne and help one of her ex-fellow classmates with their problem, before the prom. Of course, for Charlotte it already gets complicated when her boyfriend, Eric, gets assigned to her best friend, Scarlett, whose boyfriend, Damen, is assigned to Charlotte. Confusing? Yes!Before they [...]

    • I won Ghostgirl: Lovesick on Giveaway. I am so happy to say that Ghostgirl: Lovesick is SO MUCH FUN. First of all, it is number three in a series, which means I'm going to have to go out and buy the first two books. I want to find out how the series began. The premise is something completey different than the usual Young Adult book. Tonya Hurley touches on a subject that all teenagers feel at one time or another; feeling invisible. However, she approaches the subject in a very unexpected way. I [...]

    • This is definitely a book I won't have to think twice about curling up with on cold, rainy evenings. Aside from the relatable quotes that can be located at the start of every chapter, the romance is sweet and savvy; just the kind that'll automatically cheer you up when the blues come.The first few chapters were boring but the rest of the book picked up pace and created an ending that was nothing short of magical. (It was cheesy and expected - well, except for Petula's adorable love story - but I [...]

    • Of the three ghostgirl books, this has the most depth and character development. I'm amazed I got this far because I don't finish most of the series I start. It was so worth it though.I never liked Charlotte but there were enough supporting characters to take up her spotlight that she had more of in the last two books. For me, this was about Scarlett, Eric, Damen, and their music. If the whole book was told from her POV, I would have taken a couple of months to finish this.Petula and Tate, serio [...]

    • Esta va hacer una reseña muy chiquita, pues en si no hay mucho que decir del libro.Volvemos a toparnos con Charlotte, aquella inadaptada que paso al otro barrio por culpa de un osito de goma. Y en lugar de descansar, tenía que ayudar a sus compañeros muertos a salvar la clase Ya vimos que esta chica fantasma, es capaz de controlar cuerpos y hacer un sin fin de cosas, pero lo que Charlotte quiere más que nada en este mundo y en el otro, es encontrar el amor.Y entonces, aparece Eric… ah, per [...]

    • Tengo que admitir que no lloré, pero la relación entre Scarlett y Charlotte me atravesó como una flecha. Me gustó el cierre, tal vez un poco predecible, pero bonito en verdad. Muy entretenido, fácil de leer y con la enseñanza que la vida es demasiado corta para lamentarse por todo, deberíamos animarnos a todo y no importa lo que los demás piensen ni pensar mal acerca de los demás.

    • Memento Mori. Some people live their lives as if each day will be their last. Some approach love the same way, in a desperate attempt to outrun the tiny changes or huge ones that are always looming on each of our horizons. But the sense of urgency that comes from wanting to experience life and love to the fullest can force decisions that are not always in your best interests or anyone else's, for that matter. In fact, sometimes facing the consequences of your choices can be even worse than death [...]

    • This one is an interesting case.It wasn't perfect, I mean, it's a ghostgirl book, I really didn't expect a new literature classic, but, it was decent.Most of the character redeemed themselves and become way more likeable (the most notorious cases being Charlotte and Petula) and some small characters like CoCo, became a little more memorable.Ok, let's begin with Charlotte.I remember how annoying and almost unbearable she was in the first book and in here, well, she wasn't my favorite character, b [...]

    • This book SUCKED! This series started as being a very funny satire about sterotypes and overall high school ridiculousness but this book was none of that. It wasn't funny at all. The plot was ridiculously predictable but tried to take itself so seriously and got beyond preachy and pretentious. I really wanted to like this book because I enjoyed the first two but this was a struggle to get through and had me eye rolling every single page.

    • Refreshing. It's been years since I've read the second book in this series and I really enjoyed reading this after a long time. Finally, I got to finish this series. When I first read it, I was so confused by how ridiculous some of the events were, but eventually I just laughed and had fun reading. It has a light touch to it and I really loved that.

    • "Esta vez se habían producido un número nada despreciable de silencios entre ambas, como en una transmisión por satélite con demora, pero no fue porque no tuvieran nada que decirse. Aquélla era la forma tácita que tenían de dilatar el momento, de frenar el transcurso del tiempo, de hacer que cada segundo juntas pareciese una eternidad."

    • Uno de los mejores libros de esta saga que ha escrito Tonya Hurley, y cada vez que lo leo me enamora mucho más que las anteriores veces

    • Summary:Charlotte has finally settled into the afterlife and has a dead boyfriend - Eric. As the class are expecting to move on, they receive one more task: to help a teen in Hawthorne through their troubles in time for Prom. Pam and Prue are assigned to the Wendys, Coco to Petula, Charlotte to Damen and Eric to Scarlet.Scarlet feels out of place as she is leaving her goth fashions behind for a new, more mature look. While this is her choice, she feels Damen pushed her into it, and that he does [...]

    • Update 08/28/2014Rating 2.5/5 starsIf you'd like to read this review on my blog.Lovesick is the third and final installment in the Ghostgirl trilogy. In it, Charlotte has finally found what seems like true love, but on the last day of her working at the station, they tell her some news that might not be so good. They have to go back.Reading this book was kindbleh. I must admit and give credit to the author, this book was hell of a lot better than the first two. I mean, a lot of the troubles I sa [...]

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