Peter Spier's Rain

Peter Spier s Rain This wordless picture book captures the beauty and wonder of a brother and sister s joyous experiences in the rain Come along as they explore their neighborhood splash through puddles see where the

  • Title: Peter Spier's Rain
  • Author: Peter Spier
  • ISBN: 9780440413479
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • This wordless picture book captures the beauty and wonder of a brother and sister s joyous experiences in the rain Come along as they explore their neighborhood, splash through puddles, see where the animals hide, and make footprints in the mud From the first small drops of rain to the clear blue sky of a bright new morning, Peter Spier s Rain will delight parents andThis wordless picture book captures the beauty and wonder of a brother and sister s joyous experiences in the rain Come along as they explore their neighborhood, splash through puddles, see where the animals hide, and make footprints in the mud From the first small drops of rain to the clear blue sky of a bright new morning, Peter Spier s Rain will delight parents and children again and again.

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      Peter Spier Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Peter Spier's Rain book, this is one of the most wanted Peter Spier author readers around the world.

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    • Do kids go outside to experience a rainy day? The kids in our neighborhood make a dash for the car or hibernate when the weather isn't ideal. Maybe, after studying the pictures in this book, they may wonder about their own neighborhood and some of the things they might notice if they explored during a rain storm. The two kids in this story are thoroughly wet by the time they go back in their house.

    • Intended Age Group: 4-8Two siblings play outside on a rainy day. In this wordless story, a brother and sister, whose sandbox play is interrupted by falling raindrops, grab their coats and umbrella and head back outside. They slosh in puddles, turn their umbrella upside down and fill it with water, spray each other with the garden hose, stand in gutters full of rushing water, observe a cat taking shelter beneath a truck, watch the ripples and waves caused by raindrops on the pavement. Dripping we [...]

    • A wordless book about a brother and sister playing outside and inside on a rainy day - a sort of celebration of simple play. I probably would have rated this a 4 if I hadn't felt disconcerted by a few of the pictures: a dog on a chain, the siblings taking a bath together when they seem too old to, and the boy's pants falling down too far.

    • I "read" this book to all five of my children. It is one of my very favorite children's book, because it reminded us of our family life.

    • A good book to look at on a rainy day. The illustrator has done a beautiful job. I should visit this one again soon when it's rainy.

    • A Peter Spier classic that captures the magic of a rain storm as experienced by two children. A delightful wordless picture book for all ages.

    • Peter Spier is one of my favorite children's illustrators. I love books with detailed illustrations but no text because they invite the child to observe and imagine freely.

    • June 2017 - I always love Spier's illustrations. Ben spent a LONG time on each page, asking lots of questions and noticing details.

    • No Awards Appropriate Grade Levels: K-2 A brother and sister experience what could be considered a "fun" rain storm. They do everything from playing in the rain, to running back home when the weather becomes more intense. The story even shows them coming home to warm up and eat dinner with their family. I enjoyed this book. I think it would be very relatable for younger kids. The pictures are very nice, as well! In the younger grades, you could use this book to talk about weather (sun, wind, rai [...]

    • Peter Spier's Rain by Peter Spier is a wordless picturebook about a brother and sister who enjoy a full day playing in the rain, then come home to dry off, warm up, eat and go to bed. When raindrops begin to fall, a brother and sister run to get boots and raincoats. Exploring their yard, they see the bees in their hive, the wet laundry on the line, and catch rainwater in their umbrella.Looking for animals, the children spot squirrels in a tree, a spider in its web, and cardinals under the birdba [...]

    • I liked this one much more then Noah's Ark. I loved the illustrations and how he captured the way the world looked while it was raining. Everything looked wet but beautiful and peaceful. They explored their yard and their neighborhood all while it was raining. They jumped in puddles, watched the ducks and geese at the pond, dumped out the wheelbarrow and played in with the water in the sand box. They were fine when it was just raining but then it started to get really windy and the storm intensi [...]

    • I recently discovered this book at my daughter's school. It's a wordless book about a brother and sister's experience on a rainy day. They dress for the weather and go outdoors to explore the neighborhood, splash through puddles, and see where animals hide. This book has so much to discover through the illustrations that you find something new every time you pick it up. The sequence of the day is organized with picture blocks and some full page illustrations while telling a story. It really capt [...]

    • Another outstanding wordless book by Peter Spier, this one follows a young brother and sister as they don raincoats, hats, and umbrellas to enjoy a rainy day outdoors. As in Peter Spier's Christmas!, the book is illustrated with minutely detailed drawings showing varied aspects of the childrens' experience.The reader can almost feel the drenching rain and hear the games the children play as they explore their transformed world. The visual experience of a cool, wet outdoors contrasts with the ste [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book! It showed the adventures of a brother and a sister on a rainy day. It reminded me of my brother and I when we were younger. Although I am still close with my brother, when we were younger, we used to be best friends and do everything together. The two siblings jump in puddles, which looks so fun! They also explore their neighborhood and search for animals. I remember when I was younger my brother and I would always look for snails because there were so many in my ba [...]

    • Peter Spier's excellent illustrations in Rain make a great story. The pictures in this book are arranged beginning, middle and end showing the progression of a story. The story begins in the early day when the family realizes it is raining, so they must suit up in rain gear to go outside. The story follows with the families day wrapping up when they all return home to the dryness and warmth of their home. Even without words chidden are able to follow this story because of the intricate detail in [...]

    • This delightful picture book was doing it well before ZOOM. Well before Weisner. Wordless depiction of a day spent in a gentle rain. The storyboard feel of the book could be used to invite young writers to consider their own sticky-note theater/story board approach to the first draft of a narrative.Peter Spiers's RAIN turns 30 this year. I found the 1982 hardback in a consignment store for fifty cents. What a find!

    • Rain is probably one of my favorite things ever, and any other child, especially in Arizona, can relate to that. This wordless picture book shows a brother and sister as their explore their neighborhood, splash in puddles, and adventure through the rain. It is full of beautiful colors, especially the children's yellow rain coats, and bright boots. It gives children an amazing adventure to go through, while being able to create their own dialoge, and adventure themselves!

    • We just got this book from the library today and LOVED it. We looked at it for a long time before bed. The amazing thing about it is there are no words. Just beautiful illustrations of the activities of a boy and girl (siblings) on a rainy day. I would love to take photographs of rainy days and compile a book like this, but, even that, I don't think could compete with the captivatingly intricate illustrations by Peter Spier. It really is an amazing concept that is beautifully executed.

    • This is one of my all time favorite wordless picture books. Peter Spier captures the excitement of a brother and sister as they venture out in a rainstorm--splashing in puddles finding spiders hiding under eaves, watching ducks. Then the rain picks up and they run home and enjoy rainy day indoor activities like hot chocolate, blocks, books, and a movie.

    • This story is a wordless picture book about all the things siblings do on a rainy day. This book is good to use talking about sequencing events, repetition, and prediction. As a teacher, this book could be used with struggling readers as well as one-on-one or small groups for expressive language and to help expand vocabulary.

    • This wordless picture book can be used to show children the importance of using pictures as clues when reading other stories. It's often difficult for children to use pictures because they are taught the importance of being able to read all of the words in a book, but this book would give them no other choice but to practice the new strategy.

    • Interest level: Ages 4 to at least 31, since that's how old I am, and I still love looking at the beautiful, evocative images Mr. Spier created. In fact, it's raining today, so I think I will go read this book right now.

    • I loved looking at this book with my kids. There are no words, and the details in the pictures are so fun to find. The children tell you the story instead of you reading it to them. Hmmybe I'm onto something here :)

    • I grew up in a place where it rained frequently, and this was one of my favorite picture books when I was a kid. There's something about the way Spier can tell a story so well without any words at all.

    • All three of my children have baby books - although the last child's book is slim indeed. But if the older two ever want to know what their childhoods were really like - I will just hand them my copy of this book (with the promise I get it back).

    • there is not a single word in this book. that makes it a lot more fun for kids who aren't reading yet. they can use their imaginations to create a new story with the pictures. plus, it is the rainy time of year, so it's good timing!

    • At 3 1/2, I love the pictures in this wordless book and tell the story myself. The pictures have so much going on that i discover something new each time. Two siblings are playing and have endless fun when it rains!

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